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A talk about UX influence and innovation given at the Walmart Global UX Summit
February 28, 2013

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  • This was Intuit’s Logo at the time. Intuit wasn’t a bad culture in 2007, especially for a UX person…
  • We had solid products with a long history
  • And, In 2007, we had a lot of corporate commitment to customer research, particularly focused on making our products as EASY as possible. We had state of the art Usability Labs and most of our business units had UX researchers who conducted a lot of usability tests. We also went on a lot of site visits to see and talk with people using our products in action.
  • But, it was a culture that focused on small improvements, rather than innovation. It wasn’t a culture that encouraged designers and researchers to take big risks. It wasn’t a culture of innovation.
  • And what we found over time was although we were investing heavily in EASE, our net promoter scores were flat or even falling. Ease was no longer enough. We needed to do more than design for ease, we needed to design for delight.
  • So, in 2007, we introduced Design for Delight to the company. We came up with a definition, which you can see here. We wanted people to think differently and design differently. We wanted to become a culture of innovation, rather than a culture of incremental improvements.
  • So, We came up with some principles based on Design Thinking that helped to explain how to design for Delight.
  • Our goal is that D4D is in our cultural DNA by 2015. We’re well on our way…
  • The culture change is apparent in the work we do and the way we work. Where we used to focus on improving the old, now we are focused on creating the new. Where we used to have the burden of most research and design in the hands of the few UX employees we have, entire teams are now engaging. Where we used to take few risks, we now take lots of risks.
  • These cultural changes happen to correlate with an increase in stock price. We don’t think that it’s a coincidence. People are starting to realize that Intuit is becoming an innovative company.
  • We’re #84 on Forbes world’s most innovative companies list
  • Think of something I said or did today that was provocative or intriguing.Write that on a sticky note.With a partner, Draw the Empathy Map (Say-Do-Think-Feel)Place your sticky notes. See if you can get to what I might be thinking (or believing) and feeling. See if you can figure out what motivated me to do or say what you thought was interesting…(Then, let’s debrief in the room – how do you think this tool might help you innovate?)
  • UX Influence & Innovation

    1. 1. UX Influence and Innovation Wendy Castleman IntuitWalmart UX SummitFebruary 2013
    2. 2. Wendy CastlemanInnovation Catalyst Community LeaderD4D Strategist
    3. 3. User ExperiencePractitioner Leader/Influencer Product Others Product You Product You Others Product
    4. 4. Gain Influence ThroughEmpowering Others With Our Tools…
    5. 5. Our Story of Design Innovation
    6. 6. 2007
    7. 7. Solid Products
    8. 8. Focus on EASE
    9. 9. 2007Designers Researchers• Design the interaction • Conduct Customer and/or visuals Interviews/Site Visits (mockups, drawings) • Write reports/Present• Create Spec Docs findings• Make changes based on • Conduct Usability Tests technological or usability (including cardsorts, etc) push-back • Write reports/Present• Complaint: “Everyone findings thinks they are a • Complaint: “Changes designer…” aren’t made based on findings!”
    10. 10. Also…Few New Offerings Focus on Incremental Feature Improvements
    11. 11. Ease was not enoughNet Promoter Score Time
    12. 12. Designing for Ease
    13. 13. Designing for Delight
    14. 14. Design for DelightGoing beyond customer expectationsin delivering ease and benefit, evokingpositive emotion throughout thecustomer journey.
    15. 15. “Yo designers… can you just take this product and make it delightful?” System DelightfulProduct Idea Architecture Design
    16. 16. Can we get folks to thinkabout designing delight from the start? …and what if others “own” the project before we get our hands on it?
    17. 17. Let’s teach them!
    18. 18. Design for Delight Principles
    20. 20. INNOVATION CATALYSTS FY ‘13 FY ‘12 FY ‘11 FY ‘10FY ‘09 10 75 Catalysts 120 Catalysts 170 Catalysts 200 CatalystsCatalysts Cross functional group of D4D experts, working across the company to apply D4D in the day-to-day to achieve Delight
    21. 21. Innovation Catalysts & D4D ActivityFY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 Innovation Catalysts D4D Activities/Sessions
    22. 22. Our goal:D4D is in ourDNA by 2015
    23. 23. Our Vision D4D in the DNA Profoundly delighting ourcustomers is why we existand D4D is instinctively the way we do it.
    24. 24. Culture Change Thus Far…• Solid Products • Solid Products with (QuickBooks, TurboTax, etc) Innovative New Features• NO mobile apps and Platforms• Few New Offerings • Lots of mobile apps• Focus on Ease • Lots of New Offerings• Usability Testing in our UX • Focus on Innovation and Labs with UX Researchers Delighting Customers• Incremental Improvements • Lots of• Few Risks Experimentation, everywher e with full team engagement • Lots of Risks
    25. 25. 29
    26. 26. D4D is being used… By Front-lineIn Sales & Marketing In IT (GES) In L&D Employees By XD! In HR In EVERY BU In Finance In Legal In EVERY FG In Customer Care By Executives
    27. 27. Innovating For Impact Intuit Stock Price 70 $50 60 50 40 30 $29 20 Jul-07 Jul-08 Jul-09 Jul-10 Jul-11 Jul-12
    28. 28. Influence and InnovationBy empowering others to use our tools…
    29. 29. Think of the role of UX more broadly
    30. 30. Harness the Evangelists
    31. 31. Develop the org to do better for customers
    32. 32. 6 Simple, Powerful Tools to Have Others Use (these won’t be new to you)
    33. 33. Journey Line
    34. 34. Empathy Map
    35. 35. Problem Statement
    36. 36. Brainstorming with 2x2 Narrowing
    37. 37. Storyboard
    38. 38. Rapid Prototyping & Experimentation
    39. 39. Empathy MapTRY IT…
    40. 40. What do I believe? What motivates me?Wendy CastlemanInnovation Catalyst Community LeaderD4D Strategist