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Wayzata Community Church Strategic Vision Plan
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Wayzata Community Church Strategic Vision Plan


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Wayzata Community Church- 5 Year Strategic Plan

Wayzata Community Church- 5 Year Strategic Plan

Published in: Spiritual

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  • Transcript

    • 1. WCC Strategic Visioning 2009-2014
    • 2. Mission Wayzata Community Church Is… a Christian Community: United by Faith… While Respecting Other Pathways to God Called to Serve… Those in Need – Close to Home and Far Away Inspired to Think… Finding Grace in the Search for Meaning Sharing the Journey
    • 3. Agenda
      • Situation Analysis
      • Vision
      • FIVE Strategic Imperatives
        • Recommended Actions
        • Measurement of Success
      • Q&A, Feedback
    • 4. The Vision Task Force – A Journey At 30,000 Feet
      • Task Force Created By The Council in Early 2008
      • Launched May 19, 2008
      • Met Monthly and Sometimes More Than Once a Month
      • The Journey Took Several Paths – a “Focus Group” of Ideas
        • What’s Working
        • What’s Not
        • What Are the Dynamics Impacting Church Life
      • The Journey Is Not Over… It’s Just Beginning
      • The Vision Team
        • Lisa Smith – Chair lsmith
        • Linda Keller – Facilitator
        • Carol Bergenstal
        • Alan Bovi
        • Bart Foreman
        • Steve Harrison
        • Dick Minors
        • Heather Page
        • Kim Puckett
        • Annie Minors Roeder
        • John Ross
        • Jim Sanford
        • Jim Smith
        • Lynda Stahl
        • Mike Sund
        • Rima Torgerson
        • Jeff Urban
    • 5. Situation Analysis
      • The 2009-2014 Five Year Strategic Plan Has Been Developed to Support Our Mission
      • We Looked Back to Look Forward
        • The Previous Two Plans Focused on Physical Space Needs, Youth Programs and Governing Structure
      • We Looked Around
        • Met With Clergy, Staff and Interested Parties to Understand the Current Situation
      • We Looked Ahead
        • Studied Demographic, Social and Lifestyle Affecting the Lake Area Communities
        • Recognized the Need to to Fill the Buildings and Expand Programs
        • Created a Guiding Framework for Clergy, Staff and Boards to Achieve Our Potential and Support Our Mission
    • 6. What’s Going Well
      • Worship Attendance Has Grown Significantly at Christmas and Easter
        • Increased Christmas Services From 6 to 9
        • Increased Easter Services From 4 to 6
      • Have Begun to Add Unique Opportunities for Worship
        • WOW (Worship on Wednesdays) Summer Services
          • Increased Summer Attendance 9%
      • Children and Youth Programs Are Growing, Improving and Thriving
        • High School Ministry Engaging 200+ Students, Exponential Growth
          • Mexico Mission Now Involves Over 100 Youth From WCC and Our Community Since 2005
        • Graceland Offering High Quality Education to Over 700 Children
        • Middle School on the Road to Recovery
    • 7. What’s Going Well… Con’t
      • Continued Growth of the Annual Rummage Sale Ministry
        • A Growing Volunteer Workforce Drawn from Members and the Community
        • Revenues Increasing Yearly
      • Expanded Active Mission and Outreach Opportunities
        • New International Partners (Lighthouse Ministries Intl’ and Amor Ministries)
        • New Local Partner (COOL in the City)
        • Restructured Mission & Outreach With Focus on Partnerships, Members in Mission and Benevolence.
        • Refocused Budget to Put Resources Where Members are Actively Involved in Mission Work.
    • 8. What’s Going Well… Con’t
      • Positioned Ourselves to Manage the Size of the Church With the Restructure of the Church Governance
        • New Structure Provides Institutional Memory via Increased Term Length and Established Path to Leadership Positions
      • Strong Pastoral Care Potential
        • Restructured Clergy Team to Ensure a Full Time, Dedicated Clergy Member on Pastoral Care to Ensure Relevancy and Changing Needs Are Addressed
    • 9. What’s Not Going Well
      • Average Weekly Worship Attendance Has Been Flat Since 2001
      • Recent Adult Education Programs Have Not Had Broad Appeal
      • Limited Number of Members Do the Majority of Volunteering
      • Small Number of Members Do the Majority of Leadership
      • Unmet Desire for Personal Connections With the Church
      • Communication Resources Have Not Kept Up With the Technology Evolution
        • Communications Are Haphazard, Ad Hoc and Labor Intensive
      • Lack a Measurable Baseline for Current Church Satisfaction and Health
    • 10. What’s Not Going Well… Con’t
      • Our Giving has not Sustained or Supported Our Vision
        • It Has Been Eight Years Since We Have Made a Balanced Budget Without Utilizing Reserves
        • Average Pledge Amount Grew Just 2.5% from 2003 to 2009
        • Pledging Units have Declined Over the Past 5 Years
    • 11. Vision
      • Our vision for the next five years is….
      • To be a welcoming, loving and accepting Christian community challenging and engaging people of all ages and stages to grow spiritually through relevant worship, learning, fellowship and outreach
      • We will achieve this vision through…
          • Refreshing our Worship Experience
          • Renewing our Passion for Engagement
          • Reclaiming our Commitment to Community
          • Reframing our Story through Communication
          • Reinvesting our Financial Resources
          • … Recommitting our lives to Christ.
    • 12. As You Review The Strategies… Understand
      • We are not Lost
      • We are not Reinventing
      • We are Reinvigorating
    • 13. Renewing Our Worship Experience - Strategies
      • Ensure Worship Services are Welcoming and Inspirational , Forming the Core of Our Identity
      • Provide Alternative Access to Worship, Including Location and Times
      • Offer Additional Styles of Worship to Our Diverse Community
      • Clarify, Establish and Adhere to a Music Standard of Excellence in All Services Consistent with Our Mission and Vision
      • Design Every Worship Service to Unite Participants by Faith, Call Them to Serve and Inspire Them to Think
      • Enhance Our Sermon Capacity and Capability to Ensure Relevant, Vibrant and Inspiring Messages
    • 14. Renewing Our Worship Experience Recommended Actions
      • Ensure Sr. Minister’s Top Priority Is Worship
      • Hire a Minister of Faith and Learning Who is a Dynamic Preacher
      • Optimize Distinctive Clergy and Staff Talents for Inspirational Worship
      • Increase Participation of Lay Leaders and Youth in Worship Services
      • Evaluate the Number and Schedule for Various Styles of Worship
      • Ensure and Support Excellence in Contemporary and Traditional Music
      • Incorporate Technology into the Worship Services
        • Enable Multiple Methods of Engagement
        • Facilitate Greater Participation
    • 15. Renewing Our Worship Experience Measurements of Success
      • Average Weekly Worship Attendance Increases 30% from 2009 to 2014
      • Members are Monitored through Annual Surveys
        • Music is Consistently Referenced as a Central Reason for Attending Worship Service
        • Worship is Referenced by a Majority of Members as a Primary Reason for Engaging in the Church
      • New Services Are Added At Different Times
        • Monday Night, Saturday Evening, etc.
    • 16. Recalling Our Passion for Engagement- Strategies
      • Offer Compelling Learning Opportunities in Adult Education.
      • Engage Members through Relevant and Meaningful Mission and Outreach Opportunities.
      • Expand Our Understanding of Stewardship to include Time and Talent, Not Just Financial Resources
        • Stewardship Is Not an Annual Campaign; It Is an On-Going Involvement
      • Broaden the Base of Participants Who Engage in Volunteer Opportunities and Promote Lay Ownership in All Programs
        • Boards  Committees  Choirs  Sunday School
      • Create Programs to Attract and Engage College Students and Young Adults to Become Active in the Life of the Church
    • 17. Recalling Our Passion for Engagement Recommended Actions
      • Education Ministries
        • Hire a Minister of Faith and Learning Who Is Also a Dynamic Preacher
        • Provide Increased Focus on Adult Education
        • Offer a Diverse Portfolio of Adult Education Programs That Are Relevant to All Life Stages
        • Offer Adult Education Programs at a Variety of Times and Via a Number of Formats
        • Continue to Enhance and Extend Our Middle School Ministry
        • Identify Space to Accommodate Expanded Adult Education Programs
          • Optimize Current Building Space
        • Encourage Young Adults to Consider Ministry as a Career
        • Enhance Coordination Among Programs at All Ages and Stages
    • 18. Recalling Our Passion for Engagement Recommended Actions… Con’t
      • Volunteerism
        • Hire a Program/Volunteer Coordinator to Tap Into Member Volunteer and Engagement Interests
        • Review Our Current Nominating Process for Boards and Committees to Expand Diverse Participation
        • Encourage Boards to Develop Committees To Expand Membership Involvement
        • Extend Personal Invitations to Get Involved
        • Create a “Get Involved” Campaign
      • Incorporate Giving Opportunities to Include Both Time and Talent
    • 19. Recalling Our Passion for Engagement Measurements of Success
      • Triple the Number of Participants Engaged in Learning Opportunities
      • Double the Number of Participants Engaged in Hands-on Mission and Outreach Annually
      • Fill 10% of Board and Committee Positions with First Time Volunteers
      • Include a Story of Inspirational Engagement in Every Beacon
    • 20. Reclaiming Our Commitment to Community - Strategies
      • Sustain and Nurture Church Membership
        • Provide Means and Occasions for Members to Come Together in Christian Fellowship
      • Sustain and Nurture Our Connection with the Community at Large
        • Provide Means and Occasions for the Community to Come Together.
    • 21. Reclaiming Our Commitment to Community Recommended Actions
      • Continue to Expand on Current Fellowship Opportunities for All Ages and Stages
      • Incorporate a “Moment of Fellowship” Component in Every Church Related Event
      • Encourage and Support Church Members to Become Community Leaders to Build Community and Share Our Message
        • Celebrate Our Current Community Leaders
      • Develop Meaningful Ways to Extend Ourselves and Our Facility to the Community to Share Our Message. Ideas to consider:
        • Sister Church
        • Community Chapel (Rice & Walker or Opening Wakefield Chapel 24/7)
        • People in Transition
        • Camp
    • 22. Reclaiming Our Commitment to Community Measurements of Success
      • A Majority of Members Report a Strong Sense of Connection with the Church Through Annual Surveys
      • The Community at Large References WCC As a Location for Community Building and a Partner in Civic Activities
        • Track Outside Events
        • Track References in Local Publications
    • 23. Reframing Our Story Through Communication - Strategies
      • Widely Articulate and Share Our Vision Statement and Unique Message with the Community
      • Extend and Enhance Our Ministry Through Technology
      • Provide a Welcoming Environment from Beginning to End
        • Website
        • Signage
        • Greeters
        • Ushers
        • Communications
        • Ministers & Staff
    • 24. Reframing Our Story Through Communication Recommended Actions
      • Establish a Communications Board
      • Create an Integrated Communication Plan for Internal and External Audiences
        • PR, Advertising, Marketing
      • Build Infrastructure to Support Diverse Communications
      • Develop a Campaign to Spread the Word of Who We Are and What We Have to Offer
      • Conduct an Annual Survey to Measure Success of Core Strategies and Vision Achievement (critical)
      • Implement the Interior and Exterior Signage Plan
    • 25. Reframing Our Story Through Communication Recommended Actions… Con’t
      • Expand Our Focus on Technology
        • Create Additional Methods of Engaging in Worship via the Internet and Television
        • Offer New Features to Our Current Website
          • Blogs, Podcasts, Social Networks
          • Sermon Reference Links
          • Online Gifts and Pledges
          • Volunteer Sign-ups
        • Enable Wireless Internet Access Throughout the Building
        • Update Meeting Rooms With Current Technology
          • Phones
          • Screens
          • Wireless Internet Access
        • Leverage the Capabilities of Our Current Software to Create an Accurate, Comprehensive and Maintainable Member Database
    • 26. Reframing Our Story Through Communication Measurements of Success
      • Quadruple the Amount of Traffic on the WCC Website
        • Currently 68 Visits Per Day.
      • A Minimum of 50 People Each Week Are Accessing Our Worship Via the Internet.
      • Increase in Worship Visitors By 10%
      • A Minimum of 40% of New Members Reference Media Messages As the Reason They First Visited
      • The Church Database Software is Merged with Our New Internet Initiatives
    • 27. Reinvesting Our Financial Resources- Strategies
      • Increase Shared Budgetary Accountability for Clergy, Staff and Boards
      • Educate the Congregation on the Costs Tied to Various Programs and Services, Including a Call to Action
        • Every Program, Every New Initiative Has a Cost
      • Develop a Fundraising Campaign to Support Enhanced Program, Technology, and Building Maintenance Initiatives
    • 28. Reinvesting Our Financial Resources Recommended Actions
      • Funding
        • Hire a Development Professional
        • Implement a “Share the Journey” Campaign
          • Focus: Increase Capital and Reserves to Fund Strategic Vision 2009-2014 Goals Including People, Property and Programs
        • Expand the Number of Individuals Actively Involved in Stewardship Activities
        • Direct Clergy, Staff and Boards to Work Cooperatively in the Creation and Management of Annual Budgets
        • Create a Five Year Financial Plan to Support the Vision
    • 29. Reinvesting Our Financial Resources Recommended Actions… Con’t
      • Financial Growth
        • Increase Awareness of the Heritage Foundation
        • Implement a Broad Based and On-going Strategy for Major Gift Giving
        • Implement an Operating Reserve of $1/sq Foot for Annual Repairs and Maintenance
      • Promote Good Fiscal Management
        • Audit Current Cost of Programs to Ensure Cost Recovery Fees are Adequate.
        • Reduce Costs of Current Programs Where Necessary
    • 30. Reinvesting Our Financial Resources Measurements of Success
      • Increase the Number of Member Commitments to The Heritage Foundation Fund by 50 by 2014
      • Increase Number of Pledges by 10% Per Year
      • Increase Number of Pledging Units From 49% of the Membership to 75% of the Membership
      • Grow Pledged Dollars 5% Annually
    • 31. Next Steps
      • Create an Implementation Team to Execute the Plan, Review Progress and Report On-going Results to the Council and the Church Membership
      • Charge the Clergy, Staff and Boards to Create Tactics to Implement This Plan
    • 32. Q & A… Our vision for the next five years is…. To be a welcoming, loving and accepting Christian community challenging and engaging people of all ages and stages to grow spiritually through relevant worship, learning, fellowship and outreach