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Social Media Marketing by Stephanie McCratic, WordCamp Fayetteville
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Social Media Marketing by Stephanie McCratic, WordCamp Fayetteville


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Real tips for successful online marketing. Grow traffic, increase sales and engage your audience with a few simple techniques you can use today.

Real tips for successful online marketing. Grow traffic, increase sales and engage your audience with a few simple techniques you can use today.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Introduce myself\nTell a joke\nLet me start by asking a question.\n1. How many of you know someone whom you met first on Twitter and now consider a good friend? \n2. Who found out about Wordcamp for the first time on Twitter? Facebook? \n3. How many of you have ever recommended a business or a blog on Facebook? \n4. Don’t raise your hands, but I wonder how many of you have complained about a business on Facebook or Twitter. I know I have. I’m much more careful with those complaints now that I know how powerful my words can be. And now that I am responsible for the social media management of several brands, including my own EvolvedMommy brand. Yes, bloggers, you are officially a brand. Congrats. \n\nSocial media is a powerful platform. \n\n
  • Just over three years ago I started a blog because I had just moved to NWA from Little Rock and was living in Prairie Grove feeling very alone. Frankly, I resented the crap out of that town and needed somewhere anonymous to vent. If you read my first posts they are a touch snarky. Well, maybe that isn’t a strong enough word. kind of took on a life of her own, though, and now it’s not at all anonymous. Although, I do also maintain an anonymous blog somewhere out there on the internet that I don’t share with anyone and where I never use real names. A girl’s gotta have her outlet. \nI was so excited about Facebook the first time I heard about it I emailed the university to see if I could as an alum get an email address because back then it was only available to students and I was itching to get on. MySpace bored me to tears.\nWhen Twitter first came out I thought it was stupid and pointless. Why would anybody add another social network to keep up with especially one that limited the length of what you could say? I rolled my eyes at my husband every time he mentioned it. Until I finally got on. Back then it was me, my husband Steve, Ashton Kutcher and Shaq. We could only find one other guy in Northwest Arkansas, which reminds me: I have to tell you a funny story about hashtags. Don’t let me forget. \nThree years ago I was sitting in WordCamp and didn’t know a soul. I had tweeted with some of them and asked to meet them in person via Twitter. Those people have turned into great friends and trusted mentors. \nI’m a dork. And thanks to social media I am more comfortable in my own skin now than I have ever been.\nYou are my people and I adore you. \nAfter being a stay at home mom for two years I went back to work just over a year ago as a social media strategist. Now I manage social for this amazing e-commerce company based in Fayetteville called Acumen Brands. Right now I spend most of my time working on our store, which we just relaunched in July. And thanks to a strategic Facebook ad campaign dreamed up by our CEO we have gone from 700-ish likes at the beginning of summer to over 42,000 as of today. My job is to create engaging content. Our engagement sits firmly at 28%, which is absolutely UNPRECEDENTED. I don’t have time to go into here, but if you haven’t heard of Acumen or our CEO John James take a minute to look it up later. We are doing the impossible every day right here in NWA. If you’d like to come see for yourself just tweet me @evolvedmommy and I’ll be glad to give you a tour.\n\nOn that note...\n
  • 1. I don’t know everything. Mostly I just follow sparkly objects, which is to say I keep my eye on things that I find interesting and don’t pay much attention to the rest. If you ask about Spotify I won’t be able to help you use that to market to your audience.\n2. If someone claims to be a social media expert or guru that should be your first red flag. This world is changing so fast no one knows everythng. Find what interests your be the best you can in that area. But don’t call yourself a guru or an expert just because you got 1000 followers on Twitter and your Klout topped 50.\n3. You may know this stuff already. If so, translate for your neighbor when they get that lost puppy look. WordCamp is about building each other up. If you have a solid grasp on social and this presentation is a big snoozer for you, then please help your neighbor.\n
  • There are a ton of social media networks and channels out there. \nFind what works and use it. Don’t try to be everywhere b/c you can’t. There isn’t enough time in the day to manage Facebook, twitter, flickr, tumblr, stumbleupon, yelp, vimeo, youtube, foursquare. \nEspecially if like me you are managing a personal social identity and a professional or client social identity. \nBut you can focus on the most productive channels and dabble in the others.\nStick with the winners also applies to people. My momma taught me this principle when I was young, and I wish I would’ve taken it to heart much sooner. Like in high school when I was dating the three Michaels of 1993. \nWhat I mean here is that we all need to watch who’s doing it well and then stalk them. Or follow them. Either way. \nFind your industry champions, or your role models. The nice thing about social media is that you will have opportunities to engage with people that you never would’ve had before. The access is unprecedented. For example, if you are a real estate agent you should really be following Northwest Arkansas agent Anthony Clark. He has used wordpress, facebook and a few other channels to springboard his career. \nIf you have retail store you might want to follow local retailer RiffRaff, which is owned by a girl who is only a few years out of college and has done very well by using her employees to highlight new products and sell them on Facebook. \nOr check out Gary Vaynerchek who took his family’s liquor in New Jersey and turned it into a multi-million dollar online business using YouTube primarily.\n\nSo let’s talk about specific goals and how you might be able to achieve them.\n
  • 1. \n2. \n3. Convert in this context = move from browser or media consumer into buyer or subscriber\n
  • HOW EDGERANK WORKS\nEdgeRank is an algorithm that ranks objects in the Facebook News Feed. Pages with high EdgeRank Scores will be more likely to show up in the news feed, than Pages with low EdgeRank Scores.\nEdgeRank is made up of 3 variables: Affinity, Weight, and Time Decay.Affinity is dependent on a user's relationship with an object in the news feed. Weight is determined by the type of object, such as a photo/video/link/etc. The last variable is Time Decay, as an object gets older, the lower the value.\n\n
  • If all you hear me say today is “images” I will have succeeded. I know you may want to write. You are a blogger. But do it in as few words as possible and preferably in the caption of an image :)\n\n
  • \n
  • Interestingly quirky and premium rough & tumble\nAspirational\n\n
  • This doesn’t just work for e-commerce or retail. Add the featured image from you latest blog post w/ a link and description in the caption.\nNote about Facebook giveaways: must use 3rd party app like shortstack to comply with facebook TOS\n
  • \n
  • Our new CMO at Acumen David Echegoyan taught me a great lesson recently. \nI got emails everyday from people saying, “We should be doing this shiny new object. Or have done this fantastical new thing. Or check this wild and wonderful new social network that is going to dominate the world” \nHe could tell I was getting overwhelmed and loosing focus because I am a team of one. I didn’t know which amazing, awesome new things to try. I had new brand identities to work with and a lot of people watching my efforts. \nSo he told me, “I’d rather see us make a mistake from a position of offense rather than defense.”\nIn other words, try things. If they work, great. If they don’t, try something else. \nHave your plan, move forward with it. But if you see something interesting give it a try. Don’t miss an opportunity b/c you were afraid of making a mistake or doing it wrong.\nAnd then I remembered, in social none of us really knows what we are doing. It’s new to everyone. \nFacebook’s motto is “move fast and break stuff” \n
  • Resources\nTwitter - tell #NWA story about EazyE\n
  • \n
  • Transcript

    • 1. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Maximize and Leverage Your Audience to Meet Your Objectives Quicker or... Blah blah, blah, marketing buzzword, ROI, blah, buzzword, nonsensical word, blah Stephanie McCratic, Social Media Director at Acumen Brands EvolvedMommy, Blogger
    • 2. @evolvedmommy #wcfay BE YOURSELFFirst, know your brand identity. Be truthful about who you really are and then own it. Gigglesnorts and all.
    • 3. BEWARE THE GURU (Disclaimer)•I follow sparkly object• Gurus & experts• Share the love• Scratching the surface@evolvedmommy#wcfay
    • 4. #wcfay @evolvedmommySTICK WITH THE WINNERS You can’t do it all, so do what works.
    • 5. Lofty Goals It doesn’t matter whether you want to grow traffic to your blog, find your audience or convert your readers into buyers, social media can be a powerful tool. We’ll talk about which channels accomplish what; who’s doing it right and how to copy them; and what you can do right now to reach your goals fastest. Goal Channels Champion Action Taco Bell # searchFind your Twitter watch competitorsaudience YouTube The Wine Library Add images to everyIncrease Content & SEO The Bloggess posttraffic to your Facebookblog/website Pinterest The Small Things Blog Pin & Facebook your content Facebook Try an ad on FacebookConvert your Google Ads CountryOutfitter or Googlereaders Email marketing Send an email
    • 6. FACEBOOK• EdgeRank • Determines how many of your fans see your posts • Read great (and brief) explanations here, here and here. • Blog post > page > timeline = +engagement• From unhappy customer to brand ambassador • Ex: ToughWeld• 80/20 is out the window • If your audience came to you as a brand or a blogger with a good understanding of who you are and decided to like you anyway, then they want what you have to offer. So give it to them. • Ex: CountryOutfitter
    • 7. IMAGES.
    • 8. VS.
    • 9. FACEBOOK• Images• Short captions • 1-2 lines NO MORE• Ask a simple, one-word-answer question• Know your personality and let it show through• More Images • 403x403 or 843x403 - Recent, and very important lesson • Dimensions infographic • Try Photoshop Elements (It’s like Photoshop light)• Post image w/ link in caption vs. posting link
    • 10. Seriously. Images. #wcfay #evolvedmommy vs.
    • 11. PINTEREST • Watermark your images • Infographic (clickable) • Upload + edit link v. repin • Follow & comment w/ tag • Polyvore (where the fancy fashion pins are born)
    • 12. OFFENSE VS. DEFENSEYou will make mistakes, but worse things could happen
    • 13. RESOURCES• Therapy• @ProBlogger Darren Rowse• Blogging conferences (knowledge + network) • AWBU Aug 24-26• Twitter (hashtags & lists) • Let’s talk about Eazy E & #NWA• Mashable (social media)• Seth Godin• Mentors/Network• Facebook Groups • TechDrinks (not specific to social)• Competitors
    • 14. Q&A Thank you!Stephanie