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PluribusFund presented at the Washington, DC Economic Partnership's (WDCEP) & Small Business Administration's (SBA) Alternative Sources of Funding event held on September 26, 2013. PluribusFund, a new DC-based startup, is a Crowdfunding Portal designed to channel investment in local DC Metro projects that strengthen and enrich our communities.

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Alternative Sources of Funding | PluribusFund

  1. 1. PluribusFund DC Metro Crowdfunding Platform Crowdfunding Briefing
  2. 2. What is PluribusFund? PluribusFund, a new DC-based startup, is a Crowdfunding Portal designed to channel investment in local DC Metro projects that strengthen and enrich our communities.
  3. 3. But What Is Crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is the collective effort of many individuals who network and pool their money via the Internet to support projects initiated by other people or organizations.
  4. 4. Examples of Crowdfunding Campaigns Tesla Science Center A coalition of Nikola Tesla fans raised over $850,000 in six days on to create a museum dedicated to the inventor. As of today, the campaign has raised over $1,370,000 towards the museum. Pebble E-Paper Watch Pebble Technology raised over $10M on to develop and deploy programmable watches based on e-paper (similar to Amazon Kindle). Donations over $99 included pre-payment for watches and other perks.
  5. 5. Popular Crowdfunding Platforms Name: Description: Kickstarter Largest crowdfunding platform in the world, primarily focused on creative projects like art, consumer products and video games RocketHub Similar to Kickstarter, yet projects can receive funds even if they do not reach the target Indiegogo National crowdfunding site, focused on a wide array of fundraising campaigns and not just creative projects Fundly Excellent fundraising site for charity. PluribusFund New DC-based crowdfunding site, focused on local organizations and non-profits
  6. 6. Crowdfunding Demographics Age: People aged 25-42 are highly likely to view a crowdfunding campaign positively; older donors less so. Gender: Slightly more men than women have participated in crowdfunding campaigns. Education: Participants in crowdfunding campaigns are likely to have completed a four-year degree. Income: Higher wage-earners (>$100k/year) are more open to crowdfunding than any other income bracket. Crowdfunding can help social enterprises and non- profits engage local enthusiastic community-minded younger donors, a demographic that many organizations have difficulty engaging. Target Demographics:
  7. 7. OK, I’m Interested. What’s Next?  The first step is to identify a compelling project your organization has been hoping to support, and the appropriate “gifts” that can be given in exchange  Target project size for inaugural class of projects is $10,000 - $30,000  “Gifts” can be almost anything: a T-shirt, an invitation to a donor party, or even something as simple as recognition in a newsletter  To engage users, we will need to create a compelling narrative and accompanying media (pictures, video, etc.) to convey the benefits of the project
  8. 8. What Else Do I Need To Provide? To protect users and to build project credibility, campaigns also need some additional important information:  Biography/background of the Project Leader  Disclosure of organization ownership  Budget/plans for how the raised funds will be spent  Endorsement from your Leadership
  9. 9. How Can PluribusFund Help My Organization?  First and foremost, PluribusFund will help raise funds for a project your organization has been wanting to implement  We will connect your organization to new funding sources in key local, professional demographics  We will lend as much support as necessary to help make each project a success, to include:  Helping to write project marketing materials  Supporting town-hall meetings for interested investors and donors  Providing the IT platform and web advertising  Assisting project budgeting and analysis
  10. 10. How does PluribusFund Benefit?  We are helping you raise funds, you are helping us build a sustainable, local business  PluribusFund is a for-profit entity, designed to channel local community investment and engagement  Our business model is commission-based  The more successful you are, the more successful we will be
  11. 11. How To Get In Touch  For more information please reach out to: Brian Whitesides  You can find out more at:  Thank you for taking the time to review our presentation, we hope to hear from you!
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