Don't let your Baby die! 10+ Web App survival tips


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Marketing is the hardest part running a web app business, because there is much more to it than just an innovative idea and technical knowledge. Put it simple, without marketing no one cares about your great idea and your cool new service. Marketing is not about selling anymore, it‘s all about communicating and connecting with your audience, creating value and involvement. But first you have to create a lively and expressive brand identity.

This presentation is about branding and marketing a technical innovation and should function as an interactive, hands-on session, packed with strategy tips and best practice examples.

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Don't let your Baby die! 10+ Web App survival tips

  1. Don’t let your Baby die! 10+ web app survival tips
  2. #appvertising Wolf Becvaruse the hashtagHI.
  3. vote for us
  4. Click me I’m useful!
  5. Hands-On Session coming later on
  6. Who the hell needs marketing?
  7. Source:
  8. “He who fails to plan is planning to fail. - Winston Churchill
  9. Marketing has changed forever!
  11. # 1 “Everything is marketing. - Jason Fried 37signals
  12. # 2 Don’t ignore your brand!
  13. Who the f**k are you?What makes you special? Why should I care?
  14. that ’s a claim
  15. # 3 Build social capital!
  16. “This sucks! - Anonymus
  17. ResearchReact Identify Act Listen Learn
  18. # 4 Engage from day -100
  19. Pre Launch Growth Maturity Word of mouth & viral, Blogosphere referral, A-List customers, Twitter, Facebook, Communities, Conferences, Meet-Ups Direct Mail PR Internet Advertising - opt-in email list - Company blog - Ad-Words - betatesters - Xing, LinkedIn ... - Banner ads - Conferences - Magazines - Blogposts - Compiled Lists SEO web-app list cheat sheet- optimized page markup - organic search
  20. [App]itecture
  21. # 5Choose your market, business model and pricing strategy carefully very
  22. Where do you fit in?
  23. •niche vs. total market•free vs. paid• what would you pay?• charge from day 1 (beta?)• don‘t be innovative - be really boring• run A/B tests• re-jig over time free pricing video
  24. # 6 Love your metrics metrics cheat-sheet
  25. • Use Google Analytics/Piwik
  26. • Build a customized backend & track your traffic
  27. # 7 Worship your UX
  28. • Usability happens during wireframing
  29. •Make signing up as simple as possible
  30. •Provide an experience for your visitors
  31. •Run usability tests•
  32. # 8Provide kick-ass support
  33. # 9Don’t over feature
  34. Source:
  35. #10 Be passionate
  36. Casestudy
  37. Hands-On SessionCollecting feedback on RepoDrop•What’s the first thing thatcomes into your mind whenlooking at the website?•What could be the reasons thatthe service is lacking sign-ups?
  38. Hands-On please email feedback to this address
  39. THANKS. ping me!
  40. Linklist• Venture Hacks -• A Smart Bear -• WebAppers -• TechCrunch -• Smashing Magazine -• Inspired Magazine -• UX Booth -• Signal Vs. Noise -• Mashable -• Think Vitamin - Get in touch for Fowndr (Start-up Community) invites!