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1 to 1 Parent Mtg
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1 to 1 Parent Mtg


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Presentation at the 1 to 1 Computer Parent Meeting on Sept. 27, 2011

Presentation at the 1 to 1 Computer Parent Meeting on Sept. 27, 2011

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. 1:1 Teaching and Learning Initiative
      September 27, 2011
      6 p.m.
    • 2. 1 to 1
      Each 6th grade student will have a laptop computer assigned to them.
    • 3. Why 1:1
      • Equity-Increased student access
      • 4. Better able to meet differing learning styles of students
      • 5. More integration of technology into curr.
      • 6. Movement to Digital textbooks
      • 7. Anytime, Anywhere learning
      • 8. More online resources available-Web 2.0/Internet/research
      • 9. Lab scheduling problems avoided
    • Why 1 to 1
      Education and the future of Technology
      A Vision of K-12 students today
    • 10. Implementation Model
      Grade 6 for 2011-2012
      24/7 model- laptops will have 3G data connection from Sprint for Anywhere, Anytime access
      2012-13-Grade 7-computers will stay w/students from 6th gr.
      2012-13-Grade 6-receive new computers
      Wireless connection in school
      Wireless access @ home if you have it
    • 11. District Information and Technology Vision Statement
      “To facilitate the selection and use of media and technology to enhance the curriculum and instructional process by the integration of technology to ensure students become effective users of ideas and information.”
    • 12. Mission Statements
      To make the Information and Technology program vision of the district a reality, the following mission statements have been developed:
      • Curriculum and instruction program should steer information and technology decisions at all grade levels.
      • 13. Technology should be integrated into the core curriculums to support student achievement.
      • 14. The use of technology to access, process, and communicate information is an essential skill that must be acquired by students and modeled by staff.
    • 1 to 1
      To put it another way “Its about the ‘headware’ not the hardware.”
      Ted McCain-author of Understanding the Digital Generation
    • 15. The future of education
      “Because we can connect to any information whenever we need it, the concept of time as it is structured in schools is forever changed. “
      “For the first time in the history of education, the teacher, student, and content do not need to be in the same place or even be together at the same time.”
      Ian Jukes-Windows to the future
    • 16. Timeline
      Parent meeting in September
      School Board finalizes Student/Parent Laptop Agreement in Oct.
      Students and Parents receive and sign Agreement/pay fees
      Laptops given to students Nov. 10th(tentative)
      School use only for the first few days
      Mid-November-students able to take home computer
    • 17. A Vision for the Future
      Improving student learning opportunities
      Assuring equity in access to digital resources
      Enhancing teaching to transform the quality of instruction
      21st century learning environment that engages students.
    • 18. Wiki examples
      Mrs. Laatsch-wiki
    • 19. 1:1 Policies and Procedures
      Draft Student/Parent Laptop Agreement
    • 20. 1 to 1
      Technology fee-$25-Annually
      For battery and charger replacement
    • 21. 1 to 1
      Form handed out
    • 22. 1 to1
      Laptop Case-purchase through school or local retailer
    • 23. V7 Black with gray accents 13" Professional Frontloader Laptop Case Model CCP4-9N
      Shoulder / Carrying Case
      Material:Nylon and polyester
      Fit Most Screen Size:13"
      Capacity:12.5" x 1.5" x 9"
      Dimensions:14" x 2.25" x 10.50"
      Weight:1.14 lbs.
      Features:Protection – Dedicated padded notebook section that is designed to fit up to 13" notebooks. Organization – Workstation includes key clip, two pen loops, two netted accessory pockets, cell phone pocket, business card holder Ergonomics – Padded shoulder straps and cushioned handles allow for maximum comfort and weight distribution. Material – Durable
      Cost: about $16.00 (??)
    • 24. Treasures Black 11.6" PocketPro Netbook Case Model 07066
      Case Type: Sleeve
      Material: Neoprene
      Fit Most Screen Size: 11.6"
      Features: Double zippers for easy use 2 outside zippered pockets for cords, power supply, external drives, etc. Durable nylon double-handle Internal pockets for memory cards, jump drives, etc. Elastic security straps hold netbook securely in place while case is open
      Sleeve w/carrying handles-$18.00 (??)
    • 25. 1 to 1
      Student is responsible for making sure laptop is fully charged and is at school for use
    • 26. Operational and Logistical concerns
      How will students be trained?
      Will students take the laptops home?
      What if parents want to opt out and not sign the agreement?
      Will students have network access throughout the school?
    • 27. Operational and Logistical concerns
      How will appropriate usage of laptops be monitored?
      Will there be a student/teacher drop-box for assignments?
      How will laptops be issued and tracked?
      Overnight, where will laptops be stored if not taken home?
      Where will laptops be charged (home/school)?
      How do we handle inappropriate access to Internet?
    • 28. Operational and Logistical concerns
      Configuration to home wireless?
      What happens if a student cannot get cell service and does not have Internet access from home?
    • 29. 1 to 1
      Additional Questions?
    • 30. 1:1
      Required before student receives his/her laptop
      Student Acceptable Use Policy-signed by both parent and student
      Student/Parent Laptop Agreement-Agreement signature page signed by both parent and student
      Technology fee-$25 annual fee paid
      Purchase a Laptop bag/case-Either purchase through school or from a local retailer(bag must fit a 11.6” laptop)
      Laptop Insurance- purchase optional laptop insurance through the district.