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Knowledgewebb is a digital media and communications training firm. We offer hands-on training and advising on digital capabilities that are strategically aligned with our clients’ needs. Training is informed by cutting-edge research and real-world experience. Our clients include associations, media organizations, government agencies, nonprofits, universities, public relations and marketing firms, and corporations (large and mid-size) from around the world.

What sets us apart: While other agencies often use canned, set-menu approaches, Knowledgewebb trainers and curriculum supervisors are always working in a consultative mode so that we can adapt our training to your company’s specific needs and current capability levels. We’re not just experts in our digital fields. We’re outcome-driven, engaged teachers and master communicators.

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Knowledgewebb Training

  1. 1. knowledgewebb training
  2. 2. Knowledgewebb is a digital media and communications training firm. We offer hands-on training and advising on digital capabilities that are strategically aligned with our clients’ needs. Training is informed by cutting- edge research and real-world experience. Our clients include associations, media organizations, government agencies, nonprofits, universities, public relations and marketing firms, and corporations (large and mid-size) from around the world. What sets us apart: While other agencies often use canned, set-menu approaches, Knowledgewebb trainers and curriculum supervisors are always working in a consultative mode so that we can adapt our training to your company’s specific needs and current capability levels. We’re not just experts in our digital fields. We’re outcome-driven, engaged teachers and master communicators. knowledgewebb training Knowledgewebb Training | 267-342-4300 |
  3. 3. Our Value Proposition: Knowledgewebb’s deeply personalized approach to training offers exceptional value. Knowledgewebb Training | 267-342-4300 | Value proposition For every training engagement, Knowledgewebb meets with stakeholders a number of times to evaluate and review staff needs. We research your organization to determine skills deficiencies as well as professional development opportunities. Our training modules are personalized with real-world case studies from your organization. Additionally, our trainers develop a deep understanding of each of your staff members’ recent projects and individual needs. As a result, we are able to facilitate experiential learning in real-time. Post-training, your staff will hold tactical blueprints for immediate execution, as well as refresher exercises specific to your organization that ensure long- term skills development.
  4. 4. “Since our Knowledgewebb training sessions, we’ve reduced our weekly meeting time by 2 hours. Rather than staff arguing about numbers and finding constant logjams, they’re instead able to have productive conversations using a suite of new digital tools.” – Peter Abrahams, CTO Knowledgewebb Training | 267-342-4300 | Return on investment ๏ Improves employee performance. ๏ Increases staff productivity. ๏ Dramatically improves your company’s competitive edge. ๏ Assists with staff retention and prevents turnover. ๏ Generates positive staff morale and community. ๏ Ultimately saves your company money. Why Offer Training? Because it... Companies that invest $1,500 per employee in training compared with competitors spending $125 or less experience an average of 24% higher gross profit margins and 218% higher revenue per employee.
  5. 5. Knowledgewebb Training | 267-342-4300 | Core offerings Engagements Knowledgewebb specializes in these core engagement areas: ๏ Tactical Corporate Training and Workshops ๏ One-on-One Executive Coaching ๏ Small Group Bootcamps and Master Classes ๏ Digital Skills Measurement and Mastery: The Digital Sensei Program ๏ Capabilities and Needs Audits ๏ Curriculum Development ๏ Speakers For Conferences and Events
  6. 6. Group training and workshops Knowledgewebb will customize one of our 80+ training modules for your organization, so that it meets the specific needs of your staff or members. Our modules are continually updated, so that they include bleeding-edge resources and up-to-date case studies. We can also create new modules for your organization. Training includes experiential, hands-on exercises as well as tactical, strategic thinking. For more information, please see our Course Descriptions. Knowledgewebb Training | 267-342-4300 | Key Solutions For Our Clients: Core offerings • We ensure that exercises and examples are tailored specifically for your group. • We build fresh case studies using information from your organization – not generic overviews of similar problems elsewhere. • We also offer outside perspectives, highlighting relevant ideas, trends and best practices from your competitors and other leaders outside your industry.
  7. 7. 1-on-1 Executive Coaching We offer one-on-one executive coaching for busy professionals. In these intensive sessions, senior leadership will learn a set of skills and/or explore a critical new digital trend. We use real-world case studies from your organization and your industry (including competitors) to demonstrate the power and importance of those skills or trends. Executive tutorials are offered one-on-one in the comfort of your office, and our goal in these sessions is to empower senior leadership to master the lexicon, know exactly what can and can’t be done and discern a digital initiative’s relative importance to your company strategy. Knowledgewebb Training | 267-342-4300 | Core offerings Small Group Bootcamps Our small group bootcamps are held in your offices or off site. In this intensive 120- minute session, we’ll work with your staff to dive deep into a digital skill or trend. By the end of the session, your staff will have demonstrated mastery with the material. Master Classes For staff who have achieved a solid proficiency in a digital skill or trend, we offer accelerated training. Master Classes are half-day sessions that take a deep dive, review best practices and encourage discovery of new techniques.
  8. 8. Experiential Training Our training framework and methodology design are continually updated to keep pace with changes in the digital landscape. We offer practical training modules that are customized specifically for your organization. We include hands-on activities in every session and create unique, memorable experiences for your staff. Below is a broad overview showing some of our current offerings. (For a full catalogue, please contact our office.) Knowledgewebb Training | 267-342-4300 | training modules ๏ Introduction to Social Media; Why is it important? What is it? What are best/ worst practices? ๏ Social Media Crisis Communications and Digital Crisis Communications for front-line managers ๏ Mining Social Data: How to use social networks to find critical information on people, companies and other entities. ๏ Digital Diplomacy: Engaging your community. ๏ Public Affairs, Speechwriting and Media Relations: Messaging on social media; connecting public offices and citizens; e-government services; digital engagement and community management. ๏ Code For Non-Tech Staff: Basics of HTML for newsletter writing; ๏ Big Data: What is it, why does it matter, and what can you do with it? ๏ Data Visualization: What makes a great data story and presentation? How do you clean, analyze and visualize data? ๏ Data Mining: How-to; ideas and trends. ๏ Emerging Technologies For Marketing and PR: Social media strategy and campaigns; digital publications. ๏ Mobile Content and Platforms ๏ Broadcast 3.0: Producing multi-platform video; writing for international audiences. ๏ Influencers: How to locate influencers for your organization or projects; how to track, engage and activate them.
  9. 9. Digital Sensei Program Ongoing Measurement and Mastery Knowledgewebb offers an innovative program to ensure your staff continues to develop critical digital skills. Called “Digital Sensei,” we aim to evoke the image of a calm and confident master, who has earned rank by overcoming different challenges and learning sets of practical skills. While there are no punishments for lack of achievement, there are numerous rewards for self-motivated progression. Digital Sensei employs both physical and virtual belt systems. Because the digital skills requirements are different for each job within a workforce, benchmarks are set individually for staff based on job function. Your human resources department and upper management should be able to quantify not just how many hours of training each department/ person has received, but also what important digital skills have been learned and put to use. Knowledgewebb works closely with HR departments to identify each job function within the organization and to develop the best possible list of corresponding digital skills. Knowledgewebb Training | 267-342-4300 | Our Digital Sensei Program was inspired by Aikido, a Japanese martial art that stresses independent discovery and inner strength. Digital Sensei provides a workflow for training, but it also establishes personalized benchmarks and a system for measuring success in staff development. Digital Sensei Program
  10. 10. Capabilities and Needs Audit Knowledgewebb will discover your organization's current and potential digital capacity. Our capabilities and needs audit tools surface knowledge gaps that can be solved through training. We may also identify ways to reinvent your internal staffing structure and workflow (such as developing new job definitions, titles and functions). Knowledgewebb Training | 267-342-4300 | Key Questions Answered For Our Clients: Core offerings • What digital capabilities do we not even know we’re missing? • We’re developing a new internal digital strategy. Is our staff ready to execute on our plans? • Do our current staff have the right digital capabilities for their positions? • How do our digital capabilities and capacity stack up against our competitors? • Our company has a team of trainers. Are their skills sets, training modules and case studies current given the changing digital landscape?
  11. 11. Curriculum Development We help human resources professionals, learning and development executives and other company stakeholders involved with staff performance define training goals, assess staff capabilities, identify skills gaps, create targeted curriculum and develop meaningful benchmarks and measurements to gauge efficacy of training programs. Knowledgewebb Training | 267-342-4300 | • A competitive analysis showing your company compared to others. • Development of a training curriculum, which includes recommended modules, skills, participants, classroom design, necessary software/ online tools, instructional equipment (tablets, laptops) and example coursework. • Case studies from your organization that illustrate the curriculum’s key points. • Post-curriculum delivery and implementation, we reassess skills to learn what was achieved. Core offerings A curriculum development engagement typically includes: What are the specific skills and processes our staff must master in order for us to deliver high-quality digital or multimedia projects? Our industry is evolving, and so is the market we serve. What digital skills should be required of our staff? Are we training staff using forward-thinking case studies and cutting-edge research to prepare them for what’s next? Can you answer these questions?
  12. 12. SpeakinG Engagements KW Speakers represents some of the most accomplished leaders in digital media, political/ community organizing and communications. Each of our speakers has created a unique series of conversations that are customized for your organization or conference program. They give Keynote speeches, participate in panel discussions and lead breakout groups. Knowledgewebb Training | 267-342-4300 | Core offerings Some of our topics include: • Ethics in the Age of Digital Media • The Future of Data • What’s New, What’s Next: Tech Trends For Your Organization • The Future of Encryption and the Media • Building a Smarter City • Digital Diplomacy • Leading in a Digital Age • Core Conversation: Millennials and Boomers. Insights for success. • The Attention Gap: Learning From Millennials
  13. 13. Interpreters We have extensive experience working in countries all over the world and in multiple languages. When requested, Knowledgewebb will work closely with interpreters to prepare them in advance of training sessions. We create a detailed interpreter packet with explanations of course material and topics, definitions and pronunciations of digital/ tech-related language and explicit directions on any group activities. We are able to work with outside interpreters or to provide one for training session. Knowledgewebb Training | 267-342-4300 | International Study Trips to the U.S. For organizations interested in traveling to the U.S. for training and to learn about the work being done here, Knowledgewebb coordinates and facilitates study tours, which include visits to prominent media and tech companies. We offer a certification and an itemized summary of learning for study trip completion. トレーニング‫הכשרה‬‫تدريب‬ formación 훈련ການ ຝyກ ອ'ບ ຮ'ມ trejnado トレーニング formación təlim
  14. 14. Knowledgewebb Training | 267-342-4300 | Case study: corporate training CHALLENGE Torstar, one of Canada’s largest corporations, was facing tremendous industry disruption because of social media. Its newspapers, websites and other media brands needed practical skills in engagement, influencer identification and data analysis, as well as basic primers on how various social networks function. Torstar required a company-wide social media curriculum and hands-on training for all staff, from reporters to sales teams to executives. SOLUTION ๏ We developed a customized, comprehensive social media training curriculum for Torstar itself and the unique circumstances in which it would use the various networks. ๏ We convened small groups of staff who shared the same interests, needs and abilities to deliver pragmatic training that was put to immediate use. ๏ Our curriculum included multiple languages and innovative methods to reach a vast diaspora of international customers. ๏ We delivered more than a dozen training sessions focused exclusively on social media. ๏ Provided Torstar staff with one-on-one consultations before and after training. Torstar is one of Canada’s largest corporations. Its businesses include the Star Media Group led by the Toronto Star (Canada's largest daily newspaper); Metroland Media Group, publishers of community and daily newspapers in Ontario; and Harlequin Enterprises, a leading global publisher of women's fiction.
  15. 15. Knowledgewebb has developed training curricula and facilitated training courses for dozens of organizations in the private, nonprofit, public and academic sectors. Our client portfolio includes more than 100 companies throughout the world. Entrepreneur Magazine has recognized Knowledgewebb as a leading digital training provider, and our trainers have been recognized by Forbes, Huffington Post and numerous industry associations as leaders in their fields. Knowledgewebb Training | 267-342-4300 | Our clients
  16. 16. “Each time [Knowledgewebb] hits the nail on the head. I hope to get a chance to work with you again soon.” – Jen Reeves, Digital Strategy/ Training Manager Knowledgewebb Training | 267-342-4300 | “You’ve definitely created the buzz we hoped for and I can’t keep up with the emails coming in for staff looking to get into future sessions. I look forward to what’s to come and to working with you again.” – Garen Simmonds, HR Planning Specialist “What a difference personalized training makes! The case studies you created for our staff had a dramatic impact because they could clearly understand exactly why social media matters. It will be difficult for us to hire any other training company now that we know how important custom training really is.” – Ashley Greene, Professional Development Director Client Feedback
  17. 17. Knowledgewebb Training | 267-342-4300 | Amy Webb Cofounder Amy Webb is a digital media futurist and Founder of Webbmedia Group, a digital strategy agency that spots near-term emerging technology trends and develops innovative ideas and strategies for media organizations, Fortune 100 and 500 companies, large nonprofits, universities and government agencies. Clients include American Express, Time Inc, the City of Chicago, the New York Times, the United Nations and many others. Amy is also the Co-Founder of Spark Camp, a next-generation convener that facilitates important conversations on the future of a better society. Fast Company recently profiled Amy and Spark Camp, calling it the ultimate gathering for influencers, where the founders “encourage creative conversations between genius strangers.” Last year, Forbes  named Amy one of the “Women Changing The World,” while the Columbia Journalism Review included Amy on its “20 Women To Watch in Media” list. Amy is the youngest segment of Gen X, which means that she grew up with a computer at home but not the Internet. She was extremely fortunate to have parents who nurtured her early desires to tinker and experiment. As a result, she is uniquely positioned to bridge the divide between digital natives and everyone who got started before the Information Age. While she lives on the bleeding edge of technology, she specializes in relating the changes she sees coming back to business strategy in the present. In 2013, Amy published “Data, A Love Story” (Dutton/ Penguin), a bestselling book about the world of online dating, consumer behavior and finding love via algorithms. Data has since been translated into several languages and has garnered a worldwide audience. Her TED talk about Data is one of the most highly rated of all the TED talks: it’s been viewed more than 3 million times and has been translated into 29 languages.  Management
  18. 18. Knowledgewebb Training | 267-342-4300 | Management Kara Snesko Cofounder and Educator In Chief Kara Snesko is a veteran communications expert who is responsible for delivering digital media and communications training to a wide variety of clients both domestically and internationally. She builds custom training programs using the latest technologies along with a team of smart and savvy professionals from industries including news media, technology,social media, public relations, marketing and public affairs. Kara previously recruited top American experts and speakers in the fields of journalism, communications, media, science, social media and technology to conduct training and engage with international  audiences.  She implemented journalism training programs to promote freedom of the press, journalism ethics and standards, and expose international audiences to US journalism and media practices. She also developed and managed public-private partnerships to enhance specific goals and objectives. Examples include partnerships with DirectTV, The James Beard Foundation, Brand USA, and Science, Engineering, and Entrepreneurship professional organizations She is a member of most professional media organizations including the Online News Association and the Public Relations Society of America. Kara previously worked as a desk assistant for CBS News, and began her career as a public affairs specialist for former Pennsylvania State Representative, Wallis Brooks.  She graduated from Villanova University with a degree in political science. 
  19. 19. How can we help? To learn more about digital media training with Knowledgewebb, please contact us: Phone: (267) 342.4300 International: +00 (1) (267) 342.4300 Web: Email: Twitter: @knowledgewebb Knowledgewebb Training | 267-342-4300 | Learn more