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P6.alex k


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Published in: News & Politics
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  • 1. facebook Wall Photos Flair Boxes Chairman Mao Logout Chairman Mao insert most recent status here Wall Info Photos Boxes What’s on your mind? Share View photos of Mao Send Mao a message Chairman Mao Richard Nixon just visited from America! We planned to strengthen our relations and we did! America and China are that much closer! Poke message April 4, 1972 Chairman Mao I really enjoyed swimming in the Yangtze river. It was a great, Information revolutionary experience. I know many others enjoyed the experience with me! Maybe you can one day to join me in these revolutionary acts! Birthday:Dec.26, 1893 July 20, 1966 Political Affiliation: Communism Hometown: Chairman Mao I am preparing the launch “The Great Leap Forward” which will advance Communist China and put us ahead in the worlds economy. We will be Shaoshan, Hunan Province matching steel production with England! January 1, 1958 Chairman Mao People are starting to recognize and believe in my great leading skills, and recognize me as a great Communist Leader. October 23, 1953 Friends Chairman Mao I am about to declare the People’s Republic of China October 1, 1949 Jia Hong-yu Jiang Joseph Qing Stalin Chairman Mao These capitalist are really getting on my nerves! Support Communism for a strong China! And we will prosper in culture and economy! October 1, 1934Richard Nixon Lin Biao
  • 2. facebook Wall Photos Flair Boxes Chairman Mao Logout Chairman Mao insert most recent status here Wall Info Photos Boxes What’s on your mind? ShareView photos of MaoSend Mao a message An-Yi Character Name to Chairman Mao Even though my mom is a teacher. I will be happy to follow you anywhere! I would be happy to revoke ties withPoke message my family to help with the revolution. September 25, 1966 Chang Hong to Chairman Mao I am glad you have helped so many remold themselves with summer labor! The hard work makes us all realize how: much we have and it really helps the farmers! July 23, 1966 Jia Hong-yu to Chairman Mao I was overjoyed to be able to see you in Tiananmen, I have never had so much happiness in my life! July 7, 1966 Du Hai to Chairman Mao Thank you, our beloved leader, for pointing out the many flaws in out education system! April 3, 1966
  • 3. facebook Wall Photos Flair Boxes Chairman Mao Logout Chairman Mao Wall Info Photos Boxes Basic Information Birthday: Dec, 26, 1893 Hometown: Shaoshan, Hunan Province, China Political Views: Communism View photos of Mao Send Mao a message Poke message Personal Information Profession: Leading China, President of China, Minister of Defence Information Interests/Influences: Swimming, Ruling China, Plotting, Going to Russia, Creating RevolutionsBirthday:Dec.26, 1893 Enemies: Militarists, The Japanese, Chiang Kai-shek, Party Rivals, Soviet Union, the USA, Khrushchev, anti-Stalinist Favorite Quote: Despise the enemy strategically, but take him seriously tactically.Political Affiliation:Communism Favorite Quote from Friends: “Liu Shoaqi will forever live in people’s hearts.”Hometown:Shaoshan, Hunan Province Contact Information Address: Dongcheng District Phone Number: (010) 65132255 Email:
  • 4. facebook Wall Photos Flair Boxes Chairman Mao Logout Chairman Mao insert most recent status update here Wall Info Photos Boxes Photos of Mao 4-6 Photos I am in my This is of me in October This is during the This is was during revolutionary of 1949, I remember cultural revolution a conference in cap, even I giving a quote saying in 1964 Yan’an in 1945. show my “We have stood up!” revolutionary pride! Remember our Voters give us a military! This is in 100% approval! honor of our The people hold a soldiers who fought place in our in government!