Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters case study


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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters case study

  1. 1. Activating a Dormant Fan Base social we are
  2. 2. Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief the first film of the series, was released in 2010 social we are
  3. 3. Since then, social channels had gone dark… social we are
  4. 4. Multiple, unmaintained Facebook pages were scattered across several countries social we are
  5. 5. Despite this, organic fan conversation was continuing, even if the brand wasn’t taking part social we are
  6. 6. Communities on creative platforms like DeviantART and Tumblr were contributing new content daily social we are
  7. 7. Here was our golden opportunity to reconnect the Percy Jackson film series with their diehard fans How did we do it? social we are
  8. 8. We immersed ourselves in the Percy Jackson fandom, basing our strategy on the characters and scenes they love social we are
  9. 9. We learned to speak their language and connected with them using the tone of voice and lingo they appreciate social we are
  10. 10. This came to life in vivid creative content rooted in the Percy Jackson lore
  11. 11. We expanded our presence across all social channels by providing up-to-the minute news
  12. 12. We celebrated the vibrant Percy Jackson community on Tumblr by reblogging their creations and providing more fuel to spark their creativity social we are
  13. 13. And gave our fans exclusive access backstage on Instagram social we are
  14. 14. Engagement-focused activations sparked continual interest in the film, such as… social we are
  15. 15. In-character channel takeovers social we are
  16. 16. Fan interviews on Twitter social we are
  17. 17. Social scavenger hunts across all official channels social we are
  18. 18. Weekly fan art contests
  19. 19. And “Flock to Unlock” events to release fan-favorite content after a specific number of hashtag mentions This one drove 24,000 purely organic mentions of #PercyJackson in a single day! social we are
  20. 20. So did it work? Grew social fan base to over 2,000,000 Increasing audience sevenfold #PercyJackson was used 190,000 times in just 4 months social we are
  21. 21. All this buzz created massive spikes in Percy Jackson conversation, leading to multiple worldwide trending topics the week of release social we are
  22. 22. Making for a renewed, united and ecstatic fan base who can’t wait for more Percy Jackson films social we are