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  • 1. We all know the worldhas changed but hasmarketing caught up?
  • 2. In 2009 humans produced more data than in the last 5000 years
  • 3. We are moving from an industrial age to anetworked economy andbusiness needs to reboot
  • 4. We need to bringback the customer
  • 5. We need to re-establishrelationships and buildtrust that has been lost
  • 6. Brands are not justcreated anymore; they areco-created by customersthrough the social web
  • 7. Loyaltyprogrammes shouldbe about brandscreating loyalty tocustomers - not theother way around
  • 8. Before you can get buy-in... ...you need to understand how it makes people FEEL
  • 9. Empowered Customers are more potent thanever; think of them as a channel NOT a target
  • 10. Your supportersare the message
  • 11. In every negative comment aboutyour brand, thereis the opportunity for you to learn
  • 12. The world’s strongest brands have both the strongest admirers & strongest detractors
  • 13. The future of webexperiences will bebased around People, notProducts
  • 14. Social is a disruption
  • 15. The EXPERIENCE becomes the SERVICE
  • 16. We are taught via schools, governments and corporates to be closed, selective & controllingThe exact opposite of Social
  • 17. Crowd Mediaunderstand this shift
  • 18. We are informal, direct andbuild strong relationshipswith our clients
  • 19. We don’t do one night stands
  • 20. We voice the unspeakable, challenge thestatus quo and getyou to look at your business honestly
  • 21. We include &inspire your people to nurture your customer experiences
  • 22. We believe inmeaningful disruption
  • 23. We are a new breed of marketershelping brands navigate the digital and social landscape
  • 24. “We need to use the internet to getoff the internet & form a 21stCentury Civil Society” Scott Heiferman
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