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A Benefit Package Greater than the Sum of it’s Parts!
   Why would anyone buy a pocket-size knife, screwdrivers and corksc...
TransAccident® with Disability Income
Buy-Up Option
 If you decide to take advantage of the TAC$-Advantage® voluntary     ...
Limitations and Exclusions
Group Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (TCGA0200-                      Other Exclus...
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myPack-Life Accident CI STD


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Life, disability and accident in one tidy package - guarantee issue for groups as small as 5!

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myPack-Life Accident CI STD

  1. 1. MyPackSM Voluntary Benefit Package Isn’t It Great To Get Everything You Want In One Package? Underwritten by: Transamerica Life Insurance Company MyPack – Consumer Brochure – CMP01C-A-0508 Available in all states as described except CT, FL, OR. Not available in NY or VT
  2. 2. A Benefit Package Greater than the Sum of it’s Parts! Why would anyone buy a pocket-size knife, screwdrivers and corkscrew separately, when you could save money with a multi-function pocket knife? We believe the same is true for voluntary benefits. So we’ve created MyPackSM, a package of complementary voluntary insurance products. What a great way for your employer to help accomplish the overall goal of providing insurance benefits you find valuable! Term Life Insurance...and then some For just $6 per week you have access to our TAC$-Advantage® voluntary group term life insurance with benefits payable upon diagnosis of certain critical illnesses while you are still living- all without having to show evidence of good health. How it works Simply complete the application provided, and based on your age, you will be eligible for $50,000, $30,000, or $15,000 in term life insur- ance. Your premium will remain the same through age 64 regardless of your age when you apply. The table below outlines the face amounts available for $6 per week. Once your coverage is issued, not only will you have the life insurance, but you will also have access to a portion of your death benefit if you are diagnosed with a covered critical illness (heart attack, cancer, stroke, end-stage renal failure, or undergoing a major organ transplant). The benefit amount will be up to 25% of the total face amount of the life insurance and will reduce the death benefit by that amount. For example, if your age is 35, $6 per week will buy $50,000 in term life, and you will have access to $12,500 in living benefits upon diagnosis of one of the covered critical illnesses, leaving $37,500 death benefit intact. It is important to understand that using the living benefit will reduce your face amount, but the remaining amount will still be available in the form of life insurance. Diagnosis of Undergoing a Issue Tac$Advantage Life OR End Stage Major Organ Ages Insurance Benefit Heart Attack Stroke Cancer Renal Failure Transplant 18 - 39 $ 50,000 $ 12,500 $12,500 $12,500 $12,500 $12,500 40 - 49 $ 30,000 $ 7,500 $7,500 $7,500 $7,500 $7,500 50 - 64 $ 15,000 $ 3,750 $3,750 $3,750 $3,750 $3,750 If SOME is good, then MORE is better! For just $3 per week more, and by answering a few simple health questions, you are eligible to apply for additional coverage. Issue Age Face Amount 18-39 $25,000 40-49 $15,000 50-64 $7,500 Group Term Life Insurance with Accelerated Death Benefit for Critical Care Rider and Group Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance with Disability Income Riders are underwritten by Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Home Office, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Policy form series CP100200 and TPGA00200. Limitations and Exclusions apply. See complete policies and certificates for details. This is just a product overview. For more details, refer to the policy approved in your state.
  3. 3. TransAccident® with Disability Income Buy-Up Option If you decide to take advantage of the TAC$-Advantage® voluntary The Disability Income coverage helps protect your paycheck for up group term life insurance, you can take the next step to help protect to six months if you are disabled and unable to work due to an off your family’s assets and your income. the job accident or sickness. The amount of coverage you select will become payable after 14 consecutive days of disability. See For an additional $4, $6, or $8 per week (your choice), you’ll have the table below for the coverage that best fits your and your family’s access to a package that has TransAccident® benefits along with needs. The TransAccident with Disability Income Buy-Up Option Disability Income coverage. component of this product package is not available in ID, MN, MT, The TransAccident coverage will pay a specified amount to your NV, PA and WA. beneficiary if you die due to an accident or to you if you survive an accident but are injured or dismembered as a result. This amount is in addition to the term life coverage you elect. $4.00 Weekly $6.00 Weekly $8.00 Weekly Accidental Death / Dismemberment Common carrier $21,000 $35,000 $56,000 Motor vehicle $15,000 $25,000 $40,000 All other $9,000 $15,000 $24,000 Disability Income Monthly Benefit $400 $600 $800 Accident and sickness coverage 14 / 14 day Elimination Period 6 months Benefit Period Emergency Treatment per accident $100 $100 $150 Specific Sum for Injuries maximum $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 Follow-up Treatment per treatment $25 $25 $25 Ambulance per accident $45 $45 $45 Family Lodging per day $30 $30 $30 Transportation per trip $90 $90 $90 Appliances per accident $50 $50 $50 Physical Therapy per treatment $25 $25 $25 Prosthesis per accident $250 $250 $250 Hospital Confinement per day ---- $100 $100 This benefit package is just one of the ways your employer continues to reward your hard work and ensure that you have access to meaningful benefits.
  4. 4. Limitations and Exclusions Group Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (TCGA0200- Other Exclusions AD&D) – TransAccident contains certain restrictions and exclusions, which Additionally, the TransAccident policy does not cover losses caused by, or are detailed below (some may vary by state). It’s important that you fully as a result of, a covered person: understand these restrictions and limitations and properly explain them to • Driving any taxi or intrastate or interstate long distance vehicle for your clients. Doing so will avoid costly problems at claim time. wage, compensation, or profit; Pre-Existing Condition Provision —Transamerica defines pre-existing • Mountaineering, parachuting, or hang gliding; condition as a sickness, disease, or physical condition not disclosed on the • Voluntarily taking, administering, absorbing, or inhaling poison, gas, application form or excluded from coverage by name or specific description or fumes; for which: 4 Medical advice, consultation, or treatment was recommended • Having a drug addiction or alcoholism; or received from a physician, or 4 Symptoms existed that would cause an • Participating in any sport or activity for wage, compensation or profit; ordinarily prudent person to seek diagnosis, care, or treatment within 12 or racing any type of vehicle in an organized event; months prior to the effective date of such person’s coverage. Disability or hospitalization caused by a pre-existing condition will be covered after the • Traveling in or descending from any vehicle or device for aerial earlier of: 4 Two years from the effective date of coverage, or 4 The end navigation, except as a fare paying passenger in an aircraft operated of a continuous period of 12 months after the effective date of coverage, by a commercial airline (other than a charter airline) on a regularly during which the insured received no medical advice or treatment for the scheduled passenger trip; pre-existing condition. • Participating in any activity or event, including the operation of a Group Term Life Insurance — We will not pay a death benefit if an vehicle, while under the influence of a controlled substance (unless insured dies by suicide, while sane or insane (sane in Missouri), within administered by a physician or taken according to the physician’s two years from the date his or her insurance starts. If the insured or the instructions) or committing an illegal act while intoxicated (as defined insured’s spouse dies by suicide in that period, we will refund the premiums by the law of the jurisdiction in which the accident occurred); paid for insurance. If a dependent child dies by suicide, we will refund the • Participating in, or attempting to participate in, an illegal activity that is premiums paid for the dependent children’s insurance only if there are no defined as a felony (as defined by the law of the jurisdiction in which surviving insured dependent children. If any death benefit is increased, this the activity occurred), whether charged or not; suicide exclusion period starts anew, but will apply only to the amount of the • Intentionally self-inflicting bodily injury or attempting suicide, while increase. sane or insane; Accelerated Death Benefit Rider for Critical Care Condition • In the event of suicide, the Company’s liability may be limited to only (CR100700-CCC) — We will not pay any accelerated death benefit under the return of premiums paid. In Missouri, suicide is no defense to this rider for any critical care condition that is diagnosed for the first time, payment of benefits unless the Company can show the insured during the waiting period. We will pay an accelerated death benefit only intended suicide when he/she applied/enrolled for coverage; once for each covered insured. If a covered person asks for less than the • Incurring any loss while on active duty status in the armed forces (if maximum amount available when a claim is submitted, he or she cannot the insured notifies Transamerica of such active duty, we will refund ask us at a later time to give the difference between what he or she did ask any premiums paid for any period for which no coverage is provided for and what he or she could have asked for. Concurrent and/or Subse- as a result of this exception). quent Medical Conditions – If the covered insured suffers from more than one medical condition, we will pay an accelerated death benefit under this rider for only one of the conditions. Under no circumstances will we pay an accelerated death benefit for any subsequent condition. We will not pay any accelerated death benefit under this rider for: MyPackSM is underwritten by: • Transient Ischemic Attacks (TIAs) and attacks of Vertebrobasilar Ischemia. • Skin cancer other than malignant melanomas, all tumors that are histo- Transamerica Life Insurance Company logically described as pre-malignant or are only showing early malignant Home Office: Cedar Rapids, Iowa change, cancer in situ, and papillary cancer of the bladder. • Any other surgical procedures not specifically mentioned in this rider. Not licensed in New York. Administrative Office: 1400 Centerview Drive Little Rock, AR 72211 (888) 763-7474