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Mike Moran: Do It Wrong Quickly (Webdagene 2011)
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Mike Moran: Do It Wrong Quickly (Webdagene 2011)


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • I took out the extra space before “even.”
  • Transcript

    • 1. Do It Wrong QuicklyHow the Web Changesthe Old Marketing Rules
      Mike Moran September, 2011
    • 2. 2
      Isn’t digital marketing simple?
      It’s dizzying
      And it keeps changing
      Faster and faster
      How do you cope?
    • 3. 3
      The good old days in marketing
      It’s the real thing
      The best creative folks came up with agreat message for a mass market
      We tested it against focus groups
      We pushed it out there—over and over again
      We hoped they’d buy, but weren’t sure they did
      Can’t Beat the Real Thing
      Coke is it!
      I'd like to buy the world a Coke
      Coke adds life
    • 4. 4
      The good new days in Web marketing
      You can target even the smallest group
      You can measure the results of everything you do
      You must change your message in response to what your customers:
      Say (comments, blogs, product ratings)
      Do (search, purchases, page views)
    • 5. 5
      The Web rewards pull over push
      You don’t target markets with a message the same way on the Web
      More often, markets have to find you, or your customer must give you permission:
      Opt-in e-mail
      Subscribe to blogs
      Follow on Twitter
      But even tiny markets can be reached
    • 6. 6
      Remember, it’s still marketing
      You need to target your market
      Understand what they care about
      And connect with your message
      If you do:
      You improve your image
      And you drive sales
    • 7. 7
      The difference is how you do it
      Time was that marketing was risky
      Your job was to remove as much of the risk as possible
      But Web marketingrewards experimentsrather than deepplanning
      Are you feeling stuck?
    • 8. 8
      You’re stuck because you don’t know what works
      What to try?
      How do you keep score?
      When do you quit?
      What to try next?
    • 9. CIOs sometimes fixate on cost reductions
      Some CMOs focus on even fuzzier numbers
      CIOs and CMOs don’t always get it, either
      Tatiana Popova/
    • 10. You need to focus on one thing—sales
      Robert Kneschke/
      To do that, you need to learn direct marketing
    • 11. 11
      Imagine a catalog marketer who said to the boss…
      I shipped February’s catalog on time
      And under budget
      Customers like it
      And it looks beautiful
      Wanna see it?
      But that’s all we say about our Web sites—where are the metrics?
    • 12. 12
      How can you drive demand for your products?
    • 13. 13
      How can you drive demand for your products?
      Increase your conversion rate
    • 14. 14
      How can you drive demand for your products?
      Increase your conversion rate
      Increase your traffic
    • 15. 15
      How can you drive demand for your products?
      Increase your conversion rate
      Increase your traffic
      Or both
    • 16. 16
      What are your conversions?
      Online sales
      Find a store
      Find a dealer
      Find a partner
      Phone call
      Affiliate link
      Download a white paper
      Fill out a contact form
    • 17. 17
      How do you track offline conversions to the Web?
      The easiest way is for you to contact the customer
      If the customer switches channels, entice the customer to:
      Print the product’s specifications to bring to the dealer
      Print a coupon to present at the retailer
      Call a special phone number
    • 18. 18
      Which metrics matter?
      Impressions:Did they see it? E-mail opened? Ad displayed? Document shown? Blog entry read?
      Selections:Did they choose it? Click throughs? Mouse over?
      Conversions:Did they buy it? Download? Call?
    • 19. 19
      Should the shopping cart be on the left or right?
      A/B testing decides
    • 20. 20
      Beyond A/B testing: multivariate testing
      Yes, it’s free
      Create differentversions of yourpages
      Google tests them with live visitors and reports back on which variations did the best
      Then you permanently change the page to the best version
    • 21. 21
      Without testing, you’ll never know what works
      Which page had 116% higher conversion?
    • 22. 22
      Respond to your customers
      Change your products
      Change your content
      Change your prices
      Change your policies
      Change your experience
      Then, change them again
      Which changes increase your conversions?
      Customers vote with their mice
    • 23. But it’s not just about change—it’s about speed
      How many tests can you run?
      How quickly can you check the results?
      Who improves faster?
      One test per day
      One test per week
      One test per month
    • 24. Speed sometimes runs into a roadblock
      “The IT budget doesn’t have funding for that.”
      “You’ll need to create a requirement document first.”
      “You’ll need executive approval to prioritize that above what we are currently doing.”
    • 25. 25
      Baking or making soup? Which is harder? Riskier?
      Waterfall is like baking
      Know what you want up front
      Precise measurements and preparation
      Nothing is done until the end
      Agile is like making soup
      You can experiment as you go
      You can eat it at any time, but it tastes best at the end
    • 26. 26
      IBM Confidential
      What’s different about agile?
      The system isalways working
      All you need toknow is what’s next
      Daily Stand Up Meeting
      Monthly Planning Meeting
    • 27. 27
      Technical versus adaptive change
      Why are some changes difficult?
      Example: Getting up one hour earlier each day
    • 28. 28
      Do it wrong quickly and then fix it
      Instead of killing ourselves to plan exactly the right thing that we can execute in every country for the next two years…
      …Do it wrong quickly, and then fix it
      Let the market tell youwhat works and what doesn’t
      And then quickly do it better
      Listen, learn, and adjust
    • 29. 29
      Thank you!
      The search best seller
      • “The Bible of search marketing”--Chris Sherman, Search Engine Land
      • 30. Second edition includes DVD
      • 31. Full-service social media agency
      • 32. Listening
      • 33. Activation
      • 34. Consulting
      • 35. Converseon Nordics office opened this year
      Named a “best business book” by Miami Herald for 2007
      • “Great book.”--Robert Scoble, Scoblizer blog
      • 36. “Act now andread it.”--Bryan Eisenberg, Author of #1 best seller Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?