Anticoagulant Medications


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Anticoagulant Medications

  1. 1. Anticoagulant Medications Reducing the likelihood of patient harm associated with the use of anticoagulation therapy is a National Patient Safety Goal. The safety goal expects organizations to use approved protocols for the initiation and maintenance of anticoagulant medications WCMC uses standardized order sets for all anticoagulants The pre-printed order sets will be used for either prophylaxis or treatment
  2. 2. Anticoagulant Medications (continued)Prophylaxis Standardized order sets for VTE prophylaxis • Available on ms piggy • Will be printed on green colored paper • VTE Prophylaxis orders are used for ALL patients • Every effort is made to keep the order set on top of the physicians orders and encourage physician to complete • Every patient will have this order sheet on the chart
  3. 3. Anticoagulant Medications (continued)Treatment The “Therapeutic Anticoagulant Order Form” is used if a patient needs anticoagulant therapy for treatment of a specific condition such as VTE, Atrial Fibrillation, ACS, AMI, PE, artificial heart valve, or other The “Therapeutic Anticoagulation Order Form” is located on ms piggy under forms and is printed on green colored paper The indication is required on the form The appropriate anticoagulant must be checked All appropriate labs are ordered in CPSI
  4. 4. Anticoagulant Medications (continued) If physician orders warfarin, the goal INR is required If the patient was on warfarin at home, the “Therapeutic Anticoagulation Order Form” is filled out on admission and completed by the physician and the goal INR is still required For all patients on Warfarin education will be provided by nursing using the “Important Information about Coumadin (warfarin)” envelope and printing the education document in CPSI Dietary and/or Pharmacy will be consulted if indicated or requested by patient To request Pharmacy a requisition will be sent with the patient’s label on it requesting “Coumadin Education” Documentation will then be completed in CPSI under the education button and on the discharge instructions eform by clicking the box marked “Coumadin Education”
  5. 5. Anticoagulant Medications (continued) If a patient is placed on Heparin:  The “High Intensity Heparin Protocol” or the “Reduced Intensity Heparin Protocol” is checked based on indication  The indication is required  The order form for the appropriate heparin protocol is then printed and placed on chart to be filled out by the physician as well
  6. 6. Anticoagulant Medications(continued) The “Therapeutic Anticoagulation Order Form” will have:  Height and weight filled out  Indication selected  The appropriate order checked  Goal INR included if warfarin ordered  Each anticoagulation section has laboratory studies  The appropriate laboratory studies will be ordered in CPSI  The pre-printed order sets can be completed by nursing using a telephone order if absolutely necessary