The Connected Grandparent 2012


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The Connected Grandparent 2012 is a study from Edison Research examining the media, technology and social media usage of Grandparents in America. The study looks at how grandparents use Smartphones, Facebook and other aspects of technology. This study is derived from the Edison Research/Arbitron Internet and Multimedia Series and was co-authored by noted expert Linda Ury Greenberg

The Connected Grandparent 2012

  1. 1. The Connected Grandparent © 2012 Edison Research and Arbitron Inc.
  2. 2. Methodology Overview • In February 2012, Edison Research and Arbitron conducted a national telephone survey (landline and cell phone) of 2,020 people aged 12 and older • Total data were weighted to national 12+ population figures • This is the 20th in our series dating to 1998 o The report is based on a yield of n=561 Grandparents
  3. 3. Nearly three in ten are Grandparents Grandparents 28% Base: Total Population 12+
  4. 4. Three in four Grandparentsare age 55 or older, skewing female 55-64 30% Men 43% 45-54 20% 35-44 Women 5% 65+ 57% 45% Mean: 64 years old Base: All Grandparents
  5. 5. Three-quarters of Grandparents havegrandchildren aged 12 or younger % of Grandparents with grandchildren by each age group 75 40 36 Aged 12 or younger Aged 13 to 17 Aged 18 to 24
  6. 6. Almost four in ten Grandparents reporta household income of $50,000 or more HH Income: $25-$50K 31% Under $25K 31% $50-$75K 18% Over $150K 3% $100-$150K $75-$100K 7% 10% Base: All Grandparents giving a response
  7. 7. While half of Grandparents are retired,one-third are working full or part-time Employment status: Full-time Part-time Homemaker Temporarily unemployed Retired Other All Grandparents 24 9 5 5 52 5 Grandparents, under age 65 42 9 6 9 26 8 Grandparents, age 65+ 4 8 41 82 1
  8. 8. Grandparents Are Connected
  9. 9. Seven in ten Grandparents are connected to the Internet 71% Grandparents with Internet access from any location
  10. 10. Each day, Grandparents spend nearly five hours watchingTV, two hours listening to radio and more than one hour online Self-reported hours spent with media in the last 24 hours (HH:MM) Watching TV 4:44 Radio listening 1:55 Internet 1:21 Newspapers 0:35 Base: All Grandparents
  11. 11. Nearly one-quarter of Grandparents choosethe Internet as their most essential medium % of Grandparents choosing the Internet as “most essential” in their lives All Grandparents 23 Grandparents, under age 65 30 Grandparents, age 65+ 13
  12. 12. Grandparents are more avid readers of printed newspapers % who read a printed newspaper… 40 Almost every day 18 15 Regularly but not daily 14 15 Sometimes All Grandparents 20 15 Total Population 12+ Rarely 26 14 Never 23
  13. 13. Grandparents match the nationalpopulation on eReader ownership All Grandparents Total population 12+ 13% own an 14% own an eReader eReader
  14. 14. Nearly two-thirds of Grandparents have a Wi-Fi network at home % of Grandparents with Internet access at home who have a Wi-Fi network On average, Grandparents have 2.8 Wi-Fi connected devices 70 63 51 All Grandparents Grandparents, under age 65 Grandparents, age 65+
  15. 15. Grandparents are embracing tablets, albeit more slowly All Grandparents Total population 12+ 7% own an 12% own an Apple iPad; Apple iPad; 3% own 7% own another tablet another tablet
  16. 16. Grandparents blend traditional and modern media habits
  17. 17. With Grandparents, TV gets most media real estate at home Average number of each device in the home: All Grandparents Total Population 12+ 2.8 2.8 2.4 2.4 1.8 1.4 Computers Radios Televisions
  18. 18. In the morning, Grandparents turn first to television “Which of these are you most likely to use first thing in the morning?” 49 24 12 11 Television Radio Newspapers Internet Base: All Grandparents
  19. 19. The vast majority of Grandparents listen to AM/FM radio “Have you listened to any AM or FM radio stations in the last week?” Yes 80% No 20% Base: All Grandparents
  20. 20. One-third of Grandparents have listened to Online Radio% who have listened to Online Radio… All Grandparents Total Population 12+ 61 39 34 29 16 11 Ever Last Month Last Week
  21. 21. Thirty percent of all Grandparents are aware of Pandora “Have you ever heard of the Internet radio service called Pandora?” All Grandparents 30 Total Population 12+ 59
  22. 22. Grandparents who work listen to the radiowhile working at a higher level than other groups 56% Working Grandparents who listen to the radio while working (vs. 44% among all employed)
  23. 23. One in five Grandparents watchYouTube monthly; one in six watch weekly % of Grandparents who have watched video clips or other Internet programming from YouTube… 26 22 16 Ever Last Month Last Week
  24. 24. Many Grandparents share YouTube videos “Have you shared a YouTube video with anyone in the last month?” Yes 38% No 62% Base: Grandparents who have watched video clips/programming on YouTube in last month
  25. 25. Grandparents communicate most often by talking on the phone,but one in seven prefer to communicate via digital technologies“When not in person, which ONE of the following ways do you communicate with yourfriends and family most often?” Talk on the phone 86% Use Facebook 2% Email Text message 5% 7% Base: All Grandparents
  26. 26. Grandparents Are Social
  27. 27. Most Grandparents are aware of Facebook 87% Grandparents who have heard of Facebook
  28. 28. More than one-third of Grandparents are on Facebook % of Grandparents with a profile page on Facebook 43 39 36 29 25 All Grandparents Grandparents, underGrandparents, age 65+ age 65 Grandmothers Grandfathers
  29. 29. Grandparents are actively checking their Facebook accounts;Grandmothers twice as much as Grandfathers Average number of times checking Facebook in past 24 hours 5.0 4.1 Grandmothers Grandparents 2.4 4.0 Grandfathers All Facebook Users 12+ Base: Those with a profile page on Facebook
  30. 30. Grandparents‟ mobile social usage is still developing “In which of the following ways do you ever access Facebook?” 91 92 All Grandparents All Facebook Users 54 25 19 13 Desktop or laptop computer Cell phone Tablet Base: Those with a profile page on Facebook
  31. 31. Grandmothers have more friendson Facebook than Grandfathers Average number of Facebook friends for… All Facebook Users 262 Grandmothers 135 Grandfathers 86 Base: Those with a profile page on Facebook
  32. 32. Most Grandparents who use Facebook are “friends” with their grandchildren 78% Facebook Grandparents who are “friends” with their grandchildren Base: Grandparents who have a Facebook profile page and grandchildren over the age of 12
  33. 33. Grandparents who use Facebook are “friends” with their children 87% Facebook Grandparents who are “friends” with their children Base: Grandparents who have a Facebook profile page
  34. 34. Most Grandparents are aware of Twitter “Have you ever heard of Twitter?” Yes 84% No 16% Base: All Grandparents
  35. 35. Few Grandparents use Twitter “Do you currently ever use Twitter?” All Grandparents 3 Total Population 12+ 10 % saying “Yes”
  36. 36. Many Grandparents regularly hear about Tweets“How often do you hear about Twitter feeds - commonly called Tweets - throughtraditional media outlets such as TV, radio, newspapers or websites other than Twitter?” Regularly, but not daily Almost every day 14% 40% Sometimes 17% Dont know 2% Rarely Never 10% 17% Base: Grandparents who have heard of Twitter
  37. 37. More than one in five Grandparents who use social mediafollow companies or brands on social networking sites “Do you follow any companies or brands on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter?” No 78% Yes 22% Base: Grandparents who use social networking sites at least once a month (32% of all Grandparents)
  38. 38. Nearly one in ten Grandparents are registered „Daily Deals‟ users “Are you a registered user of any “daily deals” sites or services such as Groupon or LivingSocial?” Registered Daily Deals users 8% Base: All Grandparents
  39. 39. Groupon is the „Daily Deal‟ for Grandparents“Which daily deals services are you registered with?” Groupon 81 LivingSocial 35 Any Others 16 Base: Grandparents who are registered users of a daily deals site
  40. 40. Grandparents Are Mobile
  41. 41. Grandparents are accessible by cell phone 83% Grandparents who own a cell phone (vs. 88% of total 12+ population)
  42. 42. Most Grandparents stay connected and say a cell phone is usually close by“How often is your cell phone with you or nearby, within arm’s reach?”(% saying “Always” or “Most of the time”) All Grandparents 77 Total Population 12+ 84 Base: Own a cell phone
  43. 43. Smartphone ownership lags with Grandparents Cell phone ownership: Own Cell Phone (Not Smartphone) 61% Own Smartphone Own Cell 44% Phone (Not Smartphone) 44% Own Smartphone 22% Do Not Own Do Not Own Cell Phone Cell Phone 17% 12% All Grandparents Total Population 12+
  44. 44. Conclusions
  45. 45. Today‟s Grandparents are active andconnected media consumers Grandparents have time, energy and interest in making connections: many are engaged in social media, as well as the traditional media of TV and radio.
  46. 46. Today‟s Grandparents enjoy and are engaged with technology The majority of Grandparents keep a cell phone close by, are connected to the Internet, and use technology to stay connected with family and friends.
  47. 47. Advertisers and marketers havemany avenues to reach Grandparents Grandparents are active in both social and traditional media, engage in online commerce and use “daily deals”
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