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3d printing meetup


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  • 1. 3D Printing Meetup2/11 @ Berkeley Skydeck By Dreambox
  • 2. Why we are doing this?
  • 3. We3D Printing
  • 4. Please Sign-in•• 20 cm^3 coupons will be emailed to you
  • 5. Agenda• 3D Printing: What’s the hype about?• How the technology is being used today?• How you can get/make 3D models?• 3D printing vocabulary• 3D model design strategy• Cool 3D Printing Projects @ Cal
  • 6. 3D Printing: Whats the hype about?
  • 7. 3D Printed Guitar
  • 8. Sculptor Creates Open Source 3D Printed Humanoid
  • 9. Open Source 3D Printed Gun
  • 10. Staples to offer in store 3D Printing
  • 11. 3D Printed Clothing and Shoes
  • 12. 3D Printed Stem Cells
  • 13. 3D Printing Photo Booth
  • 14. Skyfall Makers 3D Print Bonds DB5
  • 15. A Brief History-Developed 30 years ago-Rapid Prototyping Machines-Experimented with in Labs Concept Power Drill MIT Media Lab
  • 16. Why Now? RepRap Technology Improvements Quality Improvements Venture Money+ End Products vs. Prototypes A Really Interesting Story
  • 17. 3D Printing to the Extremes:What impact could it have?
  • 18. Pay for digital models and print everything you need at home
  • 19. Product companies will become design firms
  • 20. Custom Everything
  • 21. Colonizing the Moon and Mars
  • 22. Self-replicating Robots and the end of Humanity
  • 23. The Nuts and Bolts of 3D Printing+ 3D printing is a manufacturing process+ Objective: getting a material in a particular state (usually solid), to a precise point in 3D space
  • 24. So many materials, so many solutions
  • 25. Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Thermoplastics (e.g. PLA, ABS), eutectic metals, edible materials
  • 26. Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Thermoplastics, metal powders, ceramic powders
  • 27. Electron Beam Melting Titanium Alloys
  • 28. Powder bed and inkjet head printing Plaster, Full-Color Models
  • 29. Laminated Object Manufacturing Paper, metal foil, plastic film
  • 30. Stereolithography Photopolymers
  • 31. 3D Printing EcosystemPrinter Manufacturers (consumer and enterprise)3D Printing Services (consumer facing and backend)3D Design and Printing Services3D Product Companies3D Printing Retail Stores
  • 32. It Takes more than a Printer3D Modeling Software- Hardcore- "Easy" to Use- Simple Customization3D Repositories3D ScanningFilament/ Materials Suppliers
  • 33. How is 3D printing is being used today?
  • 34. Engineering Club Swag: CalSol
  • 35. Chocolate
  • 36. Drones
  • 37. Model Plane Engines
  • 38. Buildings
  • 39. People are building businesses around 3D Printing: 3D Printed Jewelry 3D Printed Phone Accessories 3D Printed Glasses
  • 40. 3D Printing is cool, but you can’t doanything unless you have models…
  • 41. How you get models????
  • 42. CAD• Sketchup (great for beginners) –• Autodesk (decent amount of functionality) –• Solidworks (most ME students use this) –• Blender (great for animations) –• OpenScad (CAD for programmers/great for making “apps”) –
  • 43. Or…
  • 44. Get models from*Not everything is necessarily 3D printable
  • 45. Save as .stl• Save your model as a .stl file – Be careful what units you save in – Be careful what resolution you save in • Not too high or too low• Have a student version of Solidworks? – Save as .stl with eDrawings – tm
  • 46. Now for some vocabulary…
  • 47. 3D Printing Vocabulary *pertains mainly to FDM• Layers• Walls• Fill• Supports• Build Platform• Filament• Extruders• Build Envelope
  • 48. Vocabulary: Layers• Layers are 0.4 mm wide and 0.1 to 0.27 mm thick• Resolution means usually means how thin the layers are
  • 49. Vocabulary: WallsMinimum wall thickness is 0.4 mm (based on layer width)
  • 50. Vocabulary: Fill10% vs. 50% vs. 100%
  • 51. Supports
  • 52. Vocabulary: Build Platform
  • 53. Filament
  • 54. Vocabulary: Extruder HeadSquirts out filament onto build platform at 210-230 degrees celsius
  • 55. Vocabulary: Build Envelope/Volume
  • 56. General Strategies for FDM• Not all models are 3D printable• Good resources for guidelines: – ndTricks/index.htmldreambox – – Feel free to email us too at and we will be happy to help!
  • 57. Cool 3D Printing Projects @ Cal
  • 58. There are endless possibilities with 3D printing!
  • 59. • Eric Sweet, Sophomore ME, CAD (Solidworks) enthusiast, satisfied Dreambox customer!• Some of my designs and prints:The Wall (from Game of Thrones) Our CampanileCoit tower, GGB, TransAmerica Pyramid, Big Ben, etc. coming soon!
  • 60. Future Dreambox 3D Printing Projects• Come CAD with Dreambox!• Want to hang out here with Dreambox and attend some informal CADing and printing infosessions? – Meet weekly or biweekly HERE at Dreambox HQ – Ask questions, CAD together, print your designs, and learn from and help teach your fellow 3D modeling hobbyists your CAD skills!
  • 61. 3D Modeling Project• I’d like to lead a CAD project this semester• Idea: 3D model (relatively) to scale all the major buildings on Campus– 3D Print designs and build a 3D “map” of UC Berkeley!• Fun semester-long goal, great opportunity to learn, improve upon, and share your 3D modeling skills.• If interested, come talk to me in a few minutes and we’ll talk more about the project!
  • 62. Get creative, experiment with new designs, and challenge the3D printer…… The outcomes may surprise you!
  • 63. 3D Printing @ Cal• Facebook group• All of these slides will be posted there• You should all join! – – Posted on the Facebook event page – How we will coordinate CAD/3D printing projects
  • 64. Thanks for coming! Like us on Join 3D Printing @ Cal!