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Presentation held at the 2012 SXSW Interactive

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  • Simplytransfering the campaign to Europe two years later …
  • Simplytransfering the campaign to Europe two years later …
  • Pic showing hot air
  • Search examples of differing brand positioning online!
  • Brands have invested less – fragmented markets / scale of the markets
  • Europe is different

    1. Europe is different.we are social
    2. Introwe are social
    3. we are socialwe are social
    4. we are a conversation agencywe are social
    5. Europe is different?we are social
    6. It actually seems to be pretty close …we are social
    7. It actually seems to be pretty close …we are social
    8. Great! What works in one country can be taken and implemented in another country with no changes!we are social
    9. Great idea hm?we are social
    10. Hmmm …we are social
    11. Reasons why it’s notwe are social
    12. Cultural differenceswe are social
    13. Three kinds … Norms & Beliefs Values Traditionswe are social
    14. Norms and Beliefs We are talking about attitudes. About beliefs and behavior within different groups within the society. Essentially, we are talking about what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’we are social
    15. Example: “Private domain” gap • users tend to strictly divide private and business life • less contacts in social networks • higher resistance to sharingwe are social
    16. Example: “Private domain” gap. Also true for brands • Brands often keep reserved • tend to hide behind their logowe are social
    17. Example: “Data privacy” gap • A key cultural difference • Europeans regard this as a universal and individual right. • US social networks share user data and information with other 3rd parties ‘inasmuch as new services to our customers and community can be offered’.we are social
    18. Example: “Availability” gap • restricted access to social networks and other socially enabled platforms • considerably less desktop usage during daytime / working hourswe are social
    19. Values Part of “values” is the respect which people have for each other, how people interact.we are social
    20. „Sie“ vs. „Du“ „vous“ vs. „toi“ „lei“ vs. „tu“ „usted“ vs. „tu“we are social
    21. we are social
    22. Traditions It is about how a region has „grown up‟ to be what they are now.we are social
    23. we are social
    24. Culture plays a major role in how successfulyour strategy will turn out to be in Europewe are social
    25. Different Social Media landscapeswe are social
    26. The facebook casewe are social
    27. Global average auser stays onFacebook in January2012:405 minutesSource: Comscorewe are social
    28. Facebook ismassive and interms ofmarket sharedominatingalmost globally.So: What„s so„different“about it?we are social
    29. The devil is in the detail ... we are social
    30. European brand fans - put in perspective Europe has the lowest share of brand fans, 51%. Brand followers 51% 60% Average no. of brands followed 12,2 9,3 57% 62% 20,2 7,9 70% 15,6 55% 19,6 55%we are social 8,3
    31. Does it all come down to this?we are social
    32. But experience shows: People prefer to sharepositive brand experiences on social mediawe are social
    33. The Twitter casewe are social
    34. 6 Milliarden. Die Anzahl der auf Flickr gehosteten Bilder.we are social
    35. An Americans’ view of Twitter “Twitter‟s promise provides a perfect fit to American culture. A nation of immigrants, Americans are constantly on the go and always setting the stage for themselves in front of new people. The quick chat here and there reassures them and provides confirmation of social acceptance.”we are social
    36. From dishwasher to follower millionaire …we are social
    37. A Germans’ view of Twitter There is a big Twitter paradox: most are aware of Twitter, only very few are using it.we are social
    38. A Germans’ view of Twitterwe are social
    39. Something this easy can‟t be anything …we are social
    40. Differing brand positioningwe are social
    41. What You need to do!we are social
    42. I. Acknowledge that Europe is different!we are social
    43. II. Use your advantage in timewe are social
    44. II. Roll-out based on a strategic processwe are social
    45. 5 Steps to Success Listen Plan Realize Integrate Adaptwe are social
    46. 5 Steps to Success Listen Plan Realize Integrate Adaptwe are social
    47. Potential Structure Event Global National Local Brand Emotion Emotion Event Sales Event Sales CRM BMW Group View corporate For example: HR Brand A Brand B For example For example or Brand C ch brand Brand D Subbrand A Subbrand Bwe are social
    48. Thank You! Bastian Scherbeck / @thehartworker wearesocial.comwe are social