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Guy Clapperton: Show Me The Money: A Sanity Check For Monetizing Community

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Guy's keynote at Like MInds Autumn 2010: Creativity and Curation

Guy's keynote at Like MInds Autumn 2010: Creativity and Curation

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  • 1. Show me the money @guyclapperton
  • 2. I have over 4.5K followers
    • And they’ve all sent me £7.50!
    • I have £33,750
    • New car, deposit on a house..?
  • 3. That was, of course, a fib So what are we all doing on social media?
  • 4. Social is sharing
    • Twitter links
    • Facebook links
    • Buzz links (just kidding…)
    • Music links through Ping, Blip.fm etc.
  • 5. Social is influencing
    • Facebook claimed 50% of its active users use its site every day
    • 35m FB users upgrade their status every day
    • There were 27.3m Tweets every day by the end of 2009
    • Source: econsultancy.com
  • 6. Social is not making money
    • Let’s exclude the leisure use
    • Paid-for newspapers available for nothing
    • Murdoch derided for Times Paywall
  • 7. Think about it…
    • Facebook slated every time it tries to monetise user info
    • Twitter claims to be about to sell ads but isn’t yet making a profit
    • Users being trained to expect stuff for nothing?
  • 8. Stuff you can have for free
    • Accounts
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Google Docs
    • Spotify
    • LinkedIn
    • Buzz (again, a few people do!)
    • Stuff
    • Music
    • Office automation
    • Video
    • Photo storage
    • Social networks
    • Business networks
  • 9. Nobody wants to pay for anything So where does this become sustainable?
  • 10. Real life
    • Stuff costs
    • Food, mortgage isn’t free
    • Disconnect
  • 11. Influence v profit
    • It has become entirely possible to be very influential on Twitter etc. without making any profit whatsoever. There are online measurements available. Free, of course.
  • 12. Times Paywall
    • Much derided
    • “Murdoch will lose influence”
    • But is a tenth as many paying users a bad thing?
  • 13. No model
    • How does this work?
    • Where do we complain?
    • Where’s the money for innovation?
  • 14. Prepare for change This can’t go on forever
  • 15. There needs to be a debate
    • Sensible, rational
    • Discussion on how we make this sustainable
    • A lot of businesses depend on stuff for which they’re not paying
  • 16. Culture shift
    • Generation expects freebies
    • Ironically they’re going to be stuck with our bills
    • Is this a slow-moving double whammy?
  • 17. Conclusions
    • Current model is like the sixties – full of idealists who want to offer everything for free
    • We may be due the seventies/eighties – reality check plus recessions!
  • 18. Guy Clapperton Clapperton.tel
  • 19. A quick word about .tel
    • .Tel has kindly sponsored me to appear here
    • Online business card – updatable by mobile phone
    • One point of contact for all devices