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  • 2. IT’S THE LAW!In accordance with O.C.G.A 20-2-690, anattendance protocol committee was establishedin 2005 by the Superior Court chief judge. Awritten attendance protocol was created. Thisprotocol is the basis for WCSD attendanceprocedures. Therefore, it is critical that theprocedures be followed. IT IS THE LAW.
  • 3. Attendance Protocol ProceduresThere are two main parts to theattendance protocol: Parent Notificationand Addressing Truancy.Let’s take a moment to explain therequirements for each part.
  • 4. Requirements forParent notification
  • 5. Parent NotificationParents/guardians must be notified of the lawand the consequences of truancy. This is doneat the beginning of the school year. There mustbe 3 documented attempts. However, oncenotification is made successfully, no furtherattempts are required.
  • 6. Parent NotificationAttempt 1 – Notification is supplied at thebeginning of the school year in the studenthandouts. Signature pages shall be collectedand kept on file in the school office until theend of the school year.
  • 7. Parent NotificationAttempt 2 – If the signature page is notreturned, the school may make a phone call tothe parent/guardian, asking for the return ofthe signature page, or the school may send anote home with the student with this request.This step should be documented.
  • 8. Parent NotificationAttempt 3 – The school shall send a certifiedletter-return receipt requested to theparent/guardian. Signature on the returnreceipt shall serve as the signature page andfiled as such.
  • 9. Parent NotificationPlease alert your school social worker if you areunsuccessful in obtaining notification signaturesfrom any parents/guardians.
  • 10. Addressingtruancy
  • 11. Addressing TruancyThe Attendance Support Team (AST) at eachschool will guide the truancy process. The ASTat each school shall be chaired by anadministrator and members may include thefollowing: school counselor, school attendancerepresentative, truancy officer/law enforcementofficer, Principal or designee and any otherdesignated professionals as deemedappropriate by the Principal.
  • 12. Addressing TruancyThe AST is directly responsible for reviewing allcases of students with 5 or more unexcusedabsences and all cases of students with 10 ormore total absences.
  • 13. Addressing TruancyThe attendance protocol mandates that theASTs meet weekly to monitor and reportattendance concerns as needed.Parents/guardians should be invited andencouraged to attend these meetings. Use theform called the Contact/Conference Sheet fordocumentation and reporting. This form and alltruancy forms and letters may be found inInfinite Campus (IC).
  • 14. Addressing TruancyAfter a child misses five (5) unexcusedabsences, three (3) attempts must be made toinform the parents/guardians of the absencesand consequences. Once contact has beenmade with the parent, no further attempts arerequired.
  • 15. Addressing TruancyThe first two attempts must be made at theschool level. There are letters available in ICthat may be used, or phone calls may be madeas attempts. Phone calls should bedocumented in IC as well.
  • 16. Addressing TruancyIf contact CANNOT be made by phone, there is noresponse from the letter(s) sent home, OR shouldabsences continue after the successful warning of five(5) unexcused absences, the school shall send a copyof the Contact/Conference Sheet to the school socialworker who will make the third contact attempt. Thesocial worker will make referrals to appropriateagencies as needed. The AST will continue to monitorand report concerns as deemed necessary.
  • 17. Addressing TruancyAll letters needed by the AST for truancy arelocated in IC. Any correspondence related to theattendance protocol should be documented inIC, including phone calls, office visits, homevisits, etc. Let’s walk through how to do this.
  • 18. UsingInfiniteCampus
  • 19. Using Infinite CampusThe correct locationfor AST documentationis found in the“Attendance Notes”section. See the redarrows in this picture.
  • 20. Using Infinite CampusOnce in Attendance Notes, you will notice that thetabs on the right section have changed, as seen below.Let’s look in the Documents tab first.
  • 21. Using Infinite CampusIn Documents, you will see a list of documentspreviously created as well as how to create new ones.To create a new document, click on “New Document”.
  • 22. Using Infinite CampusOnce here, check the box next to “Create a NewSimple Form”, then open the drop down menu for alist of available letters/documents. Choose thedocument you need, open it, add the info asneeded, then save and print.
  • 23. Using Infinite CampusIn the section circled below, you can see thedocuments previously created on a student as well asthe dates they were created.
  • 24. Using Infinite CampusNow let’s take a look at the “Contact Log” tab. This iswhere documentation of all correspondence shouldgo.
  • 25. Using Infinite CampusFor new entries, click on the “new” tab shown withthe red arrow below. All Contact Log entries will beshown in the listing, which is circled in red below.
  • 26. Overview • All schools must have an1 Attendance Support Team that meets weekly. • Parent notification at the beginning of school, and address truancy of2 students with 5 or more unexcused absences. • Document all correspondence in3 Infinite Campus.