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Product Marketing Content Curator: Why do you need one?


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A proficient Content Curator can help increase sales, lower costs and improve results by auditing, evaluating, creating, managing, and optimizing your product marketing assets.

A proficient Content Curator can help increase sales, lower costs and improve results by auditing, evaluating, creating, managing, and optimizing your product marketing assets.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. What is a Content Curator …and why do need one?
  • 2.  Founded 2001 by blue chip company execs  Technology client services:  Market Strategy  Product Marketing  Channel Development  Demand Generation  Domain knowledge in IT/technology sector  Network of 50+ highly experienced consultants Aventi Group
  • 3. A few clients…
  • 4. 4 What is a Content Curator?  35% more salespersons making quota with 33% less rep turnover  300% more leads with 150% more qualified leads per campaign  25% lower costs for assets and demand generation campaigns  350% more click-throughs and 10% sales cycle acceleration  82% more effective asset and campaign results A proficientContentCuratoraudits,evaluates,creates,manages, and optimizes yourassets to dramatically improve results.
  • 5. 5 What are assets? Social Media & Web Copy Landing Pages White Papers & eBooks TelemarketingScripts Brochures & Briefs Email Templates
  • 6. How important are your assets?
  • 7. Asset Audit The number one challenge is producing engaging content 90% of marketing materialsare not used by sales (AMA). Optimizingassets can increase results by 82% and lowercosts by 25%+
  • 8. - • Simplicity - • Unexpectedness - • Correctness - • Credibility - • Emotions - • Stories “Sticky” SUCCESs Model Content Editing This is NOT the same thing as simplecopy editing. Facts tell and stories sell. Are you telling strong enough storiesto sell your customers? Are your assets getting five star ratings…orjust one?
  • 9. 9 Buying Cycle Alignment This is NOT the same thing as Sales Cyclealignment. Are you alignedwith customer phases forAwareness,Scope, Plan,etc.? Is yourcontentoptimized to compel action in each phase?
  • 10. Campaign Alignment Have you created a campaignassetanalysis outlining each asset,when they’re used in the Buying Cycle,how they’re accessed,value & success metrics,or how assets shouldbe customizedto each audience?
  • 11. Messaging Alignment Are you certain that all of yourassets are aligned with yoursolution and companymessaging? How confident are you that your solution messaging will resonatewith customers or partners?
  • 12. Sales Approach Alignment Is yourmessagingaligned with the top sales training approaches,such as Huthwaite’s SPIN or MillerHeiman? Or is yourmessaging actually getting in the way of sales success??
  • 13. 2012 B2B content marketing study Persona Alignment Sophisticated marketers are customizing content based on customer profiles & Buying Cycle stages The benefitsof delivering interactively customizable contentcan be compelling: 300% more leads with 150% more qualified leads percampaign (IDC), 350% more click-throughs and 10% sales cycle acceleration(Alinean),82% more effective results(MarketingSherpa).
  • 14. CSO Insights Studies Sales Enablement Optimization Only 7.4% of sales tools “exceed expectations” Do you have tools that can automatically customize contentfor reps, on their mobiledevices,to allow fast and efficient sales callpreparationand delivery? Reps and partners at leading tech firms love these tools and have seen dramatic improvements in sales results.
  • 15. Consultant or Employee? For your ContentCurator, is it best to contractwith a consultantor hire a full-time employee? The benefits of using a consultant for your Content Curator: 1. Non-permanent, less risk 2. More related & diverse expertise 3. More breadth of knowledge 4. Faster and more economical 5. Deep industry & vendor relationships 6. Management / exec experience 7. More economicalvs. full-time
  • 16. Contact Information Contact today for more information on how a ContentCurator can help you increase sales, lower costs,and improve results. “Aventi jumped rightin to the fray as the lead productmarketerand began helping to drive everythingfrom our overall strategy to communicationsto marketing execution.The Aventiconsultanthas been a valuable memberof our Symantec marketing team and I would highly recommendthem.” — Steve Cullen, Senior Vice President of Marketing,Symantec Corporation