PLP Digital Citizenship for School Leaders


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This was presented to a Powerful Learning Practice (PLP) Leadership Cohort on 10/27/10.

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PLP Digital Citizenship for School Leaders

  1. 1. S Digital Citizenship for School Leaders Wendy Drexler, PhD University of Florida
  2. 2. FUD Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt What are your fears with regard to giving students open access to digital tools?
  3. 3. Tales from the Trenches S Nightmare in the Media S Oh, Judy Blume! S The Middle School Identity Theft Caper S Your Mom Stole my Chainmail S Searching for “Porns” S The Content is Great! (Did you see those comments?) S Guess Who’s on YouTube…Maybe You! What are your tales from the trenches?
  4. 4. Reality
  5. 5. Are we asking the right questions? How do we protect our children from the dangers of the Internet?
  6. 6. Are we asking the right questions? How do we maximize the learning potential of the Internet and teach our children to use it responsibly?
  7. 7. Ribble’s Elements of Digital Citizenship S Digital Etiquette S Digital Communication S Digital Literacy S Digital Access S Digital Commerce S Digital Law S Digital Rights and Responsibilities S Digital Health and Wellness S Digital Security (Ribble, 2007)
  8. 8. Digital Citizenship for Learning SExternal influences SInternal needs
  9. 9. Practicing Digital Responsibility for Learning SAvoiding Inappropriate Content SCommunicating Responsibly SUsing Technology Appropriately
  10. 10. Tools that Facilitate Digital Responsibility for Learning S Well-balanced filtering policy S Community-developed Responsible Use Policy S Copyright guidelines for teachers and students S Creative Commons S Direct Instruction and Guidance S On going S Purposeful S Authentic
  11. 11. What can Leaders Do? S Check your paradigm S Use technology for your own professional development S Form a close bond with your network administrator S Support your teachers S Provide PD opportunities S Showcase best practices – allow time for sharing S Educate your community and involve them in planning
  12. 12. Leadership Resources S Digital Citizenship S Dangerously Irrelevant – Scott McLeod S Practical Theory – Chris Lehmann
  13. 13. Wendy Drexler, PhD S Email S Twitter @wendydrexler S Blog S Teach Web 2.0 Consortium S Website