Trends in the digital/physical world - December 2013


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Another update of our presentation of technique, gadgets, campaigns and buzz that we like and are inspired by.

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Trends in the digital/physical world - December 2013

  1. 1. Trends in the digital/physical world Ideas, techniques and gadgets that we find interesting
  2. 2. Humblebee Humblebee is a new digital studio. Together we fuse research, creativity, design and technology with a focus on creating social, interactive and smart solutions. With a humble attitude, we strive to explore the forefront of technological development and innovation. We deliver everything from concept and design to responsive web, mobile apps, campaign sites and installations that inspire, challenge, motivate and engage users. Our focus is to deliver effective projects based on a lean approach with a focus on prototyping and early evaluation according to build, measure, learn.
  3. 3. The humblebees
  4. 4. 1 Techkidz The Future of Children
  5. 5. Play-i Delightful Robots for Children to Program
  6. 6. Kano A Computer Everyone Can Make
  7. 7. Codeacadamy Releases New Educational App
  8. 8. Will 3D printing change everything?
  9. 9. The rise of virtual manufacturing
  10. 10. v Will 3D Printing Change Everything?
  11. 11. ReThink The Agency With The Most Awards In The World
  12. 12. 3 Commerce How technology is changing our shopping habits
  13. 13. Amazon Prime Air Drone Deliveries
  14. 14. Apple iBeacon Apple Guides Shoppers Inside Stores
  15. 15. Coin All Your Cards. One Coin.
  16. 16. Uber Christmas Trees On Demand
  17. 17. 4 Big data does great good
  18. 18. Automate your digital life
  19. 19. Fun gadgets creating a healthier community
  20. 20. Temboo Code, Make, Create - The Internet of Everything
  21. 21. Delivering brilliant services without exessice data collection
  22. 22. Nest Protect Love Your Smoke Alarm
  23. 23. Goldee Light Controller
  24. 24. Touch Board Interactivity Everywhere
  25. 25. Fake Hands Let Runners High-Five Their Friends Online
  26. 26. British Airways Plane Detecting Billboards
  27. 27. Samsung All Eyes On The S4
  28. 28. Thanks and goodbye! Re-imagine the boring things and make them engaging +46 72 171 50 20
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