Web design 7 reasons to engage a web designer


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Web design 7 reasons to engage a web designer

  1. 1. Choosing a Web Design: 7 Reasons To Engage a Web Designer http://seonetasia.com
  2. 2. 7 Reasons To Engage a Web DesignerJacky recently shows me his DIY web design and asks whyit is not attracting any traffic. A quick look and I uncover afew things.His website content is all text, the contact forms do notwork, the fonts default set-up were small and hard to read.It included a flash intro that takes ages to load, which isunnecessary.Putting search engine optimization aside, what things doyou look for when doing your web design?Let me share with you 7 points that you should consider:
  3. 3. 1. Web Design Usability:To ensure the best user experience, you must considerwebsite usability. Check that theres no broken links, missingweb pages, unnecessary animation, images that take agesto load because of the file size, fonts that are hard to read.You would want to have a professional looking website - onethat is clean, easy to navigate, and clearly presented.The advantage of engaging a web designer is theconsideration of such factors in the build and design phase.You want a website that is optimize and attract. Userattention-spans are short and creating the first impressionwithin the first minute of their website visit is crucial.
  4. 4. 2. Web Design Features:To ensure that all your needs are covered, you need to tell yourweb designers what features you need.Do you need opt-in forms, photo gallery, payment processing,membership subscription, or customized contact forms? Allthese will add value to your site and these may not be coveredin the standard design.Check with your web designer and you may have to pay foradd-ons. If you are planning on doing your own websiteupdating, request for an admin interface that allows you to dosimple updating.
  5. 5. 3. Website contentYou may have heard that content is king in the Internet world.Content may be in the form of articles, videos, pod cast, orslide presentations. Are you doing your website content? Elseyou may outsource that to a web design or SEO company. You want content that is relevant to your users and rate wellin terms of search engine optimization. What keyword phraseswould your customers type into Google-search if they were tofind your business offering?Write your articles and include such keyword phrases in yourcontent. Many people find writing articles a challenge so thebest option is to outsource or engage a content writer.
  6. 6. 4. Company Information:It is important that you have one available, else register your company. Givefull info to your web designer - company address, email addresses,telephone/fax numbers, and operating hours.Such info will be used when submitting your site to web/business directoriesand Google map listing. This will help to build up the credibility of yourbusiness with searchers as well as the major search engines.
  7. 7. 5. Web Design Theme and Templates:I love open-source web design theme like Wordpress,Joomla, Magento.Wordpress has a big user-based, with great development support. There arethousands of plug-ins that can be employed to optimized the website. Thelearning curve is shorter and its a great recommendation for business ownerswho want to do self-update of website after launch.But take the time to source for the right theme that will support the designrequirement. There are thousands of themes available to cater to all needs. Thelast thing a web designer want is to complete a web design with all content andlater realize that it does not meet the clients taste.
  8. 8. 6. Web Design Cross Browsers Compatibility:It is important that your web design theme works in the more recent version ofall the major browsers - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. This is toensure you provide a good user experience for those who viewed your sites.Your web designer should cover that during the test phase. Some open sourcethemes do not support the older browsers in terms of the flash or photo galleryfeatures. That is to be expected, as there is development cost consideration toscope that in, and may not be viable just to cover the smaller group of users.
  9. 9. 7. Mock-Up design:Most web designers will start off the project by doing a mock up design. Elserequest for one - It will save you and the web designer much time. This allowsyou to approve the web design without the designer going into too manydetails like coding or add-ons.Typical Mock up should cover the home page layout, navigation presentation,and other features you requested like opt-in page, member sign-up, andtestimonial snippets. For eCommerce, it may include a page to show theproduct page layout and gallery feature.
  10. 10. In SummaryDo not make the same mistakes Jacky made when creatingyour next website. Cover the 7 points above, and you wouldhave a web design that is usable and optimized.If you dont have the time to learn and do it yourself,engage someone who knows, else hire a web designer froma web design company. Interested to know more about web design services? Check out our website for more info . http://seonetasia.com
  11. 11. About SEOnet AsiaSEOnet Asia is a Singapore-based SEO and Web DesignCompany . Their SEO services include search engineoptimization, Google Adwords, and Google places optimization.Other services include Fanpage creation and Social mediamarketing. SEOnet Asia also do open source web design,including eCommerce.The Principal consultant is Henry Sim. http://seonetasia.com