The evolving agency landscape


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Robin Grant's presentation at the Results International Seminar "Time to ‘reboot’ and prepare for growth – a global view" on 11th November 2010

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  • Very interesting stuff. Finally it seems that we are realizing the real value of Earned media!! Viva social media
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  • Slide 24/43.... Are those hours per day, week, month, or year?
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  • the best presentation I've seen in a while about the future of business in communication
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  • Interesting presentation... but I feel it skips a key element! Where are the clients in all this? They too need to change. And frankly, until more clients transform their business and address social media traditional marketing firms will continue to be effective.

    I do agree that change is sweeping through our industry, but the final shape of the future agency has yet to be identified.

    I have a few more thoughts here:
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The evolving agency landscape

  1. we are social The evolving agency landscape Robin Grant 11.11.10
  2. we are social 1. The ‘digital’ agency landscape
  3. we are social Digital doing above the line
  4. we are social For a while, at least…
  5. we are social Digital eating above the line
  6. we are social And above the line doing digital well
  7. we are social = convergence of advertising & digital Advertising agencies Creative agencies Digital agencies
  8. we are social 2. The changing media landscape
  9. we are social % of PVR owners in the UK who fast-forward through advertising on recorded programmes People are ignoring advertising Ofcom communications market repor August 2008
  10. we are social People are ignoring advertising Banner Blindness, Nielsen Norman Group August 200
  11. And trusting it less Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey July 2009 we are social
  12. we are social Meaning (due to the increasing importance of earned media)
  13. we are social Ad agencies moving into PR
  14. Ad agencies moving into PR
  15. we are social Ad agencies eating PR
  16. we are social Meanwhile…
  17. we are social Media agencies forced to diversify
  18. we are social Media agencies move into creative
  19. we are social
  20. we are social And visa-versa
  21. we are social = convergence of earned & paid PR agencies Media agencies Creative agencies Agencies
  22. we are social 3. The impact of social media
  23. we are social Social media is mainstream Creators Publish web pages, write blogs, upload videos to sites like YouTube Critics Comment on blogs, contribute to forums and post ratings and reviews Collectors Use RSS and tag web pages to gather information Joiners Have profile on and use social networking sites Spectators Read blogs, forums and online reviews, watch user-generated videos Inactives Are online but don’t yet participate in any form of social media Forrester Research's European Technographics® Benchmark Survey Q2 2009 UK social media usage
  24. we are social In fact, we’re addicted
  25. Trusting each other Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey July 2009 we are social
  26. we are social Affecting purchase behaviour of people choose companies or brands based on customer service experiences that are shared online74% Exploring the Link Between Customer Care and Brand Reputation, SNCR April 2008
  27. we are social Online conversations driving sales The Predictive Power of Online Chatter Daniel Gruhl, IBM Almaden Research Center, R. Guha, Google Inc
  28. we are social And on the agency landscape?
  29. we are social The social media bun-fight!
  30. we are social Media agenies
  31. we are social Digital agencies
  32. we are social Advertising agencies
  33. we are social PR agencies
  34. we are social = the agency singularity
  35. we are social But social media changes everything
  36. we are social The problem “There’s a revolution in the air that’s transforming society. It’s social networking and it’s empowering the consumer; but the majority of agencies aren’t getting it” Social Media Futures – The future of advertising and agencies in a networked society. A 10-year perspective The IPA, January 2009
  37. we are social The solution “Facilitating conversations for its clients will become the new role of an agency” Forrester, The Connected Agency February 2008
  38. we are social = a new kind of agency Conversation agencies
  39. we are social = a new kind of agency Engagement agencies
  40. we are social = a new kind of agency Social media agencies
  41. we are social A new kind of agency?
  42. we are social And in the long term? Social media agencies
  43. we are social Thanks For further conversation