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First SEO Training presentation. November 3, 2010

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  • -Relevance: Matching search term to the website content, taking into consideration the geography and web search history, as well as incoming links
    -PageRank: The ranking of websites by Google. It gets a value from 1 to 10. The higher the rank, the better.
  • e-Works SEO Trainings 1

    1. 1. SEO Trainings November 3-17
    2. 2. Agenda Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturda y Sunday 1 Nov 2 Nov 3 Nov 1. SEO Basics: How it works Trainer: Ludwig & Shushan 4 Nov 5 Nov 4.Creating SEO-friendly Sites Trainer: Ludwig 5.Creating Appealing Content Trainer: Ludwig 6 Nov 7 Nov 8 Nov 2.Keyword Strategy Trainer: Shushan 3.Competitor Analysis Trainer: Shushan 9 Nov 10 Nov 6.Getting Offsite: Linkbuilding Strategies Trainer: Ludwig and Shushan 11 Nov 12 Nov 7.Analyzing Results Trainer: Shushan 13 Nov 14 Nov 15 Nov 8.SEO for International Markets Trainer: Ludwig 9. Search Marketing Trainer: Shushan 16 Nov 17 Nov 10. Internet Marketing and Viral Marketing. Social Media Trainer: Shushan 18 Nov 19 Nov 20 Nov
    3. 3. Search Engine Optimization Basics How it works Trainers: Ludwig, Shushan
    4. 4. What do you do, when you want to find something? Obviously, you SEARCHSEARCH
    5. 5. 100 Billion Searches Each Month!
    6. 6. PAID SEARCH Only 10 % click here PAID SEARCH Only 10 % click hereORGANIC SEARCH Search term, Keyword Search box, Search query SERP search engine results page , is  the listing of web pages returned  by a search engine in response to  a keyword query Sponsored Listings This is the paid per click listings  outlined in the red borders. This  is an online bidding system is  used to complement organic  listings Landing Page the Web Page your visitors arrive  at after they click an online ad or  an email-link, or mainly follow a  search engine result .
    7. 7. Search Result/Snippet  Title Google shows up to 70 characters If a page title exceeds 70 characters, the  rest are replaced with an ellipsis (...). Snippet  Google shows up to 156 characters  (including spaces) of a page's meta  description tag. Rich Snippet  Google shows rich snippet text for  some types of pages and data, for  example: reviews, people, businesses,  and events. URL
    8. 8. You can search for • News • Images • Videos
    9. 9. Appearing in Search Results  When you publish your website, it becomes available not only for visitors  but also search engines.  It is being automatically submitted to search engines or you need to  submit the url yourself  Search engines continuously send spiders and web crawlers to crawl your  website and index it.  Afterwards, your website appears in the search results among millions of  others.
    10. 10. Crawling and Indexing Without links, the  engines might never  find this page  Crawling means sucking content  without processing the results.  Exploration of websites by search  engine software (bots) in order to  index their content.    Indexing means making sense out  of the retrieved contents, storing  the processing results in a (more  or less complex) document index
    11. 11. Ranking by Google Google ranks a website based on  Relevance  Importance  PageRank  Website speed  Content  Back links  Other important factors Ranking High in Search Results
    12. 12. This pie chart describes how Google values and ranks a website or webpage.
    13. 13. PageRank PageRank is a numeric value that represents how important a page is on the web. Google figures that when one page links to another page, it is effectively casting a vote for the other page. The more votes that are cast for a page, the more important the page must be.
    14. 14. Alexa Alexa ranks the top 2 million sites on the internet based on data collected by vistors who have the Alexa Toolbar in their browser.
    15. 15. Compete  Compete ranking is quite similar to Alexa, but it counts only US traffic
    16. 16. Web Site Traffic is determined by the number of visitors and the number of pages they visit. ! Not all high ranking websites have high traffic ! Not all high traffic websites have high ranking Traffic
    17. 17. What is SEO? S=search E=engine O=optimization – The process of improving web pages so they rank higher in search engines for your targeted keywords. – The act of modifying a web site’s build, content, and inbound linking to increase its ranking in organic/natural (vs. paid), crawler-based listings of search engines.
    18. 18. Process
    19. 19. Pros and Cons Pros •Higher return on investment •Long-term •Pay less •Organic Results are more clickable •High rank=more trust Cons •2-3 months before visible results •Some of the websites are not search engine friendly. •Can’t guarantee exact results
    20. 20. Types of SEO On-site activities – The activities directly involved in the content and design of web pages. •Writing the title, description and keyword meta tags •Writing content – Body copy, titles, image tags, etc •Building internal links – Helping the search engines navigate the site •Site design and construction - Ensuring the web page utilizes design and code that can be properly crawled and indexed by the search engines. Off-site activities – Building a portfolio of quality inbound links to your web site.
    21. 21. Black Hat SEO Spamdexing (also known as search spam, search engine spam or web spam) involves a number of methods in a manner inconsistent with the purpose of the indexing system. Black Hat SEO is customarily defined as techniques that are used to get higher search rankings in an unethical manner. These black hat SEO techniques usually include one or more of the following characteristics: • breaks search engine rules and regulations • creates a poor user experience directly because of the black hat SEO techniques utilized on the Web site • unethically presents content in a different visual or non-visual way to search engine spiders and search engine users.
    22. 22. To read more  Register on forums and Socialize:  http://forums.digitalpoint.com  http://forums.seochat.com/  http://www.v7n.com/forums/  http://seoforums.org/  http://forums.seo.com/  http://www.blackhatworld.com/ (for Black Hat SEO)