5 tips for_a_succesful_mobile_marketing_strategy


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5 Tips For A Successful Mobile Marketing Strategy

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5 tips for_a_succesful_mobile_marketing_strategy

  1. 1. 5 tips for a successful mobile marketing strategy Why a mobile strategy is more about offering an online experience
  2. 2. Intro Have you noticed that people get really nervous when they think they’ve lost their smartphone? They start to anxiously search their body hoping to find their digital Mini- Me. The smartphone has become a bare necessity of life. No wonder mobile internet use is expected to overtake desktop internet use in 2014. This calls for a new approach. Marketers will need to ensure that the huge online community they’ve built can get the same brand experiences on their phones that they’re used to getting on their desktops because mobile is hot and it’s only getting hotter. Implementing a mobile brand identity When it comes to marketing on mobile phones, whether it is through an app, online, or social media, people are impatient. If you don’t catch your audience’s attention within seconds, they’re quickly on to the next thing. Mobile marketing is not the same as traditional marketing; it must be quick, attractive and relevant. Considering that 91% of smartphone users have their phone within arm’s reach 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you know it’s time to embrace the new mobile world order. In this whitepaper we’ll share some tips and tricks to implement a successful marketing strategy to make your brand mobile future proof. 1. Offer a mobile experience of your brand Mobile marketing enables companies to engage and communicate with their audience in an interactive and relevant way. When you prepare a mobile marketing strategy you want to go a step further and offer a rich, engaging mobile experience. There are endless mobile possibilities to tap into so focus more on the visual experience than on the number of words. Seduce consumers with alluring visual techniques; think about using rotate and flip functionalities to make clients interact with the content. Show unique, beautiful content to inspire them and let them engage with your message and your brand. 2. Leverage mobile’s capabilities Take advantage of all the great features of today’s mobile devices when you’re thinking up mobile marketing campaigns. You can deliver truly engaging mobile experiences, by taking advantage of the built in functionality of a mobile device. For example, you can use GPS to let users check in at an establishment. Also, think about using the click-to-call functionality or use push notifications to excite (potential) clients about special promotions. And, to keep customers updated with your company’s activities you can think about integrating social media channels. Let users engage easily, fully and in real-time. 5 tips for a successful mobile marketing strategy
  3. 3. These features and many more are great for mobile marketing strategies because they address the needs of mobile users in a way traditional online marketing cannot. It’s a chance to show truly unique mobile content that strengthens your brand identity. 3. Integrate mobile with your existing marketing strategy Use mobile to move leads through your funnel. If you want to generate more sales, create brand awareness and increase revenues, be consistent in your mobile marketing campaign. If customers opt in to your mobile campaign it means they’re interested in you. Take advantage of that knowledge by providing the right mobile content and a user experience tailored to their needs on a mobile device. Include calls- to-action and rethink your forms design. Use mobile to improve your customer support and enhance customer loyalty by listening to their needs. Integrate social media into your mobile project so you let them share your content and your brand. Make it easy and effortless for your customers to find what they’re looking for. 4. An optimized mobile site leads to higher conversion That brings us to the next important thing, reaching a higher conversion rate. A marketing strategy whether it’s on- or offline has basically two goals; to get more customers and to keep existing clients coming back for more. A great mobile experience is becoming indispensable to reach these goals. Users will keep looking for great looking and well functioning mobile sites until they find one that works for them. 50% of people say that even if they like a business, they will use them less often if the online experience is buggy or runs slow. Optimize the experience constantly and test what you’re doing so you don’t risk losing potential customers. 5. Listen to what users want from a mobile site According to a Google report, 67% of users are more likely to purchase a product or service from a company that offers a stunning mobile experience. Still, 96% of consumers say they’ve encountered mobile sites that were clearly not designed for mobile devices. To build your mobile brand you need to connect with your consumers. There’s a big mobile opportunity here to keep hold of existing clients and attract more if you take their wishes seriously. With a well executed mobile marketing plan you can target specific customers who want to see unique content. Having a great mobile experience is no longer a nice to have. It’s a critical component of building strong brands and nurturing lasting customer relationships. Take mobile as seriously as your customers do, make it a marketing priority and you’ll benefit in the long run. 5 tips for a successful mobile marketing strategy
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