The Mobile platform evolution

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The Mobile platform evolution

  • Smartphone growth in less than 4 years surpasses 30 years of PC growth

  • Likewise Tablet growth surpasses PCs in only 4 years

  • Smartphones have quickly become the computer of choice worldwide

  • Mobile puts the processing power of a mainframe into the hands of the entire world

  • Smartphone sales hit nearly 1.5M units in 2015

  • Drones as flying smartphones? - voice, video, messaging, GPS. What's next?

  • Mobile Internet is the Internet. Smartphones and tablets account for over 50% of internet access in 2015

  • Why Facebook is a mobile first company

  • Mobile is not just physical location, it also means in home and on WiFi

  • Mobile is not a niche use case of the internet

  • Build for mobile first and the opportunity is exponentially greater

  • While Android is greater proportion of smartphone units vs iOS, iOS is a much greater proportion of Black Friday sales in 2015 - it's about the mobile purchasing experience

  • Extending the user interaction througout the OS platform through the App experience is key to owning the ecosystem

  • A mobile platform is not limited to the smartphone OS alone

  • The cycle continues from a generic Web experience to standalone mobile apps and now to a bundled platform experience keeping the user engaged within a multi-functional proprietary platform.

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