Open source e learning for healthcare - presentation


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Open source e learning for healthcare- presentation

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Open source e learning for healthcare - presentation

  1. 1. Open Source e-Learning for Healthcare Conor Gilligan, Head of Operations, Webanywhere Ltd.
  2. 2. Agenda Background and Growth of Open Source How to select the best Open Source Learning Tool Top tools for Learning and Development University College London Hospitals: Case Study @workplace_learn @gilligan_conor
  3. 3. Agenda Growth of Open Source
  4. 4. Background @workplace_learn @gilligan_conor
  5. 5. What is Open Source Learning? - Source code is available to the general public for use and/or modification from its original design - A collaborative effort in which programmers improve upon the code and share the changes - Moodle / Totara are Open Source Learning Management Systems @workplace_learn @gilligan_conor
  6. 6. Open Source Statistics @workplace_learn @gilligan_conor
  7. 7. Open Source LMS #1 @workplace_learn @gilligan_conor
  8. 8. Open Source #1 LMS @workplace_learn @gilligan_conor
  9. 9. Why Open Source? @workplace_learn @gilligan_conor
  10. 10. How to select the best Open Source Tool
  11. 11. Selection Criteria - Is the code freely available? - How big is the support community? - Are there regular and stable releases? - Does the product come with good documentation? - Are there many modules and plugins? - Does the software have a support partner? @workplace_learn @gilligan_conor
  12. 12. Tips for requirements capture - Draft your high level goals and then … think longer term - Take a workshop approach with your procurement process - Look for vendor similarities - Assess fit and innovative approach to your business challenge @workplace_learn @gilligan_conor
  13. 13. Top Tools for Learning and Development
  14. 14. Moodle - Used by over 80 Million people in 218 countries - Delivered and developed for ‘by the learner for the learner’ - The most popular LMS globally, eLearning Guild 2009 @workplace_learn @gilligan_conor
  15. 15. Totara LMS - Used by many healthcare organisations, Great Ormond Street, UCLH, BMI, NHS LA etc - Feature reach for L&D, hierarchy, 360 appraisals, competencies, learning plans. - Highly configurable and customisable @workplace_learn @gilligan_conor
  16. 16. NHS Leadership Academy @workplace_learn @gilligan_conor
  17. 17. Medtronic Inc @workplace_learn @gilligan_conor
  18. 18. Medical Protection Society @workplace_learn @gilligan_conor
  19. 19. Break for refreshments
  20. 20. e-Learning at UCLH - a case study Rob Beer, eLearning Designer, UCLH
  21. 21. Issues with the existing system The system was only accessible on site - Many access PCs were on busy wards - Difficult to work without interruption Limited course design options - required separate system for ICT training
  22. 22. Unreliabilty - System occasionally “lost” results - Staff had to retake assessments - Confidence in the system undermined
  23. 23. Hard to navigate - All courses displayed to all staff - Local training displayed alongside national - Difficult to locate relevant info amongst the “noise”
  24. 24. Why Totara? Negative experience of proprietary solutions prompted UCLH to look at an open source solution Totara was chosen for this project over Moodle due to the ability to set hierarchies and advanced reporting features UCLH approached a number of Totara partners, and opted to work with Webanywhere, looking for a collaborative, rather than sales-driven approach
  25. 25. Goals for the new system To improve training/compliance figures - Ensures staff are operating safely and competently To achieve this earlier in the induction process - Give access in advance of induction To give staff flexibility and ownership of their learning To streamline staff journey (one stop, shop)
  26. 26. Our approach - Initial consultation phase - Proof of concept to assist UCLH in securing funding - Main project phase - Planning future projects
  27. 27. Planning the new system - An easy-to-use system requiring little training - Personalised view for each learner - Test environment for problem solving - Accessible from any location - Usable across a range of devices
  28. 28. Timescales November 2012 December 2012 January 2013 February - April 2013 June 2013 July 15 2013 Initial enquiry Consultancy and requirements capture Proof of concept operational LMS development Testing and bugfixing Launch day
  29. 29. Benefits of the new system Brought together disparate processes so that our staff have one route to all training Staff can start training in advance of their induction - allows quicker time to compliance (100% within first week) Accessible anytime, anywhere, encouraging staff engagement Open source software gives UCLH control of the future of the platform, lots of opportunity for further development - Free content such as 3m courses Lots of interest in expanding the system to other areas of healthcare UCLH awarded a prize for most improved compliance figures
  30. 30. Why I like it is an eLearning Designer Compared to old system it gives me opportunity and flexibility when designing solutions - SCORM packages - Podcasts/Screencasts - Videos - Surveys - Virtual classrooms - Forums
  31. 31. Talk to us about e-learning solutions for your business: U.K. 0800 862 0131 U.S. 866-713-0496 or find out more about us here: Twitter: @workplace_learn