What we learned building Campaign Monitor


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Campaign Monitor is a great home grown web app success story. Dave and Ben will share their experiences of taking an idea they believed in, working like mad to implement it, and getting it to market. Along the way you’ll hear about interface design, feature selection, creating a friction free sign up process, the importance of good copy and all those things you’d never know until you tried.

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What we learned building Campaign Monitor

  1. 1. What we learnt building Campaign Monitor Ben Richardson and Dave Greiner freshview.com
  2. 2. Why did we build Campaign Monitor? Frustration
  3. 3. Campaign Monitor today... 15,000 1,000 90,000,000 designers new designers each month permission based emails delivered
  4. 4. Deciding what to build
  5. 5. Solve your own problem We knew there was a problem We knew how to fix it
  6. 6. Don’t try and please everybody Conventional thinking usually leads to dumbed down or too complex
  7. 7. Small group with common interests Develop unique features perfect for that market only Kill the bloat they don’t need
  8. 8. Constant Contact 83 fields by default
  9. 9. The result
  10. 10. Campaign Monitor, 1 field
  11. 11. The result
  12. 12. “ It’s almost like it was built just for me !” Much easier to create passionate users
  13. 13. Pricing your app
  14. 14. How much? Get it right from the start You don’t need to be the cheapest Keep it simple Easy to try without spending a cent
  15. 15. Building the sucker
  16. 16. Identify the need to have features Set yourself a release date and stick to it Eat your own dog food Getting to launch
  17. 17. Get real customer feedback Iterate, iterate, iterate Direction might change Give yourself a pat on the back Solicit early feedback
  18. 18. .NET, nested tables and spacer gif’s Who cares? Technology choice is irrelevant
  19. 19. Getting customers
  20. 20. It’s all about word of mouth Is your app worth talking about ?
  21. 21. Give it a kick start Ask peoples opinions Update religiously, be transparent Promotion through education EMDG Grant
  22. 22. Supporting from Sydney
  23. 23. Feel their pain We still do all our customer support Don’t filter what your customers are saying You need to know why , not just what
  24. 24. 90% in opposite time zone Comprehensive help system Easy to try before you buy It’s 2.37am in Sydney right now
  25. 25. Have a go! Try and solve your own problem Niche, targeted apps are easier to build and market Release early and get feedback Worst case aint that bad
  26. 26. Q & A campaignmonitor.com mailbuild.com fre shview.com