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Emma Hamer, Understanding the Impact of Change: How to Become a Master of Your Craft, Again (and Again)
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Emma Hamer, Understanding the Impact of Change: How to Become a Master of Your Craft, Again (and Again)


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Understanding the Impact of Change Becoming a Master of your Craft Again (and Again)
  • 2. About Strategy A Multi-disciplinary consulting group Content Analysis, CM Strategies, Usability Content Development & Migration strategies Change and Performance Management Project Management Clients in the $15 - $250M revenue range
  • 3. Why do companies want a wCMS? Multiple sites – corporate, customer, intranet Inconsistent and/or outdated content Bottlenecks getting content published Localization and translation needs eCommerce and personalization Convergence and integration, etc …
  • 4. Also: Create dialog with customer Measure success of marketing campaigns Develop brand message Sell more product … … Drive and accelerate business returns!
  • 5. So why does IT call the shots? Common misconceptions: It’s a technology implementation It’s an infrastructure project It’s a piece of software …
  • 6. The reality: CM is a process – not a product No silver bullet New System + Old Processes = Failure Upgrade of bad system = Failure
  • 7. Why do wCMS projects fail? Deciding on price Buying tool first Distracted by shiny feature list Not understanding Not getting help strategic decisions
  • 8. Ownership of CMS matters: Since CMS is a Strategic Business Initiative: Marketing MUST take a lead role with Content analysis Site (information) architecture Requirements (functionality) Governance (who does what, when) IT helps with technology analysis
  • 9. B I G Changes Marketing owns the project (not IT) New rules for authoring/publishing content No more “blame game” Need for cross-functional collaboration Need for information-sharing
  • 10. What’s the Big Deal? New systems = new processes New processes = new work habits New governance = new power structure Change Management is: Getting from “here” to “there”
  • 11. When you don’t get it right: Broken processes Dysfunctional behavior; territorialism Wait-and-See attitude Passive resistance; apathy Cling to inefficient work methods Jealously guard expertise; no sharing Politicized environment run hide fight
  • 12. Impact on Marketing people Need to: Get their act together (have a plan!) Stiffen their spines (stick to the plan!) Work with – not for – Sales, IT, Engineering … Learn new tricks using old concepts and nifty new technology in a new context (blogs etc.: Web 2.0 “stuff”)
  • 13. Preparing for B I G Changes Secure C-level sponsorship Get knowledgeable Bring independent experts in Map the current governance model, and: Fix it before CMS roll-out
  • 14. Getting “there” Communicate, communicate, communicate … a 2-way street! Provide forum for sharing experiences Involve users in defining new roles
  • 15. Transitional emotions Discomfort (mild to extreme) Loss of identity Loss of status / power Acknowledge, discuss, resolve Use peer-mentoring Focus on positive outcome
  • 16. D-I-Y Brain Surgery? Uh, no… Engage a change management specialist (internal or external) Secure buy-in from all depts involved Make the new process easier than the old Train everyone early – and evangelize
  • 17. Pulling everyone through Employee’s Choice: be part of the solution, or be part of the problem Demonstrate individual benefits Don’t have a hidden (down-sizing) agenda
  • 18. The good news: Humans are actually very adaptive It’s all about trust – in the system and in each other Model desired behavior – do as I do – and most will follow Marketing ‘science’ is alive and well, and more important than ever!
  • 19. Questions? +1-604-696-1993