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  1. 1. Biography :Bayu Utomo Radjikin is perhaps one of the most „complete‟ Malaysian artists around.This is because he has become quite a master in the art scene being known as afine artist, contemporary artist, pop artist, sculptor and many others. The mainhighlight about Bayu‟s work is that they are all of top quality where he has becomequite an expert in the various fields he has ventured into.Bayu, born in 1969 from Tawau in Sabah holds a B.A (Hons) in Fine Art from theUniversity Technology Mara, Shah Alam and has won various awards and accoladesthroughout his art career. His works is known to be highly abstract and cultural. Ifone looks at his sculptures, one cannot but avoid tying them up with his thetraditional warrior-like motifs. Bayu‟s sculptures have been sold around the countrythrough public and private galleries where most of his trademarks are commonlyseen.Apart from sculptures which he is very much known for, Bayu‟s paintings too arevery well established and distinguished. One can see his „signature‟ in his paintings as they usually depict human emotions, body parts and such all of which are easilyidentified through his trademark brush strokes and techniques.Bayu Utomo Radjikin showcases a different form in his upcoming solo exhibitionCintakasih at House of MATAHATI, the female figure. It‟s the artist‟s first serious
  2. 2. attempt at representing the fairer sex and Bayu‟s new works that center on aclassical Odissi dancer leads audiences across ten charcoal drawings and fourpaintings that feature the artist‟s vibrant signature style.Whilst Bayu is widely known as one of Malaysia‟s leading figurative artists, hisartworks have thus far centered on the male figure. Self-portraits and evocations ofthe Malay warrior fill the artist‟s body of work, and until recent times, Bayu has onlyever produced a handful of artworks featuring female subjects, including one portraitof his wife.The concentration on a female classical Indian dancer in Cintakasih thus representsan interesting juncture in the artist‟s career.The core of this series can be traced back to 2008, when Bayu participated inStirring Odissi. The Sutra Gallery exhibition revolved around the classical Indiandance, and Bayu‟s participation not only launched his exploration of the female form,but also formed a milestone in his history with the Sutra Dance Theatre, which beganwhen he designed sets for Ramli Ibrahim‟s performances.The title of the exhibition combines signature elements from Bayu‟s practice, as theartist names all his drawings cinta and all his paintings on canvas kasih. And as asolo exhibition, Cintakasih takes on an unorthodox format as it also features twoother artists, Kow Leong Kiang and Marvin Chan. Both Kow and Chan are wellknown for their figurative works, and together with Bayu, are members of The “F”Klub, a group of local artists that are bound by a shared interest in figurative art. Cintakasih‟s unique exhibition format is akin to the music scene, where concertsfeature a headliner and several guest acts, and Bayu hopes that this will encouragenetworking and more interaction between artists.For Cintakasih, Kow and Chan had a pick at the same photographs that Bayu usedfor his artworks. They may or may not pick identical images, observes Bayu, but thepoint of interest for audiences will be in the different ways the duo portray theirsubjects.Kow and Chan each contribute one artwork to Cintakasih, framing the soloexhibition and giving viewers a chance to examine different approaches within thegenre of figurative art in Malaysia. Another figurative artist, Anurendra Jegadeva,also takes part in the exhibition, but on a different note – a critical one. He shares hisviews in an essay for the exhibition catalogue, which also contains full-colour imagesof all the artworks in the exhibition, as well as a selection of Bayu‟s previous Odissiworks
  3. 3. As a recognised figurative painter in Malaysia, BayuUtomoRadjikin, reveals hisongoing passions for medium and subject in his latest solo exhibition, Unnamed atHouse of Matahati. Through a signature style of epic realism and the Malay maleprotagonist Bayu continues to showcase his own carefully painted sense of dramaticphysical theatre. Practising as an artist for nearly 20 years his career has focused ona diverse range of subject matter from public and personal identity through to socialcommentary and international political tensions.Nevertheless, such diversity has been consistently mediated through meticulouslyexecuted, highly emotive human subjects. Unnamed presents Bayu‟s recent work inpainting and charcoal. The exhibition focuses once more on the artist and his friendin elaborate poses that explore the spectacle of male identity. It is this mastery offigurative composition and draughtsmanship that set the stage for a necessaryconsideration of how the technical aspect of his practice facilitates this particularstyle of painted mythology and heroism.Unnamed presents expressions of the male body through a mature sense ofFigurative Realism, a style that praises strong composition and accurate form alongwith the intangible, emotional qualities of human life.The technical mastery ofreplication along with the desire to transform the real to profoundly „speak‟ withoutwords has driven many artists to the point of obsession. Bayu‟s own passionate use
  4. 4. of the body and hands in his work mimics the methods of communication as apainter who uses his hands and mind to create new versions of reality.These needs to express form through paint and the compelling mythologies thatartists produce can be visually hypnotic and seductively dramatic. The aura thatsurrounds Bayu‟s subjects and his position as the artist „creator‟ have all led to thesubsequent popularity and respect for his practice that continues to be one of thedriving forces of technically advanced Figurative Realism in Malaysia today.
  5. 5. BayuUtomoRadjikin’s debut at The Substation Gallery, Singapore sees somecontinuum from the artist’s solo exhibition in Kuala Lumpur last year titled Unnamed.The artist revisits large portraits of his distinctive male protagonists dressed as Malaywarriors, but the inclusion of a new element – the figures wearing fighter pilothelmets – is a slight deviation.Or is it? Early in his career, Bayu often grappled with sociopolitical themes. As earlyas his university days, he addressed issues related to war and global atrocities,portraying figures in fragile situations and highlighting their cause to viewers. Thesethemes featured in an array of mediums – installations, sculptures, and paintings –and so the artist’s inclusion of figures wearing fighter pilot helmets today is a glimpseof this “old” Bayu. The addition of text – adjectives used in relation to people andhuman emotions - in a number of his current works is another element that the artisthas revisited from his past.The works in Face without Name, remain true to the artist’s signature style. They are
  6. 6. epic, large, and acutely realistic. And, the total showing is a miscellany of bothcharcoal works and paintings.The physiognomic features of the artist’s signature male figures (alternately himselfand a fellow artist) are detailed and pronounced, as are the attributes on the fighterpilot helmets. Both figures – masked and unmasked - are portrayed with a strongsense of drama made possible by the strong shadows and deep contrasts, whichlend an air of nobility and importance to his subjects.Why might this be? Why the focus on the human face? The answer to thesequestions can be found in other facets of Bayu’s oeuvre. The Malay warrior figurecan be traced to Bayu’sMencariPahlawan (Quest of a Warrior) series, where theartist focuses on the notion of identity, questioning what it means to be Malay andwhat it takes to be a warrior, whilst the new figures – faceless, anonymous, and cold– instigate an entirely different set of questions: Who are they? What are they doing?Are these figures we are supposed to trust or fear?By masking his figures with helmets, Bayu suggests that they could be anybody –you and I even. And their inclusion is not accidental, as the artist does refer to globalevents of our time and how soldiers become participatory elements in war, takingorders without questioning, and slowly lose all semblance of their own identity andeventually become unnamed faces.Bayu’s universal and humanist view and the juxtaposition between the visible facesand the masked ones will probe audiences to consider oppositions, cultural andsocial identities, and – especially in light of the global events in the last decade -what it means to be human today.Finally, Face without Name can be regarded as a culmination of sorts for thispracticing artist of over twenty years. And quite likely, this body of work is aswansong before Bayu moves into new territory, producing works that focus on thefemale figure, subject matter that he recently showcased in Kuala Lumpur at HOM(House of MATAHATI) in a solo exhibition titled CintaKasih.
  7. 7. By car:Easiest way is to take the last exit on the AKLEH (Ampang exit). Follow the road,and turn right at traffic light. Go straight until you see Petronas and Caltex on yourleft, about 50m afterwards, turn left at the mamak called DKlasik. Find parking.From Jalan Ampang (if youre coming from KLCC), go straight all the way, passingby Gleanegles and Ampang Point on your left. After taking the overhead bridge nextto Ampang Point, turn right at the second traffic light. Go straight until you seePetronas and Caltex on your left, about 50m afterwards, turn left at the mamakcalled DKlasik. Find parking.On the MRR2, if youre coming from Ampang, Tesco will be on your right, PerabotCempaka on your left. Stay left, and turn left at the second traffic light. (There will bea signboard saying jalan cempaka. Menara Axis will be on your right. Go straight
  8. 8. until see rows of shoplots on your right. Turn right and go into the housing area, takefirst right and find parking.From Bulatan Kg. Pandan, take the road that heads to MRR2, go straight all theway (there will be about 4 traffic lights) until you reach a T-junction. Turn left and goon to MRR2 and make a u-turn immediately after TESCO, pass by the PerabotCempaka on your left (There will be a signboard saying jalan cempaka. Menara Axiswill be on your right. Go straight until see rows of shoplots on your right. Turn rightand go into the housing area, take first right and find parking.PROJECTS matahati-tenggara.blogspot.comLINKS ahmadfuadosman.comCONTACT
  9. 9. (Click Map for larger view)6A Jalan Cempaka 16,Taman Cempaka,68000 Ampang Selangor,MalaysiaPhone+6 017 364 6004+6 012 373 6004+6 03 9285 6004Email houseofmatahati@gmail.comGallery hours:mon - fri 11am - 6pm sat 1pm - 6pmclosed on sunday & public
  10. 10. Born:20 March 1969, Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia.Education:B.A (Hons) in Fine Art,Faculty of Art & Design,University Technology Mara, Shah Alam, Selangor, MalaysiaAwards:1995 & 1994Honourable MentionPhillip Morris Art AwardNational Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur1991Major AwardYoung Contemporary „91National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur.Special AwardOne World – No WarCity Hall, Kuala Lumpur.Minor AwardSalon Malaysia ‟91/‟92National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur.Solo Exhibitions:2011Face Without NameThe Substation Gallery, Singapore
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