Jason Crea, Driving Effective Email Marketing Campaigns with Web Content Management

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  • 1. Sitecore. Content Delivery Driving Effective Email Marketing Campaigns With Web Content Management Jason Crea V.P. Client and Partner Engagement Sitecore Web Content 2007 Page 1 www.sitecore.net
  • 2. Sitecore. Content Delivery Keys to Driving Effective Email Marketing Campaigns • The List (is key) • The Right Content for your Audience • What is your goal? • Visual Appeal • Getting your message to the Audience • Did you make it past the mine field? • Tracking and Analysis • Repeatability and Future Engagement Page 2 www.sitecore.net
  • 3. Sitecore. Content Delivery How Does Web Content Management Help Me Realize My Goal? • It is NOT the magic solution… • It does not replace Email Marketing platforms. But it does- • Is an enormous aid in growing internally managed distribution lists • An Excellent platform for collaborative content collection • Easily manage Email templates for look and feel • Logical progression from the email itself to “action” • Harnesses interest at another level • Tracking beyond the “open” Page 3 www.sitecore.net
  • 4. Sitecore. Content Delivery Why not use the tool that comes with my CMS? • May be fine for some organizations • SPF/Sender Id’s – individual ISP’s have their own process for filtering legitimate Emails, does your CMS adhere to the many unique guidelines? • Ongoing software development to “block” emails; i.e. Outlook • Constantly changing process for filtering email, and for CMS solutions it is not a core focus Page 4 www.sitecore.net
  • 5. Sitecore. Content Delivery Using your CMS with additional Email based initiatives • Email Newsletters • Extension of your web based presentation • Event Promotion and Management Communications • From registration through attendance information • Business/Audience specific “Alerts” • Product releases, technology notifications, changes in infrastructure • Internal Communications • Distributing information quickly across an organization beyond Intranet postings Page 5 www.sitecore.net
  • 6. Sitecore. Content Delivery Real World Examples • LifeScript • Microsoft • The Knot Page 6 www.sitecore.net
  • 7. Sitecore. Content Delivery Page 7 www.sitecore.net