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Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
Social Media Primer
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Social Media Primer


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 03/06/10
  • 01/26/10
  • 01/26/10
  • The social media phenomenon Influencing a community vs pushing out to individuals in a vaccum Start conversations vs forcing people to watch or listen to ads Sharing knowledge in a community vs direct selling Understanding social media/heighten brand awareness/ help agents and managers to be more successful 03/06/10
  • Using a conversational tone vs direct selling 01/26/10
  • Blog – online Journal Ben’s Blog – share and communicate vs a written journal Business blogging- IT issues, thought leadership, share expertise Facebook – personal profile, fan page, group page LinkedIn - known and trusted business contact Company profiles Catherine network stats: 3,711,700+ Your trusted friends and colleagues 206 Two degrees away 47,400 Three degrees away 3,664,100 Total users you can contact 3,711,700 Twitter- How many of you have heard of it? Have an account? Use it well? Example of how we use Twitter Death of the press release You Tube- Doris Ghitelman interviewing Bill is a great example 03/06/10
  • 01/26/10
  • 01/26/10
  • 03/06/10
  • 03/06/10
  • Time Content distribution channels are new, replace old – newspapers gone in 10 years. Conventional press releases no longer used. 03/06/10
  • 03/06/10
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media Primer For Business
    • 2. Social Information for Geek Girl Bootcamp Share comments about this presentation and ask questions: Twitter Handle: @WeberMedia Hashtag: #GeekGirlCamp Follow us!
    • 3. The Social Media Revolution
      • Video by Erik Qualman:
    • 4. A social structure made of individuals or organizations which are connected by friendship, kinship, business, beliefs, interests, knowledge or prestige. What is a social network?
    • 5. A forum where people share information and make connections with fellow users. Users can share photos, videos and links to interesting websites with all of their “ friends ”, “connections” or “followers”. What is a social network?
    • 6. What can social media do for your business?
      • Social media can:
      • Help you find customers
      • Help prospective customers
      • find you
      • Build your reputation to a local audience
      • Build the brand regionally and nationally
      • Distinguish your products and services from competitors
      • Provide you with a forum to dispel negative/false information
    • 7. How can you take advantage of social media?
      • Connect with your
      • customers
      • Promote expertise
      • Build a following by
      • blogging
      • Gain a presence in social communities
      • Make connections with local business owners
    • 8. Social Media Tools
      • Industry and corporate blogs
      • Social communities such as Facebook
      • Business oriented networking such as LinkedIn
      • Microblogging using Twitter
      • vLogging using tools such as YouTube
      • Forums such as Yahoo Answers
    • 9.
      • Facebook is a social community of 350 million active users, where you can
      • Share common interests with people you know around the world
      • Connect with people through school, work, where you live, interests and hobbies
    • 10. Discussion Forums
      • Forums are a place where people post questions and others post answers.
      • Examples of pet forums:
    • 11. Blogs
      • Definition: A web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual or individuals.
      • The heart of your social media marketing strategy – where you share your expertise and successes
    • 12. What’s the value of LinkedIn?
      • Extending relationships
      • Staying connected to colleagues
      • Finding a job or clients
      • Finding experts
      • Expanding your network using your connections
      • Growing your reputation using thought leadership
    • 13. What is the value of Twitter?
          • Listen and learn from customers
          • Connect and interact with customers
          • Promote expertise
          • Build a following
          • Distinguish their offerings and value
    • 14. What’s the value of YouTube? 3
      • A highly effective and user-friendly business tool
      • Show off expertise, share knowledge, market business, connect with prospects and customers
      • Promote your business with videos— embed videos in blogs and websites, keep people on your site
      • Create cost-effective, short videos to show your listings
      • Answer frequently-asked questions
      • Put a face to your brand
    • 15. Social Media Impacts:
      • human resources –make hiring and firing decisions
      • legal- monitor employee and competitor behavior
      • customer service/retention-
      • listen and serve customers
      • help desk- provide product
      • support
      • research and development-
      • gain valuable customer feedback
      • partner and channel relations-
      • provide sales support
      • marketing – brand recognition
      • and lead generation
    • 16. The Golden Rules (of Social Media)
      • Community is a privilege, not property – you cannot control the community or stop
      • the conversation. But you can learn from it.
      • Be helpful – social media is not a place
      • for direct selling, it is a place to offer value
      • Be human – communicate like one
      • Be passionate – write content that
      • matters to you, make it interesting, and you will gain a following
    • 17. Know your audience by listening
      • Find out
      • What people value about your services and your competitor services
      • what motivates a customer to buy
      • what are your customers top considerations
      • Tools:
      • Twitter
      • Facebook
      • Google Alerts
      • LinkedIn (B2B)
    • 18. Social Media Strategy
      • Monitoring - Listen
      • and learn
      • Identify your niche-
      • what opportunities are
      • there for your business?
      • Content strategy –
      • Develop a social media strategy to take advantage of these opportunities
      • Monitor and refine -- what’s working?
    • 19. Social Media Tactics
      • You social media tactics may include
        • customer and competitor monitoring
        • Positioning yourself uniquely among the competition
        • employee guidelines, education & training
        • content creation – blogging or commenting
        • targeted lead generation
        • customer service and support
        • product development
        • internal community development & support
    • 20. Efficient Content Distribution Expert opinions & advice Audio & video interviews Announcements & case studies FAQs and Answers Industry blogs Online versions of print pubs Industry community sites Substantive Content Channels Corporate Blog Company Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn pages Employees and Stakeholders Facebook & LinkedIn profiles Automatic Feeds
    • 21. ROI of Social Media
      • ROI depends on what you
      • are trying to achieve.
      • Results can be measured
      • in visitor traffic, conversions,
      • community participation levels .
      • Programs need built in
      • measurable triggers
      • Some things, like brand awareness, are not measurable
      • Test and refine programs to deliver measurable results
    • 22. Common Questions and Concerns
      • Why is social media important?
      • This is overwhelming.
      • Won’t this take all of my
      • time?
      • How can I control what
      • people say about me
      • and my business
      • I am afraid to share my personal information
    • 23.
      • Commenting on Wall Street Journal articles drives traffic to blog
      • Blogging about industry books draws comments from authors, other experts in the industry
      • Status posts on LinkedIn draw interest from prospects and competitors
      • Tweets on media trends build thought leadership and create brand awareness
    • 24. Your social media plan Once you decide what you need to do, create a daily checklist of activities- 15 minutes/day Check in with your networks, communicate A weekly checklist – 1-2 hours Read industry information, share with customers
    • 25. If you found this presentation helpful:
      • Becoming a fan of our Facebook
      • Page:
      • and leave your comments on our page
      • Follow us on twitter
      • Share your comments with hashtag #webermedia
      • Contact me on Linkedin:
    • 26. Next Up in Room 103
      • 11-12: The Power of Facebook for your Business
      • 12-1: Open
      • 1-2: Twitter for Business
      • 2-3: YouTube for Your Business
      • 3-4: OPEN: Help Desk
      • 4-5: Linkedin for your Business