Wow! Amazing Chocolate Art


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Wow! Amazing Chocolate Art

  1. 1. Chocolate Art
  2. 2. The Emergence of South American Writing From Khipu knots to Mayan hieroglyphs, Gerhard demonstrates in masterful artistry that even the human body can be transformed into a stunning living sculpture.
  3. 4. Believe it or Not But all of these sculptures are made of Chocolate…. Mmmmmmmmm!!!
  4. 5. Composition 1 This sculpture deals with the cubistic presentation of objects, figures, etc. using lines and the resulting shadow play of light and dark.
  5. 10. True Love This piece is dedicated to true love. The milk chocolate faces of two lovers appear within the white chocolate heart and peer into the future with warmth and harmony. The carefully hand-piped ornaments applied to the background seem delicate and frail beside the solid background form. It is precisely this contradiction that depicts the two faces of love itself: strength and durability on the one hand and fragility on the other.
  6. 11. The back side of the piece was also adorned with ornaments. Just as ivy slowly grows along a wall through the years, branches and forks appear within a relationship with time. The stable foundation grows and expands, giving people a sense of security during more difficult times.
  7. 13. Ferrari Horse Gerhard explores the cult brand „Ferrari“ with this chocolate horse and adds his own sweet touch to the ultimate status symbol.
  8. 14. Actual Jeep, one of 7 covered with chocolate for "Sweetest Day the Jeep Way", Cleveland, OH, 10/07
  9. 15. "Chocolate Barn" Sweetwater County Fair Rock Springs, WY, August 2004
  10. 16. Dragon This striking portrayal of the Chinese dragon, with its sharp claws and jagged snarl could almost strike fear into viewers, making them forget for a moment that the object is really a sweet, edible sculpture made of chocolate. The graceful s-form, which glides through the figure from head to tail, is accentuated by the sharp outline of the spine and the threatening jaws. The dragon, mythical symbol of luck, becomes reality for just a moment. This masterfully sculpted work is 100% chocolate, created entirely without the help of reinforcement, defies static laws and demonstrates Gerhard’s mastery of the art of carving.
  11. 18. The Incan Gerhard dedicates this monumental piece, composed of two heads, to the high cultures of Egypt and Mexico. These cultures set new standards in sculpturing in their times that still inspire awe today. Gerhard’s interpretation of the visual elements of both cultures is based on a modernized style of carving lines and edges and the resulting effects of light and shadow.
  12. 19. The Water Jug For this portrayal of Hellenistic everyday life, in which a woman carries water from the village well, Gerhard chose white chocolate as a reminder of the Greek sculptural arts in white marble. Gerhard departs from the lined, edgy depiction style used for other sculptures to bring out the soft form of the female figure. This carving technique creates an allusion not only to the culture of antiquity, but to the femininity of the object as well. The woman in this portrayal is not only a symbol of life, but serves the development of humanity in her role as a carrier of water.
  13. 20. Aphrodite New life is breathed into a classical figure, the Greek goddess of beauty, using varying casting and spraying techniques and three different types of chocolate.
  14. 22. Life-size butter & chocolate sculpture of Milton Hershey and cows, for the Pennsylvania State Farm Show, 2004
  15. 24. The Chocolate Woman German television station PRO7 presented Gerhard with an exciting challenge when they requested that he carve a life-size woman from a massive block of chocolate within 48 hours – in front of rolling cameras.
  16. 26. "Chocolate Stegasaurus" Sponsored by Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA, and Hershey's Chocolate Liberty Place, Philadelphia June 2004
  17. 27. Banana Split Of Chocolate
  18. 28. Turkey Made Of Chocolate
  19. 29. Peking Duck made Of cheese & chocolate.
  20. 30. Chocolate Picture Frame
  21. 31. Friends When using this marbling technique, the sculpture’s form is determined by the flow of brown and white chocolates, meaning that Gerhard does not know how the finished sculpture will look when he begins carving.
  22. 32. Eye of Ra The Eye of Ra, a symbol of enlightenment, is one of Gerhard’s early works. Here he experiments with marbling technique and the harmony of shapes and lines. Each line used to create the eye is self-contained and endless.
  23. 33. Advertising Column This spectacular work using chocolate and an advertising column in Graz’s City Park tells the story of humanity, its creativity and its connectedness, using multiple dimensions to represent various interrelated aspects of civilization throughout time and space.