Saint Petersburg - a city open to the world
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Saint Petersburg - a city open to the world



- The eighth wonder of the world ...

- The eighth wonder of the world
- Saint Petersburg culture in figures
- Saint Petersburg intellectual potential
- Saint Petersburg's social and economic situation
- Saint Petersburg, a transport and logistics centre
- Saint Petersburg's foreign economic activity
- Foreign investment in Saint Petersburg
- Priority economic development areas in Saint Petersburg



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Saint Petersburg - a city open to the world Saint Petersburg - a city open to the world Presentation Transcript

  • CONTENTS•The eighth wonder of the world•Saint Petersburg culture in figures•Saint Petersburg intellectual potential•Saint Petersburgs social and economic situation•Saint Petersburg, a transport and logistics centre•Saint Petersburgs foreign economic activity•Foreign investment in Saint Petersburg•Priority economic development areas in Saint Petersburg
  • SAINT PETERSBURG ON THE MAP OF THE WORLDSaint Petersburg, Russia’s economic gates, a multi-purpose centre with a diversifiedeconomySaint Petersburg• scientific, cultural, industrial, and transportcentre• Russias second city after Moscow• the centre of North West Russia• the only Russian city bordering the EU• the fourth most populous and secondlargest city by area in Europe• the highest quality of life in Russia
  • • Population — 5 027.7 million, economically active population —2.6 million• Area of the city — 1,439 km2• Average temperature: July +25ºC, January –5ºCSAINT PETERSBURG ON THE MAP OF THE WORLD: DISTANCESaint Petersburg
  • Saint PetersburgMoscowTokyoDüsseldorfLondonNew York 7594 km651 km2070 km10 400 km 1761 kmSAINT PETERSBURG ON THE MAPOF THE WORLD : DISTANCE
  • Saint Petersburg is:• a centre of global culture and art;• a leading Russian scientific and educationalcentre;• one of the largest tourist centres in Europe;• a city with a stable macroeconomic situation;• a centre of state-of-the-art innovativeproduction;• a centre for attracting qualified workers;• the largest Russian port;• the leader in introducing and implementingadvanced mechanisms for stimulatinginvestment in Russia.SAINT PETERSBURG ON THE MAP OF THE WORLD
  • SAINT PETERSBURG, CULTURAL CAPITAL OF RUSSIASaint Petersburg is the major centre of world and Russian culture. It has almost 10% of all state protectedmonuments in Russia.Saint Petersburgs historical centre is a UNESCO world heritage site. The city is the eighth most popularand attractive city in the world (according to UNESCO data).
  • SAINT PETERSBURG CULTURE IN FIGURES• State protected cultural heritage objects — 8,464• Museums — 194• Theatres — 73• Libraries — 1,100• Concert halls — 25Events 2010 2011 2012Exhibitions — 890 956 962— modern art 610 649 652— from museum collections 280 307 310Premieres 127 121 123Festivals 272 282 296Cultural events in Saint Petersburg for 2010-2012• Cultural centres — 53• Schools — 70• Cinemas — 58• Parks — 4• Zoo — 1
  • SAINT PETERSBURG, THEATRE CAPITAL OF RUSSIASaint Petersburg theatres:• Mariinsky Theatre;• Mikhailovsky Theatre;• Hermitage Theatre;• Alexandrinsky Theatre, etc.
  • CULTURE OF SAINT PETERSBURG: MUSEUMSSaint Petersburg museums:• The Russian Museum;• The Hermitage;• The Russian Ethnographic Museum;• The Military-Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineer andSignal Corps;• Museum-monument Saint Isaacs Cathedral, etc.
  • CULTURE OF SAINT PETERSBURG: LIBRARIESSaint Petersburg libraries:• The Russian National Library;• The Mayakovsky Central Public Library;• The Pushkin Central City Childrens Library;• The Academy of Sciences Library;• The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library.
  • SAINT PETERSBURG, TOURISM CENTREEvery year millions of tourists visit Saint Petersburg(6 million visitors in 2012).The city is one of the ten most popular cities in Europe.Hotel sector:International operators: Kempinski, Corinthia, ACCOR,Rezidor SAS, Sokos Hotel, Marriott, etc.• 687 hotels (including mini hotels and hostels)• 33 637 roomsTourists who arrive by ferry can spend72 hours in the city without a visa
  • SAINT PETERSBURG, A CENTRE FOR BUSINESS ACTIVITYAND DECISION MAKINGBased here are:• the Russian constitutional court, representatives from federalministries and departments;• more than 60 foreign consulates and 3 internationalorganization offices;• offices of more than 20 Russian subjects;• branches of international cultural institutes, countries, cities,trade and industry chambers and foreign business centres;• offices of major Russian companies and branchesof international corporations.Saint Petersburg is accumulatinga number of important functions
  • SAINT PETERSBURG, A MAJOR CONGRESS AND EXHIBITIONCENTRESaint Petersburg regularly holds major internationalevents, such as:• The G8 summit;• The Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum;• The Saint Petersburg International Innovation Forum;• The Saint Petersburg Technology Fair• NEVA, the international exhibition and conference onshipbuilding, shipping, port activity and ocean and continentalshelf development;• International investment forum Pro Estate;• International car exhibition Auto+ Automechanika;• International tourism exhibition INWETEX.
  • SAINT PETERSBURG SCIENTIFIC POTENTIALSaint Petersburg is the centre of academic,industry and higher education science.Over 165 thousand scientists work in the city900026000Doctors of science Candidates of science
  • HIGHER EDUCATION, THE PRIDE OFSAINT PETERSBURGUniversities:96 universities:• 47 state universities;• 5 branches of state universities;• 44 private universities;• 495.6 thousand students, including more than 13 thousandforeign students;• 29.5 thousand teachers, including 9 thousand doctors ofscience and 26 thousand candidates of science.
  • SECONDARY VOCATIONAL EDUCATION IN SAINT PETERSBURGSecondary vocational education institutionsin Saint Petersburg:• 53 state secondary vocational education institutions;• 26 state institutions;• 5 private institutions;• 63.2 thousand students;• 4.6 thousand teachers, including 5 doctors of scienceand 192 candidates of science.
  • THE EDUCATION SYSTEMSaint Petersburgs education system:Nurserys and pre-school centres — 1,027General education schools, including specialised — 697Supplementary childrens education institutions — 56Childrens homes — 22Basic vocational education institutions — 37Secondary vocational education institutions — 12• 66 thousand teachers;• There are 355.7 thousand pupils in schools and specializedhigh schools;• 177 thousand children go to nurseries.
  • THE NORTHERN CAPITALS SPORTING GLORYIn March 1911 the Russian Olympic Committee wasfounded in Saint Petersburg.Saint Petersburg has provided 118 Olympic championswho have won 139 gold medals.Saint Petersburg sports men and women won 1,547medals at official international and Russiancompetitions in 2012 (12 Olympic medals, 9Paralympic medals and 18 medals at the WorldChampionships).Today, there are 64 competitors fighting for the right tojoin the Russian team for the XXII Summer OlympicGames and Paralympics 2014 in Sochi, RussianFederation.
  • POPULAR SPORT IN SAINT PETERSBURGSport facilities:17 stadiums with 1,500 seats and aboveSports fields — 2,270Sports halls — 1,573Sports palaces — 11Covered sports facilities with artificial ice — 17Cycle track— 1Swimming pools — 94Ski bases — 20Facilities for shooting sports — 60Rowing facilities and canals — 12Adapted, non standard sporting facilities — 1,556Every year over 100 international and Russian sportingevents are held in Saint Petersburg.854 thousand people regularly do sports.
  • MAJOR ECONOMIC INDICATORSMajor economic indicators 2012Business turnover, RUR 7.193 billion including:• manufacturing activity — RUR 2490.38 billion;• investment in fixed assets — RUR 351.9 billion;• retail trade turnover — RUR 843.9 billion;• catering trade turnover — RUR 55.7 billion;• volume of construction type works — RUR 345.6 billion;• completed housing, — 2576.5 thousand sq. meters;• freight turnover (large and medium sized transport organizations), billion ton-km —411.9;
  • SAINT PETERSBURGS BUDGET FOR 2013–2015The main budget priorities for 2013:•social and cultural sphere;•housing maintenance and utilities;•national economy;•nationwide issues;•national security and law enforcement.Saint Petersburgs budget for 2013-2015(RUR, billion)385.9413.3445.5411435.3464.5-25.1 -22 -192013 2014 2015RevenueExpensesDeficit
  • SAINT PETERSBURG GROSS REGIONAL PRODUCTGross regional product of Saint Petersburgin 2012 was RUR 2 137.9 billion .GRP per capita in 2012 was RUR 434.782006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012970,31413, 61497,3 1512,81673.71917.42137.9GRP growth for 2006-2012 (RUR, billion)
  • 16%24%15%9%6%16%14%Wholesale and retail trade, car and motorbikerepairs, household goods and personal use itemsManufacturingReal estate, rental operations and servicesTransport and communicationConstructionState management and control of military security, obligatorysocial servicesOtherSectorsSAINT PETERSBURG GROSS REGIONAL PRODUCT
  • SAINT PETERSBURGS INDUSTRYMore than 700 large and medium sizecompanies, including leading RussiancompaniesKey manufacturing sectors:•power machine building;•shipbuilding;•aviation, space and radio electronic manufacturing;•food industry, including drinks and tobacco;•machine, equipment and vehicle production;•electrical equipment, electronics and optics.
  • THE LARGEST MANUFACTURING COMPANIES IN SAINTPETERSBURGS INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX• Admiralty Shipyards JSC;• Baltiysky Zavod JSC;• Severnaya Verf Shipbuilding Plant JSC;• Branch of Power Machines JSC LeningradskyMetallichesky Zavod in Saint Petersburg;• Branch of Power Machines JSC Electrosila in SaintPetersburg;• Sevcable JSC;• Electropult Plant JSC;• Kirovsky Zavod JSC;• MZ Arsenal JSC;• Izhorskiye Zavody JSC;• HC Leninets JSC;• Svetlana JSC;• Khlebny Dom JSC;• British American Tobacco SPB CJSC;• Krupskaya Confectionary Plant CJSC• Baltika Brewery JSC;• Branch of Heineken, Incorporated Breweries HeinekenLLC;• Rubezh Group;• Kirov Leningradsky Bread-Baking Complex JSC;• Karavay JSC;• Petro CJSC.
  • SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS SAINTPETERSBURG• 16.9 thousand small and medium enterprises;• ~345.3 thousand jobs created;• 10 thousand small and medium sized businesses havereceived support;• 16 specialised small business support programs;• House of EntrepreneursSmall enterprises and start ups playa major role in implementing innovations
  • INVESTMENT IN FIXED ASSETS2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012350,3393,7193.7381,3372.6334.1375293.6342.4Investment growth in fixed assets, 2007-2012 (RUR, billion)Investment in fixed assets last year approached pre-crisis economic levels.
  • SAINT PETERSBURG INNOVATION INFRASTRUCTUREThe city has:• a regional venture fund for investment in small enterprises inthe research and development sphere in Saint Petersburg;• 12 innovation and technology centres;• 22 collective use centres;• 4 business incubators;• Innovation information and consultation centre.Projects being implemented in the city:•high-tech science park;•science city;•Saint Petersburg special technical and innovationeconomic zones.
  • SAINT PETERSBURGS TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS COMPLEXSaint Petersburg transport and logistics complex includes:• 12 railway lines;• 15 highways;• sea and river ports;• 1 airport;• 5 train stations.Three transport corridors cross Saint Petersburg:•North-South;•Transsib;•Pan-European corridor No. 9.
  • SAINT PETERSBURG, SEA CAPITAL OF RUSSIABig Port Saint Petersburg:• a key role in providing international sea transport;• third largest Russian port for freight turnover;• the largest Russian port for transshipping dry, container andrefrigerated freight;• the ports freight turnover in 2012 was 53 733.1 tons;• an icebreaker is used for piloting vessels during winter navigation;• about 30 stevedore companies;• the furthest north port (which freezes), with container turnover over 1.9million. TEUs;• added value volume — 4.2% of GRP;• Saint Petersburg passenger port;• an international standard port;• 226 liners in 2012;• winner of the Best Transit Port of the Year in the annual SeatradeInsider Cruise Awards 2009.
  • RAILWAY TRANSPORT HUBSaint Petersburgs railway network:• 10 railway lines;• 5 train stations;• a developed manufacturing base for maintaining the railway.Volume of freight carried in 2012 —114.9 million tons.Passenger volume for 2012:• long distance — 22.3 million people;• local — 110.6 million people.
  • CITY GATEWAYIn 2012 a large scale project was begun onmodernizing Pulkovo airport complex and thedevelopment of an interregional airport hub.By 2020 a light rail system will connect Pulkovoairport with the centre of Saint Petersburg.Pulkovo airport passenger traffic(million people)
  • CITY GATEWAY2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 20124,75,16,17.1 6,38,49.611.1Pulkovo airport passenger traffic (million people)
  • SAINT PETERSBURG COMMUNICATION NETWORKSIn Saint Petersburg there are:• 2 million 849 thousand land line phones;• 16 million mobile phones;• 2.9 million internet users.The internet in Saint Petersburg:• 685 public internet access places;• 3,540 computers in public access places;• 98 thousand people use public access services every month;• 84% of families in the region have a home computer.
  • SAINT PETERSBURGS FOREIGN TRADEIMPORT AND EXPORT GROWTH, BILLION US DOLLARSSaint Petersburg is the leading region in North West Russia for imports and exports2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 20124,912,517,823,613,411,8 20.610,114,220,725,717,824,735.9Export Import
  • Saint Petersburgs foreign trade turnover (US$, million)SAINT PETERSBURGS FOREIGN TRADE2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 20121503026835384714937731276363375331156605
  • SAINT PETERSBURGS EXPORT FEATURESSaint Petersburgs exports in 2012 were US$ 11.8 billion
  • SAINT PETERSBURGS EXPORT FEATURES16.2%12.3%12.9%9.4%7.2%5.2%5.7%4.1%4.5%4.9%17.7%The NetherlandsFinlandGermanyUnited KingdomCzech RepublicItalyLatviaSwedenSpainEstoniaOtherLeading export partners:
  • SAINT PETERSBURGS IMPORT FEATURESSaint Petersburgs imports in 2012 were US$ 20.6 billion
  • SAINT PETERSBURGS IMPORT FEATURES21.1%8.8%4.5%3.9% 3.8% 6.9%3.5%6.4%3.7%4.8%32.6%ChinaGermanyFinlandUSAItalyJapanBrazilRepublic of KoreaFranceUnited KingdomOtherLeading export partners:
  • SAINT PETERSBURGS CREDIT RATINGRating agencies Saint Petersburg rating from rating agenciesBBB (stable) — foreign and national currency rating, 31.05.2012Baa1 (stable), 17.05.2011BBB (stable) — long term national and foreign currency rating,17.01.20131А(high potential — minimal risk), 16.12.2011
  • SAINT PETERSBURGS PARTNERSHIPS WITH FOREIGN CITIESAustraliaMelbourneAustriaGrazAzerbaijanBakuArab Republic of EgyptAlexandriaArgentinaMar-del-PlataBuenos AiresArmeniaYerevanBelarusMinskBelgiumAntwerpBulgariaPlovdivBrazilRio de JaneiroGreat BritainManchesterEdinburgh (Scotland)VietnamHo Chi MinhHai PhongHungaryDebrecenGermanyHamburgDresdenGreecePiraeusSalonikaDenmarkAarhusIsraelHaifaIndiaMumbai (Bombay)JordanAqabaIranIsfahanTehranSpainBarcelonaItalyMilanTurinGenoaVeniceKyrgyzstanOshBishkekChinaShanghaiQingdaoBeijingDemocratic PeoplesRepublic of KoreaNampoRepublic of KoreaDaeguBusanCubaSantiago de CubaHavanaLatviaRigaDaugavpilsLithuaniaVilniusKaunasMexicoGuadalajaraThe NetherlandsRotterdamNorwayOsloStavangerPalestinian National AuthorityBethlehemPolandGdanskKrakowRomaniaConstanţaSlovakiaKošiceSloveniaMariborUSALos AngelesSaint Petersburg (Florida)SudanKhartoumTajikistanDushanbeThailandBangkokTurkeyIstanbulUkraineSevastopolKievOdessaMykolaivKharkivLvivUruguayMontevideoFinlandTurkuTampereHelsinkiMikkeliKotkaFranceLe HavreBordeauxParisLyonNiceCroatiaZagrebCzech RepublicPragueSwedenGothenburgStockholmSri LankaColomboEstoniaTallinnSouth AfricaCape TownJohannesburgJapanOsaka
  • SAINT PETERSBURGS PARTNERSHIPSWITH FOREIGN REGIONSBelarusMogilev RegionBulgariaPlovdiv RegionVarna RegionVietnamKhanh Hoa ProvinceGermanySaxony Federal StateItalyLombardy RegionMarche RegionRepublic of KoreaChungcheongbuk-do ProvinceNorwayFinnmark CountySlovakiaKošice RegionNitra RegionUkraineAutonomous Republic of CrimeaDonetsk RegionDnipropetrovsk RegionThe PhilippinesSebu ProvinceFinlandKymenlaakso, Southern Savonia, South KareliaregionsSwitzerlandTicino CantonSwedenNorrbotten, Stockholm, Södermanland,Uppsala, Västmanland and Örebro counties
  • BUSINESS INFORMATION CENTERS• Hamburg (Germany)• Kiev (Ukraine)• Riga (Latvia)• Yerevan (Armenia)• Jyväskylä (Finland)• Kotka (Finland)• Astana (Kazakhstan)• France (Paris)• Ozimo (Italy)19 Saint Petersburg business information centers• Turku (Finland)• Hämeenlinna (Finland)• Rakvere (Estonia)• Kohtla-Järve (Estonia)• Oslo (Norway)• Haifa (Israel)• Vienna (Austria)• Kharkiv (Ukraine)• Melbourne (Australia)• New-York (US)
  • FOREIGN INVESTMENTIN SAINT PETERSBURGS ECONOMYThe volume of foreign investment in Saint Petersburgs economy in 2012US$ 10 767.5 millionThe growth of foreign investment, 2005 - 2012 (US$, billion)2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012141752556284 5928 5,522 5,231612010767.5
  • FOREIGN INVESTMENTIN SAINT PETERSBURGS ECONOMYInvestment in January-December 2012, US$, million2.9%5.3%0.5%34.4%56.9%contribution to capital loans from foreign co-owners of portfolio trade credits other loans
  • FOREIGN INVESTMENTIN SAINT PETERSBURGS ECONOMY: BY INDUSTRYDistribution of foreign investment by economy sector:8%12%1%3%3%73%Production of food products, drinks, tobacco Production of vehicles and equipmentConstruction Wholesale and retail trade, car repairsInvested in January-December 2012, million US dollars
  • CONDITIONS FOR ATTRACTING INVESTORS•welcoming attitude towards investors;•balanced public and private interests;•access to information needed by investors;•clear and simple investment process;•mutual responsibility.State support for investment activities:•tax benefits;• property rental subsidies;• payment deferrals and instalments;• support for investors from Saint Petersburgs budget.Saint Petersburgs investment policy principles:
  • FAVOURABLE CONDITIONS FOR STRATEGIC INVESTMENTPROJECTS•public-private partnership;•special technical and innovation economic zone.Key advantages for SEZ residents:•reduced profit tax rate;•exemption from property, vehicle and land taxes;•reduced rate on social insurance contributions;•exemption from customs duty and VAT;•no prohibition or limitation (for example, licensing, quota allocation) on bringing foreign goods into the zone, etc.Other ways of stimulating investment activity:
  • INVESTMENT ATTRACTIVE SECTORS OF SAINT PETERSBURGSECONOMY•research intensive production;•research and development and technical and innovation activities;•transport infrastructure;•housing maintenance and utilities;•manufacturing industry;•power industry;•communications and telecommunications;•medicine and health care;•education;•tourism.Cluster policy:
  • THE LARGEST INVESTMENT PROJECTSIN SAINT PETERSBURG TERRITORY AND TRANSPORTTransport:• Western High-Speed Diameter;• Pulkovo airport development;• passenger sea terminal on Vasilievsky Island.Territory development:• western part of Vasilievsky Island;• multi-purpose complex Baltic Pearl;• Apraksin Dvor;• New Holland Island;• Moskovskaya-Tovarnaya station zone;• New Admiralty Island;• Izhorskiye Zavody industrial zone.
  • THE LARGEST INVESTMENT PROJECTS IN SAINTPETERSBURG POWER INDUSTRY AND MACHINE BUILDINGMachine building (sites under construction):•power equipment production plant in the Metallostroi industrialzone;•stamping components production plant and a metal servicecentre;•large diameter pipe production complex, reconstructionof a sheet-rolling shop.Power and utilities:•construction and maintenance of the south west heat powerplant;•construction of a power equipment production plant inthe Izhorskiye Zavody industrial zone.
  • KEY ECONOMIC CLUSTERSPharmaceuticalShipbuildingPower machine buildingIT technologyRadiologyCarMunicipal services
  • CAR CLUSTERThere are five car construction plants operatingin Saint Petersburg:• Toyota (Toyota Motor Manufacturing Russia LLC);• General Motors (General Motors Auto LLC);• Nissan (Nissan Manufacturing RUS LLC);• Hyundai (Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Russia LLC);• Scania (Scania-Piter LLC).
  • CAR CLUSTER — CAR PARTSCar parts production• Magna-Technoplast;• Johnson Controls International;• Toyota Boshoku;Toyota Tsusho Machinery;• Eberspächer;• Vlankas;• SPAZ Plaza plant;• Kvadrat SG plant;• АЕР plant;• Interkos-IV CJSC.
  • PHARMACEUTICAL CLUSTER ON THE MAP OF SAINTPETERSBURG• Development strategy for Russias pharmaceutical industry to 2020 (October 2009)• Development concept for the pharmaceutical cluster in Saint Petersburg (April 2010)• Action plan for implementing the development concept for the pharmaceutical cluster inSaint Petersburg (May 2010)• Coordination council for developing the pharmaceutical cluster in Saint Petersburg (December 2010)Key documents:
  • PHARMACEUTICAL CLUSTER ON THE MAP OF SAINTPETERSBURGPharmacluster development plan:Pushkinskaya industrial zone:• 400 million roubles investment in infrastructure by 2012;• Geropharm, Samsom-Med, Neon plants.Neudorf SEZ:• research laboratories;• business incubator and centre for collective equipment use;• congress centre;• Biokad plant.Novo-Orlovskoye SEZ:• main resource for implementing R&D и and Greenfield projects;• construction of Novartis, Vertex, Pharmasyntez, Vital Development plants;• administrative and laboratory production block;• customs infrastructure.
  • PHARMACEUTICAL CLUSTERON THE MAP OF SAINT PETERSBURGPushkinskaya industrial zoneNeudorf SEZNovo-Orlovskoye SEZ
  • SAINT PETERSBURGS PHARMACEUTICAL CLUSTER• Cytomed;• Immuno Gem;• Novartis;• Vertex;• Vital;• Pharma syntez;• Medpolymer SPb;• Galeno Pharm;• Biocad;• Pharm Holding;• Pharmakor;• Polisan;• SPB NIIVS;• Samson-Med LLC;• Neon;• Technolog;• Anvi.
  • HIGH TECH CLUSTER ON THE MAPOF SAINT PETERSBURGNeudorf SEZ + Novo-Orlovskoye department:• 130 ha;• 36 resident companiesIT park in Nevsky district Saint Petersburg — offices and production+ infrastructure for residents;Business incubator Ingria — the engine for developing the IT cluster:• Area 2,325.03 sq. m;• 776 jobs for small businesses;• 86 residents— their clients Sony, IKEA, MTS, Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Sochi-2014 and others;• Agreements with 8 of the largest Saint Petersburg universities;• 10 student projects have become residents.Joint production of Foxconn and Hewlett-Packard personal computers.The first technology park of the Finnish company Technopolis, intended for high-techenterprises.
  • HIGH TECH CLUSTER ON THE MAPOF SAINT PETERSBURGNeudorf SEZNovo-OrlovskoyeIT parkBusiness incubator IngriaFoxconn and Hewlett-PackardTechnopolis
  • SHIPBUILDING CLUSTERON THE MAP OF SAINT PETERSBURG•43 shipbuilding industry companies;•over 50 thousand specialists work in the industry.A key project is the state-of-the-art shipbuildingcomplex United Shipbuilding Corporation JSC on KotlinIsland•project implementation period — 8 years;•total workforce — 6,500;•taxes paid to Saint Petersburg — about 3.5 billion perannum;•annual revenue — 38 billion roubles;•investment — about 35 billion roubles.
  • RADIOLOGY CLUSTERON THE MAP OF SAINT PETERSBURG•highly qualified personnel and training of new employees;•developed scientific and production and medical base;•the greatest concentration in Russia of developers and producers of diagnostic equipment;•developed allied industries for building cooperation and subcontracting.Cluster• 11 Petersburg enterprises, universities, research andpublic organizations;• 7 core industry partners.Strong points
  • Operating conditions Saint Petersburg SEZSAINT PETERSBURG SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONESEZ residents must correspond to the clusters:• biomedicine, including pharmaceutical;• precise and analytical instrument making;• IT;• energy saving technology;• microelectronics;• communication equipment;• nanotechnology.The SEZ will operate for 20 years(18.01.2006-18.01.2026)
  • SAINT PETERSBURG SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONENovo-Orlovskoye departmentS = 110.8 haNeuford departmentS = 20 ha
  • SAINT PETERSBURG SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONEFreecustomszoneCustoms relieffor SEZ residentsMovement of RussiangoodsMovement of foreigngoodsImports from abroadExports to RussiaExports abroadspecial tax 0, VAT 0%special tax, VAT 18%, excisespecial tax, VAT 0%SEZImports from RussiaExports to RussiaExports abroadspecial tax 0, VAT 0%, exciseVAT 18%, excisespecial tax, VAT 0%
  • ADVANTAGES FOR SEZ RESIDENTS• protection from a worsening tax situation;• tax and customs preferences;• simplified land acquisition procedure, subsidised rent for landand office facilities, possibility of purchasing the site afterbringing it into operation;• the OEZ is fully provided with utility resources paid by theRussian and Saint Petersburg governments (pipinginfrastructure);• subsidised connection to power sources (exemption frompayment for connection to power grids of 0.6 MW on 1 ha);• use of staff potential, scientific and researchbases of universities and RAS institutes.Guaranteed utility resourcesmaintenanceLegal guarantees toresidents, benefitsPossible cooperation withscientific research centres
  • Welcome to Saint PetersburgSaint Petersburg Committee for External Relations