You've Created a Social Media Campaign - Now What? Measuring the success of social media


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Webbed Marketing PRSA Presentation from the July luncheon event. Amy Marshall and Bill Balderaz from Webbed Marketing present on how to measure the success of a social media campaign.

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You've Created a Social Media Campaign - Now What? Measuring the success of social media

  1. You’ve Created a Social Media Campaign — Now What?Measuring the success of social media!<br />Amy Marshall & Bill Balderaz<br />Webbed Marketing<br /><br />
  2. Brand Focused vs Social Media Focused<br />
  3. Brand Focused vs. Social Media Focused<br />“Yes it generated 2 MM impressions, 400 leads and 50 sales, but it has the wrong color blue in the logo.”<br />
  4. The Preacher vs. The Cab Driver<br />
  5. Agenda<br />Is Social Media Marketing For You?<br />Set Clear Goals<br />Approaches to Tracking Online Marketing<br />Social Media Case Studies<br />Summary<br />
  6. Is Social Media Marketing For You?<br />
  7. Is Social Media Marketing for You?<br />Are you goal-oriented?<br />Can you fast track legal, marketing and branding concerns?<br />Is it okay if EVERYONE hears about this program?<br />Can you stand behind your product and program in the face of criticism?<br />Can you be edgy?<br />
  8. Assumption #1: Yes, This Matters in B2B<br />Source: Forrester Research, January 2009<br />
  9. Assumption #2: Yes, This Matters in the Consumer Space<br />Source: BrandWeek<br />
  10. Set Clear Goals<br />
  11. Clear Goals<br />Can’t measure “more buzz”<br />Define measurable metrics – 16 media placements, 40 relevant links, increase sales 12%<br />Take baseline metrics before campaign starts<br />SEO metrics, Social Media metrics<br />Break metrics down into quantifiable goals<br />Mentions in blogs, social networks, links to the site…<br />You can quantify metrics<br />
  12. Approaches to Tracking Social Media<br />Scorecard<br />
  13. The David Meerman Scott Approach<br />What is the ROI of putting your pants on?<br />
  14. The Analytical Approach<br />
  15. The “We Know It Works”<br />
  16. The Webbed Marketing Scorecard<br />
  17. The Webbed Marketing Scorecard<br />Tracks “micro goals” that funnel into strategic goals<br />In bound links, blog mentions, presence on social networks, traffic numbers, web mentions and other measurable metrics funnel into strategic goals<br />Provide real evidence of measurable improvement<br />Provide direction on where to focus efforts<br />
  18. Spiderfly<br />Marketing Communications & Customer Service: How do I identify individual influencers and also aggregate volume, demographics, tonality and velocity of social media?<br />Internet Marketing Team: How do I diagnose key social media and search metrics for my website and my competitors’ sites?<br />Public Relations: What is my real time blogger buzz, and how does that benchmark against my historical performance and competitors?<br />CEO: Just give me one number!<br />
  19. Consumer Generated Media Analysis<br />
  20. Consumer Generated Media Analysis<br />
  21. Consumer Generated Media Analysis<br />
  22. Consumer Generated Media Analysis<br />
  23. Consumer Generated Media Analysis<br />
  24. Consumer Generated Media Analysis<br />
  25. Consumer Generated Media Analysis<br />
  26. Consumer Generated Media Analysis<br />
  27. Consumer Generated Media Analysis<br />
  28. Consumer Generated Media Analysis<br />
  29. Diagnostics<br />
  30. Diagnostics<br />
  31. Diagnostics<br />
  32. Real Time Blog Buzz With Benchmarks<br />
  33. Just Give Me A Number<br />
  34. Just Give Me A Number (Okay now I need more details)<br />
  35. An ROI Calculator<br />
  36. Social Media Case StudiesMeasuring ROI<br />
  37. Case Study #1 - Moochie & Co.<br />A specialty web and mall pet gift and accessories retailer <br />Highly targeted market, highly competitive industry, limited advertising budget<br />Consumers and influencers are heavy web users<br />
  38. Case Study #1 - Moochie & Co.<br />Press releases timed with high search volume, high media attention topics<br />“I Love My Mommy” t-shirt near Mother’s Day<br />“Take Your Dog to Work” campaign<br />“I Have Two Daddies” campaign<br />“MySpace for Cats & Dogs”<br />Highly targeted market, highly competitive industry, limited advertising budget<br />
  39. Case Study #1 - Moochie & Co.<br />
  40. Case Study #1 - Moochie & Co.<br />
  41. Case Study #2 - Hatteras Cash Cow<br />
  42. Case Study #2 - Hatteras Cash Cow<br />
  43. Case Study #3 - Shizuka New York<br />Located in Midtown Manhattan<br />Cosmetology & skin care with “Eastern Holistic Knowledge”<br />Featured in international media including Marie Claire, Shape, Vogue, and Harpers Bazaar<br />
  44. Case Study #3 - Shizuka New York<br />Following Word of Mouth program:<br />Mention on Jay Leno<br />Mention on CNN<br />Home page of<br />E! “The Soup”<br />The Hollywood Reporter<br />
  45. Case Study #3 - With a Compelling Hook<br />Highlighting “Bird Poop Facials”<br />
  46. Case Study #3 - Setting Goals<br />Branding and awareness<br />Increased site traffic<br />New clients <br />
  47. Case Study #3 - SEO Press Release<br />
  48. Case Study #3 - Blogger Outreach<br />
  49. Case Study #3 - Video<br />The YouTube Geisha Facial video – 18,000+ views<br />
  50. Case Study #3 - Other Results<br />Site traffic<br />Inbound links<br />Web results<br />
  51. Case Study #3 - Site Traffic<br />From March to June traffic increased more than 60%<br />Traffic increased from all sources<br />Inbound links increased from 529 to 1,109<br />
  52. Case Study #3 - Web Results<br />Ice Rocket web results were at 3,960 at the beginning of May and are now up to 20,700<br />
  53. Summary<br />Start with a strategic goal<br /><ul><li>more sales, leads, or media awareness</li></ul>Break those into measurable “micro-goals” <br /><ul><li>inbound links, website traffic, blogger mentions</li></ul>Create a baseline scorecard<br />Correlate progress against the strategic against progress on “micro-goals”<br />
  54. Take Aways<br />Listening is more important than talking<br />Don’t think about numbers for the sake of numbers, correlate numbers to business objectives<br />Influence the influencers<br />Join the conversation, just remember it’s a dialogue, not a monologue!<br />
  55. Be The Cab Driver!<br />
  56. For More Information<br /><br />@amymarshall or @bbalderaz<br /> or<br />