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Neuron-Selling: How to use the Latest Neuroscience to Consistently Close Customers


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Neuron-Selling is a powerful new approach for sales professionals that leverages the Latest Neuroscience to Consistently Close Customers

Neuron-Selling is a powerful new approach for sales professionals that leverages the Latest Neuroscience to Consistently Close Customers

Published in: Business

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  • “….50% to 90% of materials created by marketing to support sales are never used by sales people.” American Marketing Association  “Talk to any salesperson at a B2B and ask him the percentage of corporate-developed tools he actually uses. You’ll rarely hear more than ten percent.” Maureen BlandfordBranding Doesn’t Work in B2B  “Salespeople are spending approximately 40% of their time preparing customer-facing deliverables while leveraging less than 50% of the materials created for them by marketing”. American Marketing Association and the CMO Council. “58% of a vendor’s marketing content is not relevant to potential buyers and reduces the vendor’s chance of closing a sale by 45%.” – IT Buyer Survey, International Data Group, 2008Over 65% of sales leaders feel they’re losing business because they don’t have a compelling value proposition.” – Miller Heiman, Sales Best Practice Study, 2006“As much as 40% of a sales rep’s time is spent creating presentations, customizing messaging and preparing for pitches.” – CMO Council Study, 2004“80 to 90% of marketing collateral is considered useless by sales.” – Proceedings of the Customer Message Management Forums, published by the American Marketing Association (2002 and 2003)
  • Did I mention that he wants to ensure that all sales reps exceed quota?
  • Did I mention that he wants to ensure that all sales reps exceed quota?
  • Did I mention that he wants to ensure that all sales reps exceed quota?
  • Did I mention that he wants to ensure that all sales reps exceed quota?
  • ----- Meeting Notes (11/7/13 11:31) -----Proof of concept,
  • ----- Meeting Notes (11/7/13 11:31) -----Proof of concept,
  • ----- Meeting Notes (11/7/13 11:31) -----Proof of concept,
  • Transcript

    • 1. Neuron - Selling ™ H o w t o u s e t h e L atest N e u roscience t o C o nsistently C l o se C u s tomers
    • 2. What is Neuron-Selling? Neuromarketing Hot new neuroscience with some key pieces missing. Neuron-Selling Proven neuroscience sales approach that drives results. 2
    • 3. Aventi Group Founded in 2001 by blue chip company execs Technology client services include:  Product Marketing  Market Strategy  Channel Development  Demand Generation Domain knowledge in IT / technology sector Network of executive consultants
    • 4. A few clients…
    • 5. John is a Sales Director for a technology firm.
    • 6. He has three primary goals for this year: 1. Ensure all sales reps exceed quota 2. Ensure all sales reps exceed quota 3. And…ensure all sales reps exceed quota
    • 7. To meet his goals, John needs to achieve Best-In-Class results… • 20% higher win rates • 3x more proposals closed • 5x better discount avoidance • 35% more reps meeting quota • Higher cross-selling and up-selling
    • 8. John invested in team sales training but found it to be: 1. Expensive & slow 2. Difficult to implement 3. Inconsistent across reps
    • 9. John was left with 3 difficult choices: 1. Fail to meet rep quotas And maybe get fired 2. Replace sales reps And risk time & money What did John decide? 3. Invest in more training And hope it pays off
    • 10. John chose to invest in Neuron-Selling because it’s: Fast Reps can learn it in one 90-minute session Simple Neuron-Selling The 3-step process is easy for reps to retain Affordable Because it’s fast and simple, it costs far less
    • 11. It’s Fast • One 90-min. webinar or live session • Concise, comprehensive eBook • For direct or partner sales teams
    • 12. It’s Simple • Easy-to-learn 3-step process • Adaptable to any sales situation • Proven Neuron-Persuasion approach
    • 13. It’s Affordable • • Guaranteed, proven results • vs. Typically 75% less cost than others Optional mentoring & mobile app
    • 14. It’s Effective “I heard about this Neuron-Selling thing but I didn’t bother to check it out. Our competitors embraced it and are now eating our lunch.” –YOU? “Aventi Group’s workshops are a must for any technology company. What you’ll learn in one day could transform your messaging, selling, channels, promotions, and sales enablement.” –Don Metzger, CEO, Next Input, Inc. “Aventi Group led one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. Their executives were knowledgeable, entertaining, and inspiring. The templates, examples and processes we received were outstanding.” –William Gouveia, Marketing Director, Booz Allen Hamilton
    • 15. The 3-Step Process Credibility Conditions Competition Concerns Consequences Criteria Contrast Clarify Convince
    • 16. Triune Brain Neuroscience Evolution of the forebrain that dictates all human behavior* Neocortex Logical Brain Responds to “facts & figures” Limbic System Emotional Brain Responds to “heart’s desires” Reptilian Complex Instinctual Brain Responds to “fear of loss” *The Triune Brain in Evolution by neuroscientist Paul D. MacLean
    • 17. Aristotle’s Persuasion Model You must appeal to all three brains to move a customer all the way through the sales process Logical But not equally… Instinctual Emotional
    • 18. What Sales Reps / Partners will Learn…
    • 19. Optional Neuron-Enablement Sales Question Matrix Optional sales enablement tools let reps & partners personalize approaches based on customer Neuron-Profiles Only 7.4% of sales tools “exceed expectations” CSO Insights Studies
    • 20. Optional Neuron-App Mobile App for Apple iOS or Android Determines Neuron-Profiles for reps, partners & prospects, and customizes the right collateral, tools, words, phrases & sales approach.
    • 21. The Difference Neuron-Selling
    • 22. Ready to Learn More? Contact today for more information on how Aventi Group can help you increase sales, lower costs, and improve results. “I have been very impressed with the professionalism and expertise of the Aventi team, as well as the quality of the work Aventi is doing for Avnet and our partners. The team at Aventi has created a unique, quality-driven approach.” -Nicole Boss, Product Manager, Avnet