Developing social media marketing strategies


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Developing social media marketing strategies. Slides contains more focus on Developing social media & digital marketing strategies.

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Developing social media marketing strategies

  1. 1. Digital Marketing & Branding Strategies for Customer Acquisition Mitul Dadhania @mitul807
  2. 2. Why go “Social” ? Social media allows the ability to deliver our marketing messages, promote various company initiatives and attract brand enthusiasts
  3. 3. Why go “Social” ?  Join the conversation  Engage in beneficial conversation with customers  Build brand loyalty  Increase brand awareness  Energize customers about our brand  Increase Sales  Competitors are already engaged
  4. 4. What's in it for me on Social Network ?
  5. 5. Customer(consumer)      Anticipated reciprocity Increased recognition More Brand to choose from Communication Batter Response rate for queries.
  6. 6. Brand      Customer loyalty Increase brand awareness Enhance marketing outreach Increase competitor intelligence Resource for our customers INCREASE REVENUE
  7. 7. The Customer Gap in Social Media
  8. 8. Surprise!!! Customers Use Social Networks to Connect with Friends and Family They are not there to waiting for you(brand)     to market to send a poll send a question tweet-to-win or like-to-win contest their way
  9. 9. Disconnection The Brand Prospective V/S The Customer Perspective
  10. 10. The Brand Prospective  Customers connect with us because they want to learn about new products.  Because they want information from us  They want us to engage with them to create the community
  11. 11. The Customer Perspective  I'm connecting to you in the social network because I actually just want discounts and special offers.  I don't want questions and polls and contests  I also want you to acknowledge the problems.  I want you to solve my issues.  I want you to point me in the right direction.
  12. 12. Customers Will Break Up with Brands Who Don't Deliver Value, Now and Over Time
  13. 13. Why are you unfollowing and unliking?  The company posted too frequently.  My wall was crowded with marketing spam.  The content became repetitive or boring over time.  The content wasn’t relevant to me.  I am not here to fill survey forms and Polls  They don't offer enough deals.  Tweets/Post was too promotional.
  14. 14. Social Media Strategy Entering the social media environment can be intimidating if you do not have a robust strategy in place
  15. 15. Objectives     Position brand as a thought leader in the industry Engage in direct customer feedback and conversation Educate customers on the benefits Increase traffic to the web and new customer acquisition via PPC and organic search  Increase product penetration and sales in its categories  Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty  Engage in online industry conversations with customers and key decision makers via social media outlets
  16. 16. Rule of Creating Strategy In order to have a successful strategy, it is important to not lose focus and aim to create a long-term social media and Digital Marketing strategy. If your strategy adds real value to the lives of customers then you will retain them. People Engagement Focus on the people and not the technology. The technology is not what drives revenues. Build more conversations then focusing on campaigns. Building long-term relationships you will be able to build trust and connection with them, which will eventually convert into higher and more consistent revenues.
  17. 17. Document & Research your Brand Pre Planning Listen Learn
  18. 18. Pre Planning- Document  Identify Your Industry  How my Customer Using Online Platform to get Information  What can influence/attract my Customer  Put your Identity in writing  Who you are  What you are Offering  What should be your Social Media Marketing Goals.
  19. 19. Listen & Compare  Start monitoring your brand and competitor brand on various platform      Blogs Facebook Twitter Setup Google Alerts Use Monitoring Tools     Social Mention (Paid) ViralHeat (Paid) Twitter Search #hashtag Technorati
  20. 20. Learn  Observer your audience conversation.  Monitor your competitor's social media footprints.  Monitor Online Dialogues.  Read blog / Post / Tweet / Comments
  21. 21. Create Online Assets        Website Blog Facebook Fanpage / Profile Twitter YouTube LinkedIn Other related to your Brand Categories
  22. 22. Architecture Blog Twitter Website YouTube Facebook
  23. 23. Create Persona Create Persona / Profiles that Advocate your brand online  Social Media Manager  Tech Staff  Support Staff  Previous Client/ Users  Volunteers  Hire celebrity who can advocated your brand
  24. 24. Promotion Before Starting Promotion you need to identify your Specific Goal.  Brand awareness  Campaign Specific  Traffic Generation  Lead Generation  CRM/ Customer Support  Build Better Relationship
  25. 25. Start Conversation Write Ask Give Opinions Earn Reputation/Respect
  26. 26. Conversation Who is Talking Online  Customer  Fan  Critic  Employee  Volunteers  Or Just a Bypassing Visitor
  27. 27. How to Do Conversation  Choose your Specific Schedule for days you will be posting.  Be Transparent & honest  Don’t shout/broadcast/brag  Speak Like yourself  Think Like contributor not marketer  Promote Other Peoples Product & content too.
  28. 28. Social Media efforts/Activites        Facebook Promo Product Launch Coupon Offers Twitter/ FB contest Fan of the Month Daily Deal Promotion Surveys / Q & A
  29. 29. How to Handle Criticism       Listen is important then talking Stick to subject of general interest Never criticize people on conversation Don’t delete or remove conversation/comment Use Private Chat or Message to explain issue Admit mistakes
  30. 30. Conversation Best Practices        Dump the Salesman persona Always create human experience Don’t go overboard with Updates Don’t sell directly/Provide value Don’t Automate everything Share timely Information Don’t Just Inform, Share your expertise
  31. 31. Measure ROI  Non Financial  Visitor, Page View, Fan, follower  Financial  Sales, Revenue, Transaction
  32. 32. Measure ROI  Key Performance Indicator     Transactions New Customers Sales Revenue
  33. 33. Hope you enjoyed @mitul807 09662063767 THANK YOU 