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eat | the cookbook
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eat | the cookbook


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our cookbook is a package of all the artwork and design needed for a modern brand. …

our cookbook is a package of all the artwork and design needed for a modern brand.

we are a branding studio who designs engaging and forward-thinking visual solutions that people instinctually connect with.

our mission is to bring more color to people’s lives.

we're a brand. we create brands. we are eat.

Published in: Design, Business
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  • 1. what is it? the cookbook keeps your brand and all its visual elements fresh, clean, and ready for that hot date. our cookbook is a package of all the artwork and design needed for a modern brand. this includes layout of physical media like business cards and stationery as well as installation on your various web and social sites. it is the design, organization, and execution of all the visual material that make up your brand's identity.
  • 2. what do you get? a good looking company that people instinctually connect with. when your visual brand looks good, is easy to engage with, and functions smoothly, people are happy. people remember what made them happy and always return for more of that feeling and connection. from the social media graphics to business cards to merchandise, the visuals will be engaging, attractive, consistent, and most importantly, representative of your values and taste.
  • 3. the ingredients we study your brand closely to find its strengths and weaknesses. from here we can create a strategy for improvement. one page websitewe create a ‘visual identity’ for your brand based on the people and passions behind it. by getting to know your interests, passions, and the design that you like, we formulate an identity that accurately represents your company. this visual identity is the path we follow one page website: a simple one-page website that acts as a multimedia business card. it contains all the information and links necessary for people to reach you and your social media sites. to design, develop and collaborate with you on artwork and brand imagery (custom avatar, facebook cover, background images, facebook tabs, etc.)
  • 4. the ingredients we will design and install branded graphics for social media: facebook twitter instagram linkedin pinterest google+ (profile picture, cover photo, tab thumbnails) (background, profile picture, cover photo) (profile picture) (profile picture and cover photo) (profile picture and board covers) (cover and profile picture) tab thumbnails: the small rectangular images that make the menu of a facebook page. found underneath the cover photo.
  • 5. the ingredients presentation template static but editable pages or full static presentation (title and content pages) (up to 7 pages) (keynote or powerpoint) editable template for a newsletter (mailchimp, constant contacts, etc) artwork design and layout for merchandise (one piece) t-shirt, mug, flash drive, you name it stationery business card letterhead one-sheet template graphic email signature splash page splash page: advertise to website visitors with a landing page banner.
  • 6. why design sells? good design improves functionality. a great brand knows their goals, their audience, and how to connect them through functional design. subtracting can often be as powerful as adding. we will help you determine which elements are essential to communicate your goals, and which are distracting. studies have shown that good design delivers a proven return on investment. your money is buying you the edge that many others don’t yet understand the value of. good design is a form of customer service, communicating directly with the client and answering questions before they need to be asked, offering solutions before there are problems. by thinking ahead with a design strategy, we prevent problems with functionality and usability. before they have a chance to tarnish your brand’s name or reputation. good design is more than just a pretty face, it's a developed strategy based on an understanding of the brand and its relationship to both its customers and competitors.
  • 7. our value propositions eat satisfies the needs, goals, and requirements of our discerning clients because we listen and we care. eat provides personalized and exclusive designs that are unique and hand crafted specifically for you. eat is emotionally involved in our work and takes pride in our relationships. we conduct extensive research in our clients’ fields, and take the extra steps necessary to best present their brand to the world. eat is at the cutting edge of visual coolness and nothing leaves our studio until we are proud to put our name on it. eat lives for customer service. our clients have already earned the right to be demanding and discriminating. our role is to provide top quality visual solutions.