Smart Efficient and Secure, the new normal- Selex ES seminar at Paris Air Show 2013


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Smart Efficient and Secure, the new normal- Selex ES seminar at Paris Air Show 2013

  1. 1. Smart, efficient and secure:the new normalGiorgio MoscaVice President Smart Cities Sales & MarketingTuesday 18th of June
  2. 2. TOPICSIMG. "New normal” vs “Smart”? "Smart" and Energy "Smart" and Cities Conclusions
  3. 3.  The concept behind "the new normal" isthat we are halfway in the transition to abrave new digital world and this isprobably going to be a very complexperiod for everybody living in thedeveloped world since it will require manypeople to leave their comfort zone on alarge number of topics and to copenecessarily with several situations thatnobody will be able to avoid anymore(e.g.: access ubiquity, privacy issues,sensors pervasivity, information overload,etc.)Source: Peter Hinssen, the new normal, media NV, 2010What’s “the new normal”?
  4. 4. Source: Peter Hinssen, the new normal, media NV, 2010“New normal” or “Smart”? Technology is the cause and theenabler, but also the victim of thistransformation, since the old way ofthinking, doing, managing infrastructuresand platforms is radically being turnedupside down by the change in the viewpointthat will come with this flip. What I will talk about today is that the newso-called "smart" paradigm is just a way tolabel this flip since smart is exactly aboutinformation, intelligence, integration andinnovation.Lets look at some examples
  5. 5. “Smart” and EnergyBuilding Energy ManagementSystems for the control and supervision of the energy-relatedtechnological infrastructure of buildings networksSmart MicroGridsSystems for the generation, distribution and control of the energy flowsat local levelThe interfacing and integration of Smart Building with Smart Microgrid opens upmajor benefits for both the building operators and the utilities.They are already interconnected through the former consuming approximately40% of electricity generated and delivered through the grid network.These facts make it imperative that they are connected in such way they canachieve the maximum benefits in reducing energy consumption and at the sametime for Smart Building to feed clean energy into the grid to meet the utilities needto reduce CO2 emissions by gradually closing down central fossil generating plants.
  6. 6. Digital BuildingOperating Systemo Efficient use of energy, operational effectiveness and tenantssatisfaction.o Compact and effective unified cockpit providing real timeawareness of all the information needed to operators andmanagement to guide the operations and to be alerted in caseof serious eventso Highly reliable single aggregation platform, which continuallyacquires, stores and elaborates information collected by severalbuilding sub systems (HVAC, Elevators,..) and externalinformation such as weather forecast.o Sophisticated algorithms for expected thermal profile andoccupancy prediction ; this forecast is used to Identify the beststart-stop time for each HVAC to reduce the associated energybillsMain features
  7. 7. MicrogridMain featuresA Microgrid is about:• the structures, equipments, sensors, connections, informationsinks and control rooms• the available services to the community usersThe core functionalities of Selex ES proposition are:Analysis:– Energy Cost Analysis– Energy StorageAnalysis– ReportDashboard:– Situation Awareness– Business View– Topology View– SecurityForecasting– Production Forecast– Generation ForecastingTechnology Services– Optimization– Customer ProfilingDatawarehousing
  8. 8. Energy Efficiency - usecase Privately owned real estate company, managing around 40buildings (1,3Msqm) located in Manhattan Selex ES provides an innovative situational awareness “cockpit”based on the analysis of real-time data intelligence from legacyindependent building systems (HVAC, BMS, OccupancyCounters, Elevators, Fire and Security Alarms) integrated into asingle learning machine able to perform and propose actions toproactively correct, adjust, and re-commission these systems fortotal performance optimization, efficiency and reduced carbonfootprint. The pilot version showed a payback in less than6 months The project is under deployment in 16 skyscrapers
  9. 9. Smart Energy forDefense Military bases need to maintain operational surety of powersupply through trusted reliable and resilient generation andelectrical distribution system All the critical loads must be served without any exception whilepriority loads are to be served based on current generation andload conditions Military bases need to forecast exactly fuel consumption,minimize its consumption whenever possible and keep it to asafe level against possible contingencies Military bases are expected to generate savings on the cost ofprocurement of electrical energy and to start to trade energy asa market operator Finally the energy resources of the military basis may supportthe operations of the external grid in case of impendingproblems such as power mismatch and instabilityREQUIREMENTS
  10. 10. Smart Energy for DefenseThe typical generation and distribution system(Microgrid) may consist of : A MV electrical substation and a few LV substationsconnected to the external grid A number of diesel generators, that provide thebulk of generation coupled with photovoltaic arraysand possibly local energy storage Fuel storage tanks Loads (divided in critical and conventional withdifferent priorities) A local SCADA that may have connection also withthe control and dispatching system of the externalnetwork operatorTHE SCENARIO
  11. 11. Smart Microgrid The Smart micro-grid dispatcher provides thenecessary control and regulation actions ongeneration, utilization and distribution The Smart Micro Grid approach moves intelligencewhere it is required and coordinate the behavior ofeach component Operational research is coupled to Artificialintelligence to manage operations of active andpassive components and the flow of energy A streamlined Energy Mgmt Decision SupportSystem is provided to the operatorThe smart microgrid approach allows bases tooperate with or without the external grid, in eitheran “islanded” or a grid-tied configuration.This approach permits cost savings as well asenergy reliability and energy security.In addition to being smaller, the power generationintegrates a diversified fuel mix, including secureon-site fuel storage and PV arrays with newerrenewable and sustainable energy technologiesSource: Sandia National Labs
  12. 12. “Smart” and CitiesTHE CONCEPTA three tier model• Distributed sensors for data collection• Integrated and interoperable SecureNetworks and Communications• Innovative and open applications for allstakeholdersplusan intelligent Control Center forunified City Operations
  13. 13.  Safety and Security (physical, occupation, moral, family, health and property) are one ofthe primary needs according to Maslows pyramid For this very reason it is one of the most evident elements of evaluation of the"smartness" of public administrations worldwide The convergence of different technologies can enabletypical models of "sense & respond" to effectively addressthe problems of context This condition, together with the use of networksof "Emergency Response" allows the creationof applications and services that help combat urban crimeand support emergencies operators“Safety” &“Security”and Cities…
  14. 14. IntegrationlevelLHL HUse of advanced technology for security Security of the “Content” (Urban Security)A Smart City needs to improve the safety of citizens usingtechnology in a smart way to ensure:- Prevention and control of the risks of the territory- Prevention and control of crime- Social inclusion Security of the “Container” (System of Systems)A Smart City is a container of technologies, networks andsystems and therefore it is necessary to ensure integratedand convergent security of the platform connecting all thesubsystems (many of which are Critical Infrastructure).The new Digital Smart Cities raise two kinds of problems interms of security:Better Safe than Smart?IntegratedCitySmart CityTraditionalCitySafeCity
  15. 15. EXPO2015o Selex ES is the Official Global Partner of Expo 2015 forthe “Safe City & Main Operation Center”o An Operation Center able to monitor and support theEvent from a security and safety perspectiveo Innovative integration of three components ofSelex ES Secure Professional Communications : TETRA Networks and terminals Professional Core Network LTE PERSEUS, Selex ES platform for heterogeneousnetwork services integrationo Network s of sensors addressing physical security issues(videosurveillance, intrusion and fire detection systems,access control, etc.)Selex ES route to “future” Smart Cities
  16. 16. o A single Control Center for City operations includingidentification of persons and vehicles, perimeter surveillanceand access control, traffic monitoring and info-mobilityo Integration of (big) data and unstructured informationcreating a comprehensive “situation awareness” for offeringadvanced services to citizeno Advanced Connectivity among heterogeneous systemsenabling integration and interoperability across distributedintelligence appliance networkso Interoperability with other operation centers focused onterritory security services, and with quality of life servicesplatforms (Urban Police, Fire Department, Civil Protection,Rescue services…)o Decision Model and decision support tools for ordinary &extraordinary events management, planning and simulationactivitiesSAFE CITY & MAIN OPERATION CENTERillustrativeEXPO2015
  17. 17. A new conclusionThe examples we discussed point to the fact thatin order to be successful in this brave new digitalworld, in order to be able to lead the edge and tointelligently support the evolution, theinformation, innovation and integrationrequirements of clients and partners, technologyproviders must understand the shift and ride thewave of change or, rather, ride the wave of the"design to change” embracing new disciplines,e.g.: agility, OODA loop, re-use, streaming data,mobility, etc.
  18. 18. For a system integrator active in theDefence, Security and Smart markets, such asSelex ES this digital evolution also marks a newparadigm in the “dual use” approach.We believe that many of the new digitaltechnologies, derived from large investments inconsumer markets, of the smart environment willconstitute a new powerful dual capability (fromconsumer to professional, from IT to industrialautomation, from civil to defense), that we will beable to leverage to help our customers reach theirnew normal goals!A smart conclusion
  19. 19. Thank you for your attentionGiorgio MoscaVice President Smart Cities Sales & MarketingVia Laurentina 76000143 Roma – Italiagiorgio.mosca@selex-es.comwww.