CoGAT Training 112/13
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  • 1. CoGAT Training October 8, 2012
  • 2. Before You Leave Today:  Make sure you have signed in for training.  Make sure you have filled out and returned your oath.  Bubble in scantrons OR put labels on tests and return those to me. They cannot leave the library.
  • 3. Testing Window: CoGAT: October 9th-12th • All tests must be given and completed during the testing window. • Shaw will test in THREE days. The longer the tests are spread out, the better chance we have of students being absent AND instructional time disrupted. • Make arrangements with team members for students who may be absent during testing. • Friday is the makeup day. 3rd grade, I know you have a field trip so test as many test as you can when you are here.
  • 4. Which Grade Level Tests? CoGAT: 1st-6th grade
  • 5. Test Security  You must be able to account for all testing material before, during, and after test administration. Materials must be locked up when not in use.  The booklets should be turned in to me (Wendy) at the end of each testing session. Not at the end of the day. I usually eat lunch between 12:30 and 1:00 so I will not be available during this time.  Do not duplicate test materials.  You may not reveal the contents of the test to anyone.
  • 6. Who to Test? When to Test?  You must test everyone in your homeroom class (unless ARD paperwork states otherwise).  You must test within the testing window – this includes any make-up tests that must be given. Make-up tests should be given by the 11th if possible.
  • 7. Test Procedures:  A test administrator must be present at all times during testing.  Students are not allowed to use reference materials – scratch paper should only be provided if permitted by the test directions.  Time limits must be observed for each timed section.  Test administrators should not rephrase questions or answer questions related to the test content.  All marks on the answer documents must be made in #2 pencil. Do not allow students to use mechanical pencils.
  • 8. Reminders:  You must read your manual. It was in your box with a note attached last week.  You must follow test directions and spoken directions exactly as they are found in your manual.  Know when to provide scratch paper.  If you have questions or emergencies on test day, please call me (Wendy) ext. 2237.  Turn tests in after each test session.
  • 9. Checking out Tests: You must sign your tests in and out at the beginning and end of each testing session with Mrs. Willie, Mr. Holcomb, or me. When checking out your tests, please make sure you have counted to make sure you have enough test booklets. Earliest checkout time is 8:15.
  • 10. Turning in Documents: Please read and follow the Final CoGAT Procedures in your buckets.
  • 11. Happy Testing! Questions?