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Robert Clay: Valued Based Curation in a Volume Based World



Robert's keynote from Like Minds Autumn 2010: Creativity and Curation

Robert's keynote from Like Minds Autumn 2010: Creativity and Curation



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    Robert Clay: Valued Based Curation in a Volume Based World Robert Clay: Valued Based Curation in a Volume Based World Presentation Transcript

    • Achieving market leadership Through creativity+curation Through creativity+curation
      • Robert Clay
    • 1. Achieving Market leadership in my 20’s
    • Market Leadership in my 20’s
      • Started first business at 19 with no capital
      • Developed revolutionary method of preventing motor vehicle corrosion
        • clean
        • odourless
        • better application tools and procedures
        • Pioneered use of medical endoscopes
      The process that revolutionised the industry
    • Curation soon kicked in ... (Years before it was known by that name) (Years before it was known by that name) Developed step by step treatment procedures for every car model Awarded Coveted AA Seal of Approval As soon as a new model was launched we’d strip it apart and develop a procedure Approved
    • Achieved 40% Local market share All other competitors had 17% combined share nationally Started getting visits from all the big names
    • Offers soon poured in ... We said “thanks but no thanks” to all the offers
    • Agreed to supply know-how Global companies sought our knowledge
    • Exclusive deal with Castrol Castrol manufactured products to our specification We were permitted to use Castrol branding The first and ONLY time in 108 years that a third party has been granted exclusive rights to Castrol branded products
    • Started franchising
      • Achieved massive press coverage
      • Effortlessly picked up top 20% of other people’s franchisees who represented 80% of their business
      • Started expanding globally
      Without curation none of this would have happened!
    • Started 2nd business at 23
      • Invented the glass sunroof for cars
      • Reduced fitting time from 3-4 days to 45 mins
      • Manufactured in UK and US, and sold worldwide
      • Developed UK market to 250,000 units a year in 3 years
      Became 3rd largest sunroof manufacturer in Europe in 3 years
    • Sold to No.2 Co. in Scandinavia
      • Received a call from division of Astra Pharmaceutical when in Singapore. They “preferred to work with us than compete against us”
      • Eventually sold both businesses — I was integral part of the deal
      • They needed an entrepreneur, but they were rare in Sweden
      • They wanted car manufacturers to carry out corrosion prevention in production, but none would embrace the concept because they thought people would hold on to their cars longer
      • They thought I could convince them ...
    • Developed robot technology for car production lines Supplied products, know-how and technology worldwide In 4 years secured business with EVERY car, truck, bus and aircraft manufacturer
    • “Wrote the book” on the subject These processes became THE industry standard, still used to this day Within 4 years we were No.1 in world Curation was at the heart of this success
    • 2. Building an unprecedented knowledgebase
    • My marketing skills were sought after were sought after So next move was into marketing consultancy
    • Built a massive marketing library ...
      • Added to my knowledge by getting to know many top names in marketing
      • Built up large collection of books, audio and video materials
      • Started writing up extensive notes on every facet of marketing
      Collection includes many rare originals. Every item thoroughly researched before purchase
    • Went Digital Mid 90’s Wanted instant, fully searchable, access to my knowledge without being tied to any one location
    • Built vast artificial intelligence knowledgebase
      • All materials digitised over time
      • Organised into vast interconnected map, like a mega mind map
      • Now contains over 3.5 million pages of notes
      • Equivalent to 14,000+ full sized books
      • Content still building up every day
      • It can be transported wherever I go
    • Content Builds Up every day
      • Notes and relevant content added from book and audio collection
      • Monitor RSS feeds from over 500 newspapers, magazines, blogs and online sources
      • Keep up with latest thinking via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
      • Paper.li produces 280-360 relevant curated links a day
      • With two clicks content automatically added to right parts of the knowledgebase so it’s there when I need it. Wonderful for research.
      • Can rapidly gather everything needed into my chosen writing tool
    • Knowledgebase In Action ...
    • The Home Screen structure resembles vast interconnected mindmap Contains layer upon layer of data ... 3.5M pages worth!
    • This search for “story” found 11,949 documents in 0.005 secs Can find anything in a fraction of a second
    • Helping people with information overload
      • Vast volume of information available today
      • No normal person can sort the worthwhile from the mediocre or convert it all into useable wisdom
      • The information is too widely dispersed and people are too stretched, too short of time and too stressed
      “ More information is now produced in 2 days than was produced in all time before 2003” — Eric Schmidt, CEO Google
    • Helping people with information overload
      • 200 days a year invested into seeking, filtering, distilling and synthesising vast quantities of the best data out there
      • The best bits brought together and turned into useable knowledge, step by step processes and real wisdom to solve real business situations
      200 days a year invested in content curation!
    • Helping people with information overload
      • As information multiplies, the ability to distill, process, research and present useable and relevant information becomes increasingly necessary
      • It saves people days, weeks, months and years of their time
      • They get exactly what they need to know so they don’t have to do this distillation and research for themselves
      How can you reduce information overload for people who need your area of expertise?
    • Curating your own knowledge
      • But you can start with product like Evernote: www.evernote.com
        • It connects all the computers and phones you use daily
        • You can capture content in one place and access it from another
        • If you can see it or think of it, Evernote can help you organise it, find it and remember it
        • Create multiple notebooks. Search for anything. Remember everything. Access it from any computer or phone
    • Evernote in action See something you like on the web? Clip it with a single click and you’ll have it for ever
    • Start the curation process
      • Set up RSS feeds in Google reader. Monitor newspapers, magazines and blogs of interest from your computers and smartphones
      • Follow people on Twitter, LinkedIn and facebook who add value in areas that interest you
      • Set up a Paper.li account based on a quality list of content providers
      Clip everything of interest into Evernote (or equivalent)
    • 3. Empowering others to make a quantum leap
    • the World’s top marketers all said ...
      • People seek their knowledge, often paying £50-100K or more for their knowledge and expertise
      • Then they do nothing discernible with the information
      • They also invest in books but do nothing with the information
      • They invest in audio and video materials and attend seminars but do nothing with the information
      Less than 1% ever implement what they learn!
    • Why don’t people Implement?
      • They’re too busy and stretched to figure out what to do, how everything inter relates, and how to execute well
      • They don’t have the time or inclination to immerse themselves in knowledge
      • They never gain more than a superficial understanding of the content or how to use it effectively
      • They never get a chance to fully engage with the knowledge and build it into everything they do
      Even the best intentions soon get overtaken by the immediate demands of running a business
    • The Workshop that changed everything
      • I realised 10 years ago that people were seeking quick fixes (that never worked) and overlooked two critical needs:
        • IMMERSION in the knowledge, and
        • ENGAGEMENT with the content
      • The answer was an intensive 3-day, 30-hour workshop designed to fully immerse and engage participants
      • Aim: to impart more knowledge to participants over 3 days than most people would experience from a lifetime in business
    • 53 topics covered in 3 days
      • Building your marketing foundations
      • Lead generation
      • Sales conversion
      • Maximising transaction values
      • Increasing transaction frequency
      • Customer retention
      • Optimising your business
      • Building layer upon layer of strategies
      Wrote special computer software to immerse and engage participants
    • Workshop software in action
    • Results?
      • Last 315 participants uncovered £423 million in hidden revenues from their top 4 strategies alone, i.e. Average £1.34 million each!
      • Participants curate their own information into their blueprint
      • Everyone emerges with an entirely different perspective
      • They leave knowing exactly what’s required to transform their business
      • Many go on to become market leaders
      Approach adds enormous value to process. Makes it useful to people. The’ll pay good money for these outcomes
    • Case Study
      • Met sports nutrition expert, age 23. Spare bedroom business
      • After 4 years: largest sports nutrition company in Europe
      • After 6 yrs: won Ernst & Young national “Entrepreneur of the Year” award (The year before: Stelios of EasyJet)
      • After 7 yrs: First mentioned in Sunday Times Rich List
      • After 8 yrs: sold £10M stake to private equity co
      • After 11 yrs: sold £75M stake to another private equity co
        • 35 bidders, including Nestle, Unilever and private equity cos
    • Times Article Jun 2004 Saturday 19 June 2004
    • FT, December 2007 Sold £75M Stake Dec ’07 Friday 14 December 2007 Without curation, immersion and engagement these results wouldn’t have been the same
    • What can you do?
      • How can you add value to any content you curate?
      • You could pull together your own best practice procedures ...
      • You could write blogs, articles and books to share your curated knowledge with the world
      • You could deliver seminars, workshops and webinars that save people time and give them the cohesive content they’re seeking
      • You could publish audio or video content
      Today’s tools make it easy to do all of these things from virtually any computer or smartphone Why not give some content away to build a following, then charge for the really in-depth stuff?
    • 4. Building on lessons learned
    • The big question ...
      • So what do you do when people can get all the content they want for free? You need to recognise that:
        • Everyone suffers from information overload
        • Nobody has enough time to pull together content on their non-core activities from millions of dispersed sources
        • People need to be immersed in and engaged with the content before they will act
        • Only 1% act on knowledge imparted without further support
      Provide immersion and engagement and people will happily pay
    • How I Monetizable My Curated knowledge
      • I run Eureka, a mentoring program for aspiring market leaders
      • Participants meet with me face to face, by invitation only, for a one-day immersive workshop every 90 days
      • Each workshop introduces another fully developed marketing strategy that can be implemented immediately
      • Each strategy has years of experience, curated knowledge, research, development and real-world testing behind it
      • The aim of the program is to build a market leading business that grows almost entirely by word of mouth
    • Eureka: Mentoring Aspiring Market Leaders
      • Program provides immersion , engagement and accountability
      • Each phase is structured and delivered over 3 years
        • Phase 1: building your foundations for exponential growth
        • Phase 2: building the ultimate sales machine
        • Phase 3: Attaining and maintaining high net margins for your sector; growing loyal clients and turning those clients into zealous advocates who talk about you continuously and spontaneously whether you’re there or not
    • Step by step implementation roadmaps ... Step by step implementation plans like this simply don’t exist elsewhere, and aren’t available at any price
    • Curated content also used to ...
      • Write blogs, and articles
      • Create seminars
      • Create in-depth workshops
      • Write in-depth books
      • Create audio recordings
      • Create video content
      In-depth workshop in progress
    • Results?
      • One participant—in a sector particularly hard hit by the recession—has increased profit targets by 500% over past 4 years. They’re routinely exceeding those targets by as much as 160%. They’ve also gone from a relative unknown to one of the most successful businesses of their type in the UK
      • Another started a 2-man business just last year. His revenues now exceed £100,000 a month and he won the North East of England Entrepreneur of the Year award
      These are just two examples People WILL pay for content, if you add sufficient value. And they’ll pay you well
    • So what can you do?
      • How can you get paid for the content you create?
      • What should you give away free of charge?
      • What unique products/content can you build from your curation?
      • How can you immerse and engage people in your content? Unless you provide those extra value added dimensions they won’t pay
      • What can you do to save them time, effort, frustration, and/or help them achieve significantly better outcomes?
      • What are people willing to pay good money for?
      I add masive value for aspiring market leaders. What’s your angle?
    • Conclusion
    • Summary
      • Creativity+curation have been central to my entire working life
      • Have written books, manuals and procedures from early age to share my curated knowledge with others. Today also write articles and blogs, and run regular seminars and workshops
      • My 3-day workshops provide immersion and engagement; and have near legendary status
      • Eureka provides seriously in-depth roadmaps, ongoing immersion, engagement, peer-group support, accountability and knowledge that can’t be found elsewhere
      That’s how I add value. Now what can you do?
    • If you’d like to learn more ...
      • As a LikeMinds participant if you’d like see some of my content curation at work, you’re welcome to attend one of my 2-hr seminars in London or Bristol in November at half price. Seek me out and use the discount code on the back of my business card to book online.
      • Visit: marketingwizdom.com/events . Offer expires in 10 days.
      • To see more content curation at work, visit: marketingwizdom.com/freebook and you can download a copy of my book “Introduction to low-risk/high-return marketing strategies”
      • Twitter: @marketingwizdom
      Now tell me your ideas for adding value in your area of expertise