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ROI of Social Media






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ROI of Social Media Presentation Transcript

  • 1. You’ve Created a Social Media Campaign — Now What? Measuring the success of social media
  • 2. Who is Really Using Social Media? As of February 2012, 66% of online adults use social networking sites.  83% of people between the ages of 18-29 use social media  70% of people between the ages of 30-49  51% of people between the ages of 50-64  33% of people 65+ 95% of all teens ages 12-17 are now online and 80% of those online teens are users of social media sites Household income of adults using social media:  Less than $30,000 – 71%  $30,000 - $49,999 – 69%  $50,000 - $74,999 – 60%  $75,000+ – 69% 43% of all adult internet users were on a social media site yesterday
  • 3. Marketing Charts Survey Results 100% of the US respondents reported using a form of social media- 95% used Facebook and 62% used Twitter 78% of the US respondents reported that posts businesses they follow on social media have had a moderate to highly influential effect on their purchase decisions 81% said that their friends’ posts influence their decisions 60% of the US respondents gather information or opinions about businesses from friends posts on social media sites 76% of US respondents regularly like the Facebook page of businesses  79% do so to take advantage of discounts and other incentives  70% followed by seeing details on sales and events  Of the 76% that regularly like Facebook pages, 46% indicated that they also followed those businesses on Twitter
  • 4. Brand Focused vs Social Media Focused Brand Focused VS Social Media Focused Brands telling their story Joining a conversation Carefully defined and controlled Consumers defining your brand Being perfect Being genuine
  • 5. Brand Focused vs Social Media Focused “Yes, it generated 2 MM impressions, 400 leads and 50 sales, but it has the wrong color blue in the logo.”
  • 6. The Preacher vs The Cab Driver
  • 7. Implementing Social Media Campaigns Successfully
  • 8. Clear Goals Can’t measure “more buzz” Define measurable metrics – 16 media placements, 40 relevant links, increase sales 12% Take baseline metrics before campaign starts  SEO metrics, Social Media metrics Break metrics down into quantifiable goals  Mentions in blogs, social networks, links to the site… You can quantify metrics
  • 9. Determine the Hook Set goals before determining the “hook” Questionnaire to determine need – What gets the participants excited Examples: Free sample, white paper, video, online calculator/application, stunt
  • 10. Determine Distribution Plan Earn your way into distribution Avoid word “Free” Look for specialized networks or “celebrity” bloggers that don’t often get pitched Rate the value of each participant and determine the pitch
  • 11. Approaches toMeasuring ROI for Social Media Campaigns
  • 12. The David Meerman Scott Approach What is the ROI of putting your pants on?
  • 13. The Analytical Approach
  • 14. The “We Know It Works”
  • 15. The Webbed Marketing Scorecard
  • 16. The Webbed Marketing Scorecard Tracks “micro goals” that funnel into strategic goals In bound links, blog mentions, presence on social networks, traffic numbers, web mentions and other measurable metrics funnel into strategic goals Provide real evidence of measurable improvement Provide direction on where to focus efforts
  • 17. Spiderfly Marketing Communications & Customer Service: How do I identify individual influencers and also aggregate volume, demographics, tonality and velocity of social media? Internet Marketing Team: How do I diagnose key social media and search metrics for my website and my competitors’ sites? Public Relations: What is my real time blogger buzz, and how does that benchmark against my historical performance and competitors? CEO: Just give me one number!
  • 18. Spiderfly
  • 19. Spiderfly
  • 20. Diagnostics
  • 21. Just Give Me A Number
  • 22. An ROI CalculatorMetric Value Spend Social Media Results Total Value ROIImpressions (CPM) $12 100000 $ 1,200Leads $ 400 40 $ 16,000Sales $3,000 7 $ 21,000Total $10,000 $ 38,200 282%
  • 23. Case Study
  • 24.
  • 25. Summary Focus on the goal first Define the end consumer, think beyond the buyer Determine a compelling message Don’t pre-determine channel and creative Measure, measure, measure
  • 26. Be The Cab Driver!
  • 27. Take Aways Listening is more important than talking Don’t think about numbers for the sake of numbers, correlate numbers to business objectives Influence the influencers Join the conversation; remember it’s a dialogue, not a monologue!
  • 28. Bill Balderaz Fathom @bbalderaz