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weave is a management consulting company with a focus on operational strategy (from « strategy to delivery »)

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Expertise weave Belgium

  1. 1. Your CONTACTpage weave channelWeave Belgium’s consultingservices and expertiseAlexandre (0)477 59 73 98April 2013
  2. 2. 2SommaireTable of contentOur specific expertise to meet your challenges2About weave1
  3. 3. 3Weave is a business consulting human-size company witha focus on operational strategyA broad scope of interventionAs passionate business transformation consultants, we supportour clients throughout the entire life cycle of projects…Strategy Scoping Transformation ChangeIndustryexpertiseConsultingServicesProgramManagement…for an effective and sustainable transformation of the companyDouble digit growthA “Strategy to Delivery” positioningTo meet the challenges of our customers, weoffer two types of complementary expertiseand competences:Industry ExpertiseConsulting ServicesCombining know-how from world-class consultingfirms and the ability to bring tailored advisoryto our client needsTelecoms& MediaManufacturing PublicSectorAirlines &TransportationAssuranceFinancialServicesEnergy& UtilitiesFood &DistributionBusiness Strategy and TransformationSales and MarketingInnovationOperation ExcellenceTURNOVER:FTEs :5 M€20026 M€20037 M€200410 M€200512 M€200617 M€200722 M€200826 M€200930 M€201035 M€2011 201237 M€30 40 50 75 90 110 130 150 200 220 250
  4. 4. 4Strong and shared values aiming at high demands andexcellenceOur DNA is based on a unique dynamic to reconcile a priori opposing concepts :VisionandexecutionPersonalityandexpertiseClientsandconsultingBoldnessandhumilityDevelop a connective andcollective intelligenceLocal management to facilitateexchanges and consultants’development.Optimized business model of the firmin practices.An entrepreneurial culture whichempower employees.Build a virtuous circleA research of sustainable partnershipsbased on strong human values.Co-construction of solutions with ourcustomers to foster ownership.A close integration into each projectincluding the respect of our clients’culture.Build the foundation for sustainablerelationshipsPromotion of “constructive impertinence” andintelligent risk taking culture.A willingness to constantly question ourselvesas a source of development.Reach ExcellenceA culture of excellence combiningconsulting best practices anddevelopment of tailored solutions.Ability to create value and deliver qualityproducts to contribute significantly to thedevelopment of its customers.Ability to offer different ways of thinkingand acting to build an innovativevision.
  5. 5. 5SommaireTable of contentAbout weave12 Our specific expertise to meet your challenges
  6. 6. 6Our teams work on key strategic and operational decisionsfor clients, helping achieve tangible resultsWe supports our clients from the definition of their strategic ambitions to the operational implementation ofchallenges identified on the whole of their value chainOur support to your challengesYour challengesAccelerate yourdevelopmentInnovate in yourbusinessOptimize yourbusiness model What levers of growth and development (diversification, mergers andacquisitions ...)? Which markets offer the best possibilities to grow? How to improve your risk management (operational, financial, legal,environmental, ...)? What changes in your business model to position yourself on the markets oftomorrow? What new products and services to differentiate yourself and increase your marketshare? How to initiate an approach of light and sustainable innovation? How to optimize your organization to meet the sector challenges and streamlineprocesses? How to increase the competitiveness of your industrial tool and sales offers? What methodology to improve profitability by reducing costs? How to make your logistics and transport flows a leverage of operational efficiency?
  7. 7. 7As strategy to delivery consultants, weave Belgium hasdevelopped a strong expertise in two types of consultingservicesGovernance ProcessOrgani-sationPeopleManagement& LeadershipTransformsustainablyyour company• Stakeholders Alignment and Change Management• Programme / Project ManagementDefine andplan yourtransformation• Organisation Design• Operational Efficiency (organisation and processimprovement)Clarify yourvision andobjectives• Vision, Innovation & Business Model Definition• Target Operating ModelCustomer & Market StrategyCustomerAcquisition& RetentionGo-to-Market& ProductDevelopmentCustomerExperienceManagementSales and Marketing Business Strategy and Transformation
  8. 8. 8• Product offering• Product developmentroadmap• Pricing strategy• Go-to-market• …Customers and markets are the source of growth, we helpcompanies to manage it at every stage• Channel strategy andmanagement• Customer relationshipmanagement• Sales forceseffectiveness• …• Customer experiencemanagement• Customer loyalty• Complaintmanagement• Online reputation• …• Market analysis• Growth strategy• Customer & marketsegmentation• Voice of the customer• ...Customer & Market StrategyGo-to-Market& ProductDevelopmentCustomerExperienceManagementCustomerAcquisition& RetentionSales &Marketing
  9. 9. 9Applying an outside-in view, we have supported differentclients in different industriesCustomer & Market StrategyGo-to-Market& ProductDevelopmentCustomerExperienceManagementCustomerAcquisition& RetentionSales &Marketing
  10. 10. 10Weave supports its clients from strategy definition to plandesign and transformation implementationGovernance Process Organisation PeopleManagement &LeadershipTransformsustainably yourcompany• Stakeholders Alignment and Change Management• Programme / Project ManagementDefine and planyourtransformation• Organisation Design• Operational Efficiency (organisation and process improvement)Clarify yourvision andobjectives• Vision, Innovation & Business Model Definition• Target Operating ModelBusiness Strategyand Transformation
  11. 11. 11Weave has helped clients from various industries improvetheir financial performance and make their organizationsbetter places to workGovernance Process Organisation PeopleManagement &LeadershipTransformsustainably yourcompanyDefine and planyourtransformationClarify yourvision andobjectivesBusiness Strategyand Transformation
  12. 12. Weave Belgium – Avenue de l’Uruguay n 3 – 1000 Brussels – Tel: +32(0)2 669 77 82