Double Bottom Line Business by Barrington

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A brief picture of how Barrington turns the negative connotations of "Made in China" into a positive reality going beyond "social responsibility" and being blessed in doing so.

A brief picture of how Barrington turns the negative connotations of "Made in China" into a positive reality going beyond "social responsibility" and being blessed in doing so.

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  • 1. Double Bottom Line Business Xiamen, China Custom Gift Design & Manufacturing for Clients Investment in its People & Community “Valuable Gifts Made by Valuable People”
  • 2. Profit + Serving People’s Needs… ? Can a business sustain both long-term? + Business Community Service
  • 3. Getting Started In 2004, Barrington transitioned from contract manufacturing to owning & operating its own factory in Xiamen, China to better control product quality and provide good working conditions for its craftsmen and women. Find Mfg. Facility Hire Leather Expert Hire Factory Manager, & Craftspeople Get Equipment Start Limited Production Ramp Up Production Full-Scale Production & Solidify Business of all Barrington Gifts
  • 4. Employee Growth 2005 2004 2007 2009
  • 5. Going Beyond “Social Responsibility” Employee Benefits Above average wages Healthcare coverage Maternity leave Adult education Marriage counseling Day camp for kids Savings program Community investment Conflict resolution Cross-training in skills
  • 6. Hope for the Handicapped •  CeCe - deaf & mute (in China she’s “unemployable,” but in reality she’s definitely qualified to perform well). •  Several of the other employees have learned sign language, so they can talk with CeCe and befriend her. •  Shadrach - Lost his leg as a child. •  For years had been a beggar on the street. •  Learned money management and earned money to buy a new bike for transportation.
  • 7. Employees Blessing Employees Employees are encouraged to give donations from their own salaries to help the needy in their own communities. Before After •  Tu Xian Huai, 8 years old. •  Cleft lip left him scarred physically and emotionally since birth. •  Employees gave from their own money to help him receive medical treatment and return his self-esteeem.
  • 8. Community Investment Special Needs Children Orphanage Barrington invests financially and through its employees’ time to provide physical therapy and education to the helpless children among the Xiamen community.
  • 9. Poverty As Tragedy To Economic Transformation The family living in this rundown home Because of the generous salaries they earn, employees’ families that once lived in had a four-year-old daughter drown in a dilapidated homes, can now afford to move shallow puddle in the front yard. into new, modern housing.
  • 10. Purpose & Meaning When you purchase a Barrington gift of distinction, you are playing an important role in blessing the lives of people who need the opportunity to thrive and use their gifts for good! “High-end gifts are temporary in value – but we can do things through our gifts that have lasting high-end value.”