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Matt presents the four types of test every Ecommerce business should be running. He explains how to identify what to test and how to prioritise your testing schedule, as well as settling once and for ...

Matt presents the four types of test every Ecommerce business should be running. He explains how to identify what to test and how to prioritise your testing schedule, as well as settling once and for all the question “what’s wrong with testing button colours”? He’ll cover pricing and price framing, proposition testing and radical redesigns to optimise for engagement and conversion. Key take-aways for each section are shared ready for businesses to go and implement in their own organisation.



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You're testing what! You're testing what! Presentation Transcript

  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital Head of Optimisation at PRWD One of the UK’s most respected CRO agencies Lead Optimisation Programmes for The North Face, Student Room & Sliderobes Experienced in Web Analytics, User Researcher & A/B Testing
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital What should we be testing? Pricing & Price Framing Proposition Testing Optimising for Engagement Optimising for Conversion TALK OVERVIEW
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital WHAT SHOULD YOU BE TESTING?
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital WHAT’S WRONG WITH TESTING BUTTON COLOURS Disclosure: We test buttons. Size, Prominence, Copy, Positioning and yes, Colour. But: There are likely to be constraints that limit the number of tests that you can run based on design & developer resource In most situations we find that there are tests that can be run that will deliver more interesting results and more value
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital SECTION TITLE THE CRO PROCESS
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital SECTION TITLE WHAT DOES IT INVOLVE? Analytics User Research Cross Device User Testing Hypothesis Development Concept Development Psychology & Persuasion techniques Usability Best Practice Testing Strategy and Planning Test Setup & QA Test Results Analysis
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital What is the data telling me about visitor behaviour? • Top landing pages • Pages with high traffic • Key leak or conversion points What are users telling me about their experiences? What can we observe about their behaviour? • Usability errors • Influential proposition messaging What does the business know about customer struggles or business challenges? • Customer service insights • Merchandising team HOW TO CHOOSE WHAT TO TEST
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital Triage • Just Do It – JDI • Single Feature Test • Batch Testing • Radical Redesign Testing • Larger Redesign projects Triangulation • Multiple research methods confirm or strengthen the same issues Potential Impact vs Effort Required • Likelihood to impact key metrics vs • Design effort • Development effort • Development schedule HOW TO PRIORITISE YOUR TESTS
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital 1. PRICE & PRICE FRAMING TESTS
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital Through moderating or observing hundreds of user testing sessions we have often asked: WHY TEST PRICING? “If you could buy the same product from two different websites, what factors would be important in helping you choose which to buy from?” User consistently respond with: 1. Price 2. Delivery (price and timescales)
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital 1.  Pricing should be based on value, not cost 2.  Prices should be tangible 3.  Prices should be comparable 4.  To change your prices, you must reframe 5.  Price differentiation is the key enabler of profit 6.  Pricing communication shapes the customers perception of value 7.  You must be prepared to lose some sales. Source: Leigh Caldwell:The Psychology of Price: How to use price to increase demand, profit and customer satisfaction SEVEN PRINCIPLES OF PRICING
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital Three Principles of Anchoring 1.  The perception of price is often based on the context. 2.  Decision making and the power of suggestion 3.  Avoiding extremes Source: Price Intelligently Optimize-Your-Pricing-Strategy TECHNIQUE: PRICE ANCHORING
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital Four Options: 1. Control 2. Variation A – (SAVE £22) 3. Variation B – (SAVE 38%) 4. Variation C – remove ‘(cancel anytime)’ from monthly WHICH TEST WON? 12.5%overall increase in subscriptions for Variation A (SAVE £22)
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital 1.  Control - Annual £39.99 (Save £44) 2. Variation – £3.33 per month (£39.99 annually) WHICH TEST WON? 77%overall increase in annual subscriptions for the Variation
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital Consider the range of price options available and test • This could apply to product or service costs, delivery costs, etc Run tests to make price more transparent • What do people get for their money • Test messaging that explains what people are paying for Control comparisons • Test using competitor prices for comparisons PRICE & PRICE FRAMING TAKEAWAYS
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital 2. PROPOSITION TESTING
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital Watch clip: “ The second a visitor comes to you they have in mind: “Why should I buy from you versus all your competitors?” You need to display clear unique value propositions or unique campaign propositions. Everyone who is successful in online conversion is doing this. If you’re not, you’re wasting your time. Bryan Eisenberg, Godfather of CRO
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital We can define this as 'Why should I buy from you'. Typically this is a short statement that is displayed prominently on the site. Here are a few examples: • ASOS: "Discover fashion online” • Naked Wines: "We are a customer funded wines business" UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION (UVP)
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital GLOBAL HEADER UVP
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital USPs - Unique Selling Proposition USPs are more focused on the shopping experience and what advantages visitors gain from shopping with you. Examples: • Free next day delivery over £50 • 365 Day Returns • The Official Online Store • The UK's largest stockist UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITIONS (USPS)
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital PRODUCT PAGE USP
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital BASKET PAGE USPS
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital Unique Campaign Propositions - UCP’s are messages based on specific campaigns or promotions. These messages will often be time limited. Examples: • Last Christmas Deliveries on 18th Dec • XX% off this weekend only • Free next day delivery all week UNIQUE CAMPAIGN PROPOSITIONS
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital UNIQUE CAMPAIGN PROPOSITIONS
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital THE NORTH FACE USP BAR TEST
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital BEFORE AFTER 4.35% increase in CR This equated to a six-figure increase in revenue.
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital GET REVISING SIGN-UP TABLE TEST
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital GET REVISING SIGN-UP TABLE “ Price doesn’t put me off, although the basic package is more than enough for me. I think the site has already got everything I need. Moderated User testing participants
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital GET REVISING SIGN-UP TABLE 185%increase in premium subscriptions with a small drop in free subscription. This was seen to be a good trade-off. You have more features held back to encourage people to subscribe at a later date.
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital Test what features/functionality is given for free and what is paid for Test how your proposition is displayed/ framed on your site Test offering different thresholds for free delivery Test introducing urgency to the process PROPOSITION TESTING TAKEAWAYS
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital This opens up the top of the conversion funnel. This is likely to be the point where you have the largest number of potential test participants. Search for landing or key site pages with high bounce rates or those that rarely lead to conversions Key Areas to Test • Homepage • Top landing pages • Brand sites/Brand content OPTIMISING FOR ENGAGEMENT
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital RUSH HAIR HOMEPAGE TEST
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital BEFORE AFTER 10.2%performance improvement in booking conversion rate
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital MARKED BY TEACHERS ESSAY DETAIL PAGE
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital BEFORE AFTER 10% improvement in CR
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital BEFORE AFTER 6.8% improvement in CR
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital Let users know that they have landed in the right place Make sure that pages have a clear focus and visual hierarchy. Users need to know where to begin. Test both simplifying the experience and adding in more detail A smaller amount of highly qualified visitors can trump large amounts of un- qualified visitors and convert better ENGAGEMENT OPTIMISATION TAKEAWAYS
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital Testing towards the end of your funnel helps to convert users who are closest to converting and tend to have higher intent. Improvements here opens up the bottom of the conversion funnel. Simplifying and removing issues that slow momentum is crucial. Key Areas to Test • Checkout (login, delivery, payment) • Contact/Sign-up forms OPTIMISING FOR CONVERSIONS
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital THE STUDENT ROOM HOMEPAGE TEST
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital BEFORE AFTER 72% improvement in Registrations from the homepage
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital BEFORE AFTER 7.4% CR improvement from sign-up page
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital Don’t be afraid to offer visitors an opportunity to convert at an early stage Use persuasive techniques to pull users through (not push!) Simplify forms to the bare minimum fields required Reduce errors. There’s a huge correlation between users getting an error and abandoning the funnel Provide key supporting proposition messaging throughout the process Re-enforce positive messages (e.g. security in checkout) CONVERSION OPTIMISATION TAKEAWAYS
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital With the right kind of research and preparation the odds are stacked in your favour. Therefore: Be data driven. Be bold. Medium risk, high reward. FINAL TAKEAWAY
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital Conversion optimisation case studies Usability best practice User research insights CRO presentation slides Persuasive design slides Research & optimisation tools One final resources link...
  • @matt_lacey12 #CampDigital Are there any questions? THANKS FOR LISTENING MATT LACEY Head of Optimisation @matt_lacey12