The Lomo


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The Lomo

  1. 1. pict*re The Lomo effect technique tip jeffclow featured interview this months tags yellow water pict*re. the flickr offline magazine // no. 1
  2. 2. this thing is done by: all rights are reserved on the photos by their makers! the photos are available on flickr. the images are clickable in the pdf version. otherwise, on the last page you will find a list with all picture authors. this magazine is licensed under welcome! the creative commons license. you can go on and copy this pdf if it‘s not for commercial use! neither it‘s allowed to sell this mag! hej, you really grabbed a copy of this pdf off the internet and you‘re reading this! this is nice. i welcome you to the first issue of pict*re - an idea for an offline pdf mag with photos and stories from flickr. i hope you enjoy this experiment and maybe par- ticipate in the next issue of pict*re! you can do so by joining the group pict*remag on flickr and post some pics in a thread you would like see. or maybe just join authors interview group and fill out some questions about you and your photography - you‘re also free to add new questions! these are two things you could do to ap- pear in pict*re mag - but maybe i‘ll just find a picture in your stream that i like and think it would fit in here. enjoy reading! *atomtigerzoo
  3. 3. index 01 welcome! 03/04 faking the lomo effect technique tip 05/06 yellow this months tags 07/08 jeffclow featured interview 09/10 water this months tags 11 something different
  4. 4. technique tip
  5. 5. faking the lomo effect This article was posted on flickr in the technique group 1. File: Open: the picture you want by Hugo VT, on 16. January 2005. A lot of people 2. Image: Adjustments: Brightness/Contrast: increase contrast by 20 shared their photos in the thread. 3. Image: Adjustments: Hue/Saturation: increase saturation by 20 4. Choose the Rectangular Marquee Tool (your basic selection tool) Go on and try with some pictures of yours and 5. Change feather amount to 1/12 the width of your picture post them to the thread! (if your picture is 600px wide then you will set your feather to 50px) 6. Select your entire picture note: using select: all, will not work More links on the Lomo effect: 7. Select: Inverse - tbujor/blog - flickr thread 8. Layer: New: Layer 9. Change your primary color to black. Fill the selection (on the new, blank layer). 10. Change the blend mode of this layer to Overlay 11. Layer: Duplicate Layer 12. Now select your base layer (the one with the picture on it). 13. Layer: New: Layer 14. Change your fill tool to Gradient 15. Change your Gradient Type to Spherical 16. Change your Gradient Shading Style to „foreground to transparent“ (I believe this is the default). 17. Change your primary color to white. 18. With the fill tool selected, click in the middle of the picture, and drag the line out to the farthest edge of your picture. (if it‘s a portrait, use top or bottom, if landscape, use left or right). 19. Change the blend mode of this layer to Overlay 20. Change the Opacity of this layer to 80% (or whatever you see fit)
  6. 6. yellow this months tags
  7. 7. jeffclow featured interview from the authors interview group
  8. 8. 1. for how long have you been into photography? I realized I liked photography when I purchased my first digital.... a 1.2 mb Sony Mavica that was huge and used floppy disks as the storage media. I probably took more photos with that camera that year - at age 44 - then I had taken in all my previous years combi- ned. I loved the fact that there was no „cost“ involved in develo- ping the photos...and I could turn them into a screensaver for my computer instead of sticking them in a scrapbook somewhere.... Now six years later, I‘ve purchased four more digital cameras.... including a DSLR this year. 2. why? what‘s the answer if friends ask you, while you‘re carrying your cam everywhere? 4. day or night? When people ask me why I carry a camera with me all the time, I I prefer the sunlight to take my shots, but am slowly but surely experimen- explain to them that when I didn‘t have one with me, I often found ting with dusk and night shots. myself questioning why I left it behind...because I was constantly „seeing“ potentially good photos... 5. favourite color(s)? 3. what is most often in your spot? My favorite color to photograph is green....whether it be the leaves of a plant or the fields of green in a landscape image. What I often have in my lens/spot is a member of my family....I‘m gifted in having an attractive set of kids and an attractive wife who are all kind enough to allow me to use them as unpaid models.... And finally, why am I here at Flickr...? although I fear they „tire“ of me always wanting to take their pho- tos... I‘m here because ... like so many others....I read about the site and thought of it as a storage backup for my digital photos initially. But then a few kind people actually commented and said they liked a photo or two and it gave me the confidence to expand my horizons and shoot some „real“ photo images that didn‘t have family members as the main subject....and then I started looking at other‘s work here and was amazed and challenged to do better...since so many talented people reside here.... Thanks for asking about „why“ I take photos and „why“ I‘m here.... I appreciate the invitation to answer those queries... And I appreciate anyone taking the time to read about me....
  9. 9. water this months tags
  10. 10. groups, tools, something. something different some groups authors interview* interview yourself, 5 questions plus own WIDESCREEN panoramas, widescreen, verticals 100 views + 10 favourites must have min. 100 views and 10 fav‘s flickr fan art artwork featuring the letters „F-L-I-C-K-R“ flickr services Mappr, by Stamen Design map pictures to the map with a click Magazine Cover, by flagrantdisregard build your own magazine cover with this tool
  11. 11. all authors of pictures in this issue ordered by appearing click the pictures in this mag or got to atomtigerzoo thowi eqqman bdmckeown fromform f00b d.r.lynch HugoVT kechambers bc anna Hadjek rica500ml froodmat maryszka atomtigerzoo good_day Opiliones dxtr smartfat mcclanahan josa jeffclow latitudes redskynight 45774731@N00 aka strawberryblues thearchive joshbrown jeffschwartz csb13 annais tomhe 45774731@N00 aka strawberryblues fazen blamfoto franknitty thank you for reading me thanks to all sharing people on flickr pict*re mag a flickr based pdf magazine
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