Google Chrome Apps and Extensions


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Google Chrome is so much more than a browser. Check out the apps and extensions you can use with your students to streamline your internet and aid struggling learners.

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Google Chrome Apps and Extensions

  1. 1. Google Chrome: Apps and Extensions for Education  ICEChip Mini-Conference  March 23, 2013  Win Biernacki   @winbiernacki
  2. 2. Why Chrome?  All preferences saved & synced  Apps  Extensions  Bookmarks  Design  Each user can manage their own
  3. 3. Omnibar allows URL or search Extensions Tool bar Bookmarks bar
  4. 4. Apps and Extensions Web apps: websites accessible from your browser. Do not require downloads Extensions: affects browser globally. An example: ability to perform text to speech functions
  5. 5. Click ‘New Tab’ to view apps Apps Apps
  6. 6. Chrome Toolbar  Manage your bookmarks  Open ‘Incognito’ window’  ‘Tools’: manage your extensions  Chrome settings
  7. 7. Chrome Web Store  Click link at bottom right  Search ‘Apps’ or ‘Extensions’
  8. 8. Apps  Speech Recognizer: speech to text, also offline access  VoiceNote: speech to text in word proc  Magic Scroll: use to read ePub files on desktop or laptop, no internet needed  Remote Desktop App: allows your computer to be accessed by another with app-generated code from you  Study Stack: generate flashcards or choose from those already created
  9. 9. Apps (cont’d)  Blackboard: use your monitor as you would an actual blackboard  Periodic Table of the Elements: Handy reference guide for students  VoiceThread: Recorded cloud conversations include voice, text and video.  Planetarium: Check out the night sky in any location in the world  Typing Test – Key Hero: online typing tests and skill builder
  10. 10. Extensions  Evernote Web Clipper: allows you to take a screenshot – all or portion - and add it to your Evernote files  Evernote Clearly: removes sidebars and other data from a webpage. Allows you to highlight, add text, print, and add to your Evernote docs  EasyBib: evaluate websites for credibility, add citations to EasyBib acct. To use: type ‘easybib’ then TAB, then search  Select and Speak: Highlight text, click icon and listen
  11. 11. Extensions (cont’d)  Announcify: text to speech. Click on icon, page is read to you. Removes sidebars and enlarges text  Dualless: allows you to split your screen. Students can see two websites at once, or a doc and a website, etc.  Google Dictionary: select text on any webpage, click to get definition.  ImTranslate-Google Translator: select text on page, choose language and receive text and speech translation.
  12. 12. Extensions (cont’d)  Awesome Screenshot: screen capture, annotate, save  A Cleaner Internet: Allows your students to view YouTube videos without all the side content, comments, etc. Not available in Chrome store, do search.  Oweb Voice Input: allows voice input on any web pages with textbox
  13. 13. Bookmarklet  Printliminator: works in Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Select only the elements on the webpage you wish to print.
  14. 14. Today’s Presentation: Google Docs Please feel free to email me with any questions: THANK YOU!