Newstart Presentation


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A presentation about New Start;

We support young people to produce a response to society's burning questions.

They develop the crucial soft skills needed to enter the workplace.

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Newstart Presentation

  1. 1. Lead Supporting Design and AdvisoryPartner Partner Development Role
  2. 2. So here’s the problem...“I don’t even know what a softskill is, when we filled out ourpersonal statements we weregiven a list of ‘good’ vocab to use” Consultation carried out by Snook for Scottish Government on Post 16 Learner Journey
  3. 3. “I just get knocked back all thetime because I don’t have anyqualifications, there is a lot I amcapable of doing, I just don’t have thepiece of paper to show it” Research into ‘My World of Work’ carried out by Sarah Drummond for Skills Development Scotland
  4. 4. “Careers advice isn’t up to datewith the 21st century. the onlyoption is to go to university or tryand find a job and i can’t do either” Consultation carried out by Snook for Scottish Government on Post 16 Learner Journey
  5. 5. ---
  6. 6. “It’s really hard to createreal life experienceswithin enterprise throughschools” Consultation carried out by Snook for Scottish Government on Post 16 Learner Journey
  7. 7. “I use to want to be a lawyer.but School was crap I can’t ,get a job and i don’t doanything during the day” Consultation carried out by Snook in Muirhouse for Edinburgh Council
  8. 8. About Collectives QuestionsA pply Archive LoginWhat do young publicationpeople thinkabout alcohol inScotland?created by Plugin Download Buy
  9. 9. What do young people thinkabout alcohol in Scotland? What do young people think about the police?
  10. 10. About Collectives Questions Apply Archive LoginCOLLECTIVES project live PluginWhat do youngpeople thinkabout alcohol inScotland?
  12. 12. “Many Neet young people face aCatch-22. They don’t have the so-called‘soft skills’ employers are looking for,but often the only opportunity tolearn those skills is on the job”
  13. 13. We thinknewstart “You know what it takes to learn and progresswill; in the workplace - how to behave, how to settle in, how to work with others. You know how tosoft Skills help trainees move from being schoolchildren toIncrease Confidence young adults with character and maturity.”teach Self organisationTime planningCollaboration and working - Sandy Campbell, Workingritewith othersSense of achievementMotivated young peopleWriting SkillsGood attitudeTeam workingInterpersonal skillsCritical thinkingReading and followinginstructions “Communication, teamCommunication skills working and customerHarder Skills service”Financial SkillsConducting researchProject planning - core reccomendations from the work foundationsetting milestones
  14. 14. working with engaged young working with harder to reach young people peoplealpha Pilot Beta Pilot commence: commence: mid september november 6 weeks 10 weeks
  15. 15. RESEARH STAGEAlpha youngscot young people form group set Research forming selling /industry add sign up to choose timeframes and upload opinions and research/ question question roles and comms content using papers/ and brand up newspaper downloads club alpha Pilot commence: mid september 6 weeks
  16. 16. RESEARH STAGEbeta+ 2X 2X young people choose folder of Research templates templates/ can choose different role tools to plan and upload supporting material for from (+instructions) and content newspaper business question communicate collation support potential new Youth Commission, similar to Beta Pilot the Youth Commission on Alcohol to use as commence: november question for beta pilot 10 weeks
  17. 17. working with engaged young people alpha Pilotalpha Pilot commence: mid september 6 weeks
  18. 18. beta Pilotworking with harder to reach young people Beta Pilot Youth Build commence: november 10 weeks Rathbone
  19. 19. Development BusinessYP Session with Support with Young People Firstport Snook Telaco Newstart Young Live ScotYP YP Alpha Pilot YP YP Beta Pilot YP YP August September October November December January
  20. 20. agree up frontper copy Digital Download open access to sell produced x amount pre fee with online story of media ordered gov/industry research = divided equally
  21. 21. the vision?
  22. 22. reach - scale up
  23. 23. the vision? Wrapping up as enterprise class for schools Wrapping up as module for GRFW programmes Wrapping up as module for CLDWrapping up as Curriculum for excellence execution for P7s Creating local pockets of Newstart with local councils spreading over the uk