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  • Project Scope "The work that needs to be accomplished to deliver a product, service, or result with the specified features and functions."[1] - Wikipedia
  • From: your own tasks, at least, using a WBS so that you know what you are doing…
  • “It doesn’t matter a great deal what specific processes you adopt,” he writes, “as long as they make good business sense, have meaningful support from your team and stakeholders, and are actually used.”After all, most of the communication and status updates will go through you, so you have a key role to play in controlling the flow of information. “To a great extent, what you say and how you say it will determine how you are perceived as a leader, particularly by your managers and peers,” Kendrick writes.Communications are two-way, and you also have the power of questions at your fingertips. As it’s unlikely that you can say no outright, you can use questions to your advantage. Be diplomatic, and use questions to check assumptions, assert the problem that you are trying to solve, establish risks, confirm success criteria and generally confirm that the project team is doing the right thing.
  • Project management for nagw

    1. 1. for Techs and Web Workers
    2. 2. • Overview - discussion of Project Management• Using Project Management Principles• GTD for Project Management - Break• Applying Project Management Ideas to Your Next Project• Using Project Management Ideas Even If You Arent Project Manager• Discussion
    3. 3. • Define the end before you begin (what does success look like)• Risk Management• Cost, Time, Quality (Cheap, Fast, Good)
    4. 4. • Scope Management• Deliverables• Milestones• Resource Management• PM Tools
    5. 5. • Initiate• Plan• Execute• Control and Command• Close out
    6. 6. • Integration • HR Management Management • Communications• Scope Management Management• Time Management • Risk Management• Cost Management • Procurement• Quality Management Management
    7. 7. • Integration Management • Project Quality Management – 1. Develop Project Charter – 21. Plan Quality 2. Develop Project Management Plan 22. Perform Quality Assurance 23. Perform Quality Control 3. Direct and Manage Project Execution 4. 5. Monitor and Control Project Work Perform Integrated Change Control • Human Resource Management – 24. Develop Human Resource Plan 6. Close Project or Phase 25. Acquire Project Team• Scope Management 26. Develop Project Team 27. Manage Project Team – 7. Collect Requirements 8. Define Scope • Communications Management 9. Create WBS – 28. Identify Stakeholders 10. Verify Scope 29. Plan Communications 11. Control Scope 30. Distribute Information 31. Manage Stakeholder Expectations• Time Management 32. Report Performance – 12. Define Activities 13. Sequence Activities • Risk Management 14. Estimate Activity Resources – 33. Plan Risk Management 15. Estimate Activity Durations 34. Identify Risks 35. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis 16. Develop Schedule 36. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis 17. Control Schedule 37. Plan Risk Responses• Cost Management 38. Monitor and Control Risks – 18. Estimate Costs • Procurement Management 19. Determine Budget – 39. Plan Procurements 20. Control Costs 40. Conduct Procurements 41. Administer Procurements 42. Close Procurements
    8. 8. • Traditional or "Waterfall" Project Management• Agile Project Management o Management• GTD Project Management• PRINCE2 – Process based and business oriented, popular in UK
    9. 9. • Gantt Charts – Milestones – Scheduling resources – Overall planning document• Work Breakdown Structure• Communication – IM, Email, Basecamp-like web space – Communication plan should be part of planning documentation
    10. 10. • Use the 5 phases on your own part(s) of the project, even if no one else is• Review the project like you are the manager, stay on top of things even if your manager isnt• Use free web tools to keep track of the project yourself
    11. 11. One of the free downloads available from Gantthead ( Most downloads require membership ($249 a year), but some are free – like this one.Dashboard – easy to readcolors, quick view ofstatus
    12. 12. • MS Word and/or Excel – Search templates for “project management” – Get lots of blank templates• State of MO – OA Project Management Manual -• Texas Tech University -
    13. 13. • Results without authority (book) – Control through process • Pick a process, any process – Control through communication • Good communication can help you exert influence • Use questions