Go Bananas 2013 Informa Event Organiser Pack


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Go Bananas 2013 Informa Event Organiser Pack

  1. 1. Go Bananas! 2013 Event Organiser Pack
  2. 2. Welcome to Go B ananas! with Informa 20 13Welcome to the seventh year of Go Bananas! with Informa in aid of World CancerResearch Fund.This pack is intended to help you with planning and organising your own Go Bananas!event and includes a step-by-step guide, an order form to request a banana costumeand free WCRF promotional materials, as well as useful information on health and safetyadvice and details on where to send the money you raise.By taking part in this event, not only will you and your colleagues have a great day,monkeying around and Going Bananas! you’ll also be raising vital funds for WCRF’sscientific research and cancer prevention education programmes.Our 7th year of Going Bananas is approaching. Altogether we raised a superb £78K last year, all ofwhich went to the World Cancer Research Fund. In the UK we had a fantastic turnout despite the rain.Some runners across the globe were able to beat their personal bests, others walked, even pregnantor with umbrella in hand, which only goes to show that Go Bananas is for everyone.Many of the pictures can be seen in the gallery as well as a video of the soaking wet UK group:bit.ly/XYQrAaFor more Go Bananas news from 2012, see our page on indigo: bit.ly/YfMODUI’d like to see as many people as possible get involved this year. There are 7,500 of you who can raise£7,500 just by taking part as I am again personally pledging £1 per employee who Goes Bananas.This applies whether you’re doing a fun run or any other activity, whether that’s the Banana Olympicsin Dubai, scavenger hunts in the US, fruit smoothie sales, walk-a-thons, banana splits, or boatraces. Let’s all get involved, have some fun together and make a grand difference to support cancerprevention work worldwide.Let’s target £100k this year. So get training and try to get some personal sponsorship too!Peter Rigby 02
  3. 3. How ever yone at Informa makes a differ enceLast year more than 1,400 of you took part in over 20 events around the world.Together you raised an incredible £78,851. Here are some examples of how the moneyyou raise makes a difference.£10 allows a child living in a deprived area to be a member of the Great Grub Clubmagazine club for an entire year. The Great Grub Club encourages children to eat welland move more for better health.£100 can fund a scientist to carry out half-a-day of life-saving cancer preventionresearch, which will help shape the future of cancer research.£500 allows us to organise an education workshop for up to 20 healthprofessionals. Participants learn about the cancer prevention evidence, our 10Recommendations for Cancer Prevention and the potential barriers to talking aboutcancer prevention with patients.£10,000 will pay for a scientist to work on our Continuous Update Project (CUP)for 10 weeks. The database is the largest resource of scientific research on diet, bodyfatness and physical activity and cancer in the world.£70,000 will pay for the Great Grub Club for an entire year. The club educateschildren aged 4 to 11 and their families on the benefits of being healthy and givesthem the tools they need to achieve this, reaching thousands of children, families andteachers across the UK£100,000 will pay for the final two years of the four year long PEACH project,one of the major studies worldwide involved in studying children’s activity and eatingbehaviour, based at the University of Bristol.Research has shown that by eating well, moving more and staying in shape you canreduce your cancer risk. If we all did this, 2.8 million people around the world this yearwouldn’t have to hear the words, “you’ve got cancer.”Go Bananas! in 2013 to help us make this happen! 03
  4. 4. Step-by-st ep GuideIt couldn’t be easier, just follow these 5 simple stepsand you will be on your way to going bananas!W h e n? Choose a date for your event Hold your event on a date that is convenient for your office, Infoma are going to Go Bananas!Decide on and plan your event W h a t?Decide who should wear the banana costume and then walk, chase, skip or hop tobeat them across the finishing line. Or how about something different? A penalty shootout with the banana in goal? Or how about finding the banana on a treasure hunt?Here are some basic things you should consider – the type of event, number of peopleexpected, start and finish times, and whether insurance is needed. Also rememberto check the weather forecast before the big day.W h e r e? Find a venue and invite people Find a suitable venue, such as a playing field or a park near your office and find out whether you need permission to use it. Promote your event by including information such as your contact details, price and the date of the event on the enclosed poster. Photocopy and display it in prominent in the places around the office.Go Bananas on the day! How?Write a checklist and keep it to hand to help things run smoothly on the day.Give participants clear instructions and away you go. Don’t forget to add ‘havefun’ to your checklist!W hy? Raise money for WCRF This is a fun way to get involved in exercise whilst raising money for a great cause. Encourage participants to get sponsored (photocopy the enclosed sponsor form) or ask them to make a donation for taking part. You could also provide refreshments in return for a donation to WCRF, or you go thirsty! Contact us at informarun@wcrf.org for other fundraising ideas. 04
  5. 5. ! Healt h and Safety !Here are some basic guidelines which you can consider to ensure that participantshave a safe and fun time: !• Consider the physical limitations of participants: It would be unwise to select something that few can complete.• Make sure people are prepared to take part: For example do they need trainers, sports kit or specific equipment to join in?• Ensure there is water available: Either by providing it or advising participants to bring their own.• Please follow the health and safety guidelines of your chosen venue• Take a walk around the course beforehand: Note any potential hazards and be sure to point these out to participants• Please secure appropriate insurance cover for your event: Many venues will have the correct insurance to cover events on their premises, but do check for public liability cover to ensure that everyone is protected.• Always remember to treat the Banana with respect: No kicking or pushing the Banana and make sure all participants are aware of this.Informa and World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) will in no way be held responsiblefor any injury or illness incurred as a result of people taking part in Go Bananas!Participants take part in Go Bananas! at their own risk. 03 05
  6. 6. Event Regist rationPlease fill in the form below to order free promotional materials. Type of event: Date of event: Name: Business unit: Office address: Telephone number: Tell us about your event: Fundraising Mat er ialsIf you or your colleagues already have a Go Bananas! T-shirt and are happy to use this againplease bear this in mind when placing your order. Maximum Quantity Fundraising materials allowed per event required Event pack: medals and a banana costume 1 Balloons 10 Posters (email specific event details to informarun@wcrf.org) n/a Collection tins Printable Selection of AICR publications 1 set Small Medium T-shirt Large Extra LargePlease return this form to:Email: informarun@wcrf.orgFax: +44 (0)20 7343 4201 06
  7. 7. Please generously sponsorWorld Cancer Research Fund who is taking part in the charity event:(WCRF) is committed topreventing cancer. WCRFis the principal charitydedicated to the preventionof cancer through thepromotion of healthy diets,physical activity and weightmanagement.Scientists estimate that in support ofby making changes to the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF)food we eat, increasing theamount of physical activity wedo and maintaining a healthyweight, about a third of themost common cancers couldbe prevented. By spreadingthis message we hope thatmany thousands of lives willbe saved.The sponsorship moneythat you raise will helpWCRF continue its vitalscientific research andeducation programmes intocancer prevention.WCRF thanks you for yoursupport, time, effort andwishes you… The Corporate Team, World Cancer Research Fund, 22 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3HHGOOD LUCK! Tel: 020 7343 4200 Email: informarun@wcrf.org www.wcrf.org/informa Registered with the Charity Commission in England and Wales (Registered Charity No: 1000739) © 2013 World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK) Stopping cancer before it starts” 07
  8. 8. World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF)Sponsor form World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) can claim back the tax on every sponsorship donation and receive an extra 25% onName: every £1 donated at no extra cost to you!Address: Please tick the Gift Aid box if you would like to Gift Aid your generous donation, and clearly state your full name, home address and postcode. This information is necessary toPostcode: Tel: claim the Gift Aid. We do not use these details to mail you.Email: Remember: Full name + Home Address + Postcode + ✔ + Date Paid = Gift AidDate of event: Please note: You need to have paid an amount of income or capital gains tax equal to the amount of tax we claim back on the donation.PLEASE ASK YOUR SPONSORS TO COMPLETE THE FORM THEMSELVES First Name Surname Home address Postcode Total Gift Aid Date (use two lines if necessary) (use two lines if necessary) amount Declaration paid (please tick) YOUR FULL NAME HOME ADDRESS POSTCODE £20 ✔ DATE TOTAL £Please return your form and sponsor money to:The Corporate Team, World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF)22 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3HH For WCRF use only: Date money received Gift Aided donations £ Total tax to be reclaimed £ Please feel free to photocopy this form 08
  9. 9. Top 5 ideas for fundraising successBefore reading these top ideas, set up an online fundraising page atwww.wcrf.org/informa. It’s quick and easy to do and it’s the most important stepto get you on your way to raising vital funds to support World Cancer Research Fund. 1 Go Social 1 Email your fundraising link to family, friends asking them to sponsor you. Post it on your attach it to your email signature. and business contacts various social networks and22 Great Go Banana s! Bake Off Who makes the best and healthiest treats in the office? Visit www.wcrf-uk.org/recipes for inspiration. Then ask your colleagues to pay £1, taste each treat and vote for the winner. 3 No Go Ban something in the office for a day: swearing, using the going off in meetings, etc. lift, phones Anyone who breaks the ban has to pay a fine. Go to the R ac es44 reality from spor ting events, Organise an of fice sweepstake on anything Bananas nner in your Informa Go TV shows to wh o will be the fastest ru WCRF. winner and half goes to event! Half the money goes to the 5 The Credit Munch Ever wondered how much that lunch you buy everyday adds up to? A lifetime of lunches can cost £90,000, equivalent to £7.81 a day on lunch, drinks and other work-time snacks. Bring in lunch every day for a week instead, and donate the money you would have spent to WCRF! 09
  10. 10. £€ Paying-in Page $€If you are in the UKOnlineCheque £There are many different ways you can pay the money you have raised to World Cancer Research Fund.Pay in the money you have raised via your personal fundraising page at www.wcrf.org/informaPlease complete the following details, and send them to us, along with the money raised, so we canthank you for all your hard work and support! Name: Business unit: Office address: Postcode: Telephone: Email: Total collected: Cheques should be made payable to World Cancer Research Fund and sent, along with any sponsorshipforms, to: Go Bananas! with Informa, WCRF, 22 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3HHUK bank transferYou can make a UK bank transfer using the following details: Barclays Bank PLC Account name: World Cancer Research Fund Sort code: 20-20-15 Account number: 80988855Please can you also provide a reference of ‘Informa’ followed by your name.Once you have made the transfer please email informarun@wcrf.org to let us know.If you are overseasOnlinePay in the money you have raised via your personal fundraising page at www.wcrf.org/informaUK bank transferYou can make an international bank transfer using the details below: IBAN: GB08BARC20201580988855 SWIFT: BARCGB22 Bank: Barclays Bank PLC Bank Address: 128 High Street, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 1EL, UK Beneficiary Name: World Cancer Research FundPlease can you also provide a reference of ‘Informa’ followed by your name.Once you have made the transfer please email informarun@wcrf.org to let us know. 10
  11. 11. WCRF UK Guidelines for Cancer Prevention weight e althy t hr ah ou g e b ho to ut ai m life WEIGHT t be ea ph m ys d CANCER e CANCER ic ss all ce ya eat and avoid pro PREVENTION PREVENTION ctiv e every day i PHYSICAL DIET ACTIVITY dm na re ny it w m ay li fo c s, r3 0m re hoo fo od inutes or mo se m ostly plant The choices you make about food, physical activity and weight management can reduce your chances of developing cancer – choose mostly plant foods, limit red meat and avoid processed meat – be physically active every day in any way for 30 minutes or more – aim to be a healthy weight throughout life And, always remember – do not smoke or chew tobacco “Stopping cancer before it starts”About World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK)World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK) is the principal UK charity dedicated to the prevention ofcancer through the promotion of healthy diets and nutrition, physical activity and weight management.Our mission is to prevent cancer in the UK and worldwide through scientific research and a wide rangeof public education programmes.World Cancer Research Fund22 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3HH Tel: 020 7343 4200 Fax: 020 7343 4201Web: www.wcrf.org/informa Email: informarun@wcrf.orgTwitter: www.twitter.com/wcrf_uk Facebook: www.facebook.com/wcrfukBlog: www.cancer-prevention.orgRegistered in London, England No: 2536180. Registered with the Charity Commission in England and Wales (Registered Charity No:1000739).Registered Office: 22 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3HH © 2013 World Cancer Research Fund